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Online basketball Games
Robo Basket Ball Game

Plays: 6091
Category: Sports Games
This game is played by the Robot, and the Player controlled by you. Drag the Player and hit the ball to play the game. The distance covered by the ball depends on the position where you hit the ball with your Player. Make maximum goals in the allowed time period of one minute.
Basket Blast Game

Plays: 45070
Category: Sports Games
A small basketball mini-game. Shoot the ball into the hoop as many times as you can in one minute, or score as many shots as you can out of 100.
Basketball challenge Game

Plays: 41537
Category: Sports Games
Two modes of play. Tournament and single game. Separate leaderboards for each mode. In single game mode choose from three defenders ranging from slow to quick ( user adjustable as well ) , and try to score as many points as possible in 45 seconds. In tournament mode, play a 3 game tournament and your final score will be based on number of points earned ( 3 points for each win ) and score differential.
Mooncup Basketball Shootaround Challenge (Mandarin) Game

Plays: 29851
Category: Sports Games
China Basketball
Obama Ball Game

Plays: 27504
Category: Sports Games
Barack Obama playing basketball shootout
San Beda 60 Second Shot Clock Challenge Game

Plays: 18329
Category: Sports Games
How many basketballs can you shoot in 60 seconds?
Nothing But Net Game

Plays: 15734
Category: Sports Games
If you are a lover of basketball Nothing but Net is the game for you! In this game there are nine baskets, three of them are moving increasing the difficulty of making a basket. YOu have the ability to control the force in which you shoot the ball by controlling the time of realease with the mouse button. If you make "Nothing but Net" shots you will score more points. Show everyone that you are a master at basket ball and play Nothing but Net.
Energetic Cheerleader Game

Plays: 14026
Category: Dress-Up Games
Another basketball season is around the corner. Besides the intense competition, everyone also is expecting the fantastic performance of the cheer squad. As the cheerleader, Jasmine is responsible for the outfit of her team. Please help her choose the most perfect uniform, shoes and hair style. Let's wait for their outstanding performance!
30 Seconds Basketball Shootout Game

Plays: 13695
Category: Sports Games
Score as many baskets as possible in 30 seconds. To score stand on a "X". To get 2 extra seconds score precisely from the middle of "X" .
Backyard Basketball Game

Plays: 12689
Category: Rhythm Games
Backyard Basketball is a sport game, It is very easy to play. you have to through the ball to the basket. you need to click the mouse at right points to made it. you can play 50 levels.
90 second basketball Game

Plays: 9926
Category: Sports Games
How many baskets can you score in 90 seconds.
Perfect Hoopz Game

Plays: 8879
Category: Puzzles Games
Use your skills and finesse to shoot some hoopz !
Just Shoot Hoops Game

Plays: 8802
Category: Sports Games
Like he title says, just grab the ball and shoot hoops!
Bunny B-Ball Game

Plays: 8322
Category: Sports Games
Pick your favorite NBA player's bunny alter ego and go for the championship in this elimination style tournament. Awesome hoops action just in time for the playoffs.
Full Court 3D Basketball Game

Plays: 8205
Category: Sports Games
Offense: Click on team-mate to pass. Hold the mouse button longer to pass quickly. Click on basket to shoot. Hold the mouse button longer for accuracy. Defense: Click on opponent to steal ball. Hold the mouse button longer for successful steal.
College Basketball History and Stats Game

Plays: 7965
Category: Sports Games
College Basketball History and Stats is a quiz to test your knowledge of College Basketball. There are over 200 questions of varying degrees of difficulty from all periods of the college game. The user can select an easy or standard level of difficulty, and 10, 25, or 100 questions per game. Questions are about the men's game unless explicitly stated. If the game is played with 25 or 100 questions and the standard level of difficulty, there is an option to save the score to one common database to compare to other players.
Basketball Championship 2012 Game

Plays: 7711
Category: Action Games
Basketball Champ 2012 is a new skill based basketball game. Shoot the balls in the baskets by aiming the right direction and without missing. Play 30 exciting levels. Use your mouse to aim and set the power. Score 1000 points for every first hit. You will loose 100 points if you miss. Have fun with this basketball game!
Fast Break Game

Plays: 6851
Category: Casino Games
Fast Break is a FREE slot machine in the middle of an exciting basketball stadium full of crowds. Dribble and win with different symbols including: Championship Trophy, Jersey, Basketball, Buzzer, High Tops, Backboard, Net, Power Drink, and Locker. Open lockers in the Locker Room Bonus Round and win extra points.
Basket Ball 2 Game

Plays: 6701
Category: Sports Games
This is a simple and funny game in which you have to set the power and angle of the ball and throw it towards the basket accurately.
Hoop60 Game

Plays: 6469
Category: Sports Games
An arcade-style basketball game. How many points can you score in 60 seconds?

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