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Tree Chopper Game

Plays: 6281
Category: Adventure
Keep the axe up in order to take out the christmas tree's, watch out for the flying pinecones.
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Monkey Fu Game

Plays: 14329
Category: Adventure Games
Stop poachers now, but how? With deadly monkey paw kung fu powers! Chop and roundhouse your way through mobs of stupid bald apes and saves the animals!
Barbie Burgers Game

Plays: 12402
Category: Customize Games
Barbie is hungry and her favorite food is burgers. It is up to you to make her the best tasting burger she has ever had. After your done she will taste and grade your burger. Good Luck!
Cafe World Game

Plays: 60613
Category: Facebook Games
Cafe World is a game where you're in charge of your restaurant. Choose from dozens of dishes, then slice, chop, saute and bake your way to the top of the culinary world! Cafe World game developed by Zynga, the maker of FarmVille & Mafia Wars games
Chopped! Game

Plays: 18189
Category: Action Games
Chop those vegetables to become the very best veggie chef!
The Art Of Interrogation Game

Plays: 11197
Category: Action Games
You are an Interrogator. Use strategy, skill and finess to beat the crap out of the prisoner until he sings.
Pizza Cooking Game Game

Plays: 9496
Category: Education Games
Cook a delicious pizza in this fun cooking games. First chop all of the ingredients like mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. Then combine the ingredients by following the recipe, make the dough into crust and cook the pizza until it's ready!
Lamb Chop Drop Game

Plays: 8474
Category: Action Games
Created by Koko Digital, Lamb Chop Drop is a fast action skydiving game where you must control Lamb Chop through the air and collect the stars. Collecting the bonus bubbles will either release a flurry of stars or change the way Lamb Chop soars through the air.
Chicken House Game

Plays: 8009
Category: Puzzles Games
Solve puzzles with angry chickens in the house! Chop some wood boards or ice cubes to smash all those angry birds along with their white egg too!
Razor Hockey Game

Plays: 5418
Category: Adventure Games
Chop off your opponents finger before they chop all of yours up.
Anger Game

Plays: 4256
Category: Adventure Games
You surf the dungeon, and chop with the sword (press A and S), you encountered ghosts. Just do not fall under their escaping from the jaws of the fire. Do not get confused in the maze. And in the end you will expect a fierce BOSS! Just a great game Adventure ...
Prosciutto Funghi Pizza Game

Plays: 3975
Category: Customize Games
Cook a delicious pizza in this funny cooking games. First chop all of the ingredients like mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. Then combine the ingredients by following the recipe, make the dough into crust and cook the Prosciutto Funghi Pizza until it's ready!
Chinese Dinner Game

Plays: 3603
Category: Action Games
Use sharp shooting and ace piloting to evade the sadistic and merciless "Bouncing Chef of Destruction". Shoot the Chef with SpaceBullets to score points... or see how he likes the devastating impact of a Braincrusher bomb... but don't lose your cool. One errant shot can turn this shooting gallery into a Cyber-Galactic nightmare. When the Chef starts bouncing off the walls, its only a matter of time before he turns you and your ship into Chop Suey!
Papa's Salad Stall Game

Plays: 3555
Category: Action Games
Slice and Dice all the vegetables to create the best salads in town!
Making Breakfast Burritos Game

Plays: 3370
Category: Dress-Up Games
Mmmmm... Did some one say Burritos? Check out this game if you want to learn how to cook the best burritos ever! Cut, chop and slice the foods then cook them to perfection to make the most succulent mexican styled burritos ever. Once you have learned how to cook these wonderful burritos you can try for real with adult supervision.
Christmas Flicks Game

Plays: 2943
Category: Action Games
Bored of your average christmas rom com? Well take your mind off things and have fun with our much improved festive sequel to Popcorn Flicks. Lamb Chop is now flicking popcorn in rapid fire and it is your job to shoot the required amount of people in each level within the time given. Go crazy in the bonus round where you get to shoot as many people as you can in the time given for additional points.
Cooking Vegetable Soup Game

Plays: 2711
Category: Education Games
A fun and in depth cooking game where you chop up and combine all of the ingredients needed to make some yummy vegetable soup. Follow along as you dice tomatoes, peel potatoes, and chop up some carrots to throw into the tasty soup. A healthy meal and a great cooking game all in one.
Hamburger Making Competition Game

Plays: 2633
Category: Customize Games
This cooking game for girls has many fun and challenging levels. Compete against a computer opponent to see who can be the best chef! In the first mini game you have to find all the items on the recipe list. Then chop all of the ingredients before your opponent to win the next few rounds. After that it’s time to cook the burger patties and finally catch all of the falling ingredients to put together a tasty cheeseburger.
PandaRai Game

Plays: 2558
Category: Action Games
Pandas with swords! Take control of a sword and slash your way through endless levels of enemies.
Delicious Pizza Recipe Game

Plays: 2548
Category: BoardGame Games
Yummy Pizza with a fishy twist! Learn how to chop your way through ingredients and serve up a steaming hot traditional pizza with a fun, fishy twist. Enjoy!

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Tips: Go to Gameplay and choose Win On Timer for games where the enemy doesn't shoot and there is no way for you to be destroyed.