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Cops vs Thugs
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Goodgame Hercules
Goodgame Hercules
Hercules Color
Hercules Color
Hercules Puzzle
Hercules Puzzle
Athletic Javelin
Athletic Javelin

Online Hercules Games
Death to Cerebus Game

Plays: 3817
Category: Adventure
Travel through the maze to defeat the evil three headed dog Cerebus. Help your town and become the hero in the game 'Death to Cerebus".
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Goodgame Hercules Game

Plays: 11366
Category: Action Games
Gain phenomenal fame in the world of Goodgame Hercules! Face the struggle through ancient Greece and fight the most vicious monsters of all times. Show off your fighting skills in live combats against other players online. An innovative combat system and powerful equipment will support you on your way to Olympus. Start your training now! Become more powerful and famous than the amazing Hercules has ever been.
Athletic Javelin Game

Plays: 5934
Category: Sports Games
An athletic event that dates way back to the Olympic Games in Greece B.C. According to the legend, Hercules was the very first javelin thrower!
Hercules Puzzle Game

Plays: 5595
Category: Customize Games
Click to red button for new parts of picture.
Hercules Color Game

Plays: 109807
Category: Other Games
Let your imagination go wild as you get to color this screenshot of Hercules! Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it. Color the various clothes, people, accessories, and hair of the characters to make them look their best.

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Tips: Weapon speed can be set to zero and it will effectively create a mine.