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master of shooting A Free Online Game
master of shooting
Don`t Touch My Junk A Free Online Game
Don`t Touch My Junk
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Arkanoid Mech
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Death to Cerebus
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Sol Defender

Online annihilation Games
Ninja Annihilation Game

Plays: 4939
Category: Fighting
Soot Chi Li broke free from the ninja cult long ago and since the day he broke free he has had to fight off the evil ninjas he fought so hard to flee from. Help Li defeat the evil ninjas in the game 'Ninja Annihilation".
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Chess tacktics lessons Game

Plays: 6240
Category: Education Games
Welcome to the chess tactics lessons. The game is an interactive chess teaching application, which contains over 100 chess puzzles for 'Annihilation of defense motive'. The combinations are chained by complexity, so you will start with the easiest and will end up with quite complex puzzles, though it's easy to start, and easy to progress. Try to solve them without moving pieces first, and in case you're sure you understand the solution completely, check it on interactive board.
Stoneage Conqueror Game

Plays: 5129
Category: Action Games
Take control of the Stone Age general, scout out your enemy, find their weakness, gather your soldiers, and march on the enemy village. Victory will require total annihilation of the enemy faction; leave no one and nothing alive.
Space Heroes 5 Game

Plays: 5108
Category: Action Games
In the year 20xx the earth is under the brink of total annihilation at the hands of a group of aliens! They had been attacking earth now for a few years and at first the people of earth were able to hold them back. But at last the space invaders broke through earth's defense and sent down a giant drill to destroy the earth's core. During this whole time, the nations of earth knew they would have to work together if they wanted to save the planet from being destroyed so they formed the Earth Alliance. They brought hundreds of the world's greatest minds together to build a mechanical machine that could stop the aliens. At last it was built and not a moment to soon. But as they turned the machine on it went crazy. It blew up destroying the building but the core was made out of the alien technology. After the energy blew everywhere it went into five people giving them unseen power and so the Earth Alliance recruited them and called them Space Heroes 5! They are the only ones who can fight to save the planet now!
Alien Annihilatiion Game

Plays: 3799
Category: Shooting Games
Alien Annihilation is a space shooter game where you must blow up UFOs to save the planet. Follow them from earth to their home planet where you must defeat the final boss. Complete bonus rounds for extra points.
Asteroid Annihilation Game

Plays: 3181
Category: Action Games
An all new Asteroid space-game, destroy as many asteroids as you can!
Zombies Mice Annihilation Game

Plays: 2963
Category: Action Games
Join Doctor Evilcat in the extreme shooting game! Enjoy eating mice? Time to pay off has come! COMPLETELY renewed version! Weapons and bosses upgrades included!
Spiters Level Pack Game

Plays: 2845
Category: Puzzles Games
More purple monsters coming your way. No mercy! Use your mouse and combine few tools and shapes with your brain to annihilate all the Spiters!

Plays: 2578
Category: Adventure Games
The orcs have taken over the kingdom! Come out and save it.
Mech Combats Game

Plays: 2528
Category: Action Games
Strap on the heavy-metal combat gear, it's time to save the world from annihilation in this action-fueled war game. Play this free online game today. It's time to show the enemy that you mean business.
lil' Commando Episode 1 : The Secret Army Game

Plays: 2339
Category: Action Games
Lil Do has been living in a secluded village trying to forget about the war when they are attacked by a secret army on the same day the Mayan calendar ends. Lil Do much defend the peaceful village from annihilation.
Space Annihilation Game

Plays: 2330
Category: Action Games
Control your spaceship and destroy all ennemies lurking around the Earth to prevent an invasion! Earn weapons that your enemies leave in space and become more powerful!
Fairytale Annihilation Game

Plays: 2225
Category: Action Games
About Fairytale Annihilation Bust up fairytale land with loads of guns and soldiers as you fix your helicopter and escape before you're one of them!
Spiters Annihilation Game

Plays: 1750
Category: Puzzles Games
Rid the world of the pesky purple monsters. No mercy! Use your mouse and combine few tools and shapes with your brain to annihilate all the Spiters!
Fairytale Annihilation Game

Plays: 1685
Category: Shooting Games
Bust up fairytale land with loads of guns and soldiers as you fix your helicopter and escape before you're one of them!
Intergalactic Battleships Game

Plays: 1381
Category: BoardGame Games
Earth is under attack! A powerful alien race has devastated our planet's defenses. As commander of our last remaining fleet, you and your forces are all that is left standing between us and annihilation...Position your ships carefully, estimate your enemy's possible location, and fire your missiles when ready!
COP - The Pursuit Game

Plays: 1289
Category: Action Games
As a former criminal turned C.O.P., it’s up to you to stop the Bomb Zombies and Save New York City from total annihilation. Embark on this birds-eye-view driving game and ram the terrorists out of commission.
Last Turret Game

Plays: 1148
Category: Action Games
One Turret to defend your Planet - One Last Turret stands between you and total annihilation. Destroy waves of powerful alien ships, upgrade your cannon and build the ultimate killing device! Test your skills: aim - shoot - kill!
Spiters Annihilation 2 Game

Plays: 915
Category: Action Games
Get rid of all the monsters on the screen. No mercy!

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