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Online fishes Games
Cute Fish Escape Game

Plays: 26895
Category: Adventure
After analyzing the ocean and the aquatic creatures oceanographers discovered a rare and beautiful fish that they want to investigate more. Help this fish avoid the divers nets and keep the origins of this fish a secret in the game 'Cute Fish Escape'.
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Little Cutie & Her Fish Game

Plays: 22270
Category: Dress-Up Games
The cutie looks so pretty.she loves fish, even dreams of turning to be a Mermaid.she has a beautiful fish tank,if you like the cutie,please help her design a beauiful tank and fishes.I believe you will love them.
Mermaid Princess Game

Plays: 19398
Category: Dress-Up Games
Help the Mermaid Princess get dressed for the royal swim through the ocean!
Ocean Fishing Game

Plays: 16039
Category: Sports Games
Catch as many fishes as you can for 1:30 minutes and earn score points
Dating In The Sea Game

Plays: 15090
Category: Dress-Up Games
Celina likes diving very much, and every Sunday she dives into the sea and dating with all the fishes. She dresses herself like a mermaid and shows the beautiful dances to them. All the fishes love her and would like to play with her. This time she needs your help to dress up.
Sea Fishing Game

Plays: 14110
Category: Adventure Games
Welcome to Sea Fishing. This game is perfect for anyone who loves this super fun sport! All you have to do is use the left button on your mouse to catch the fish in the water. Try and collect as many fishes as you can. The more you catch, the higher the score you will receive.
Big Little Fish Game

Plays: 13750
Category: Other Games
The fishes of different size appear on the screen and the player has to click the biggest one as fast as he can. It's getting harder when he makes progress.
Trap-a-Tuna Game

Plays: 12759
Category: Adventure Games
Become a profesional fisher on this fishing adventure, beat all the challenges, and leave your mark online and Trap-A-Tuna!
Something Fishy Game

Plays: 10444
Category: Adventure Games
This time something is really fishy as the fishes are hunting for their munch. Well, of course it's big news but they will starve without you.
Island Roulette Game

Plays: 9481
Category: Casino Games
Many years ago in the sea deep waters a ship went down. It was one of the biggest and more comfortable ships which were sailing those days. A powerful storm burst out and after a powerful crash the crew was washed overbroad. That people were pirates and now they are lying at the bottom of the sea surrounded by their treasures. You see a thick uneven layer of rust and aquatic plants over the broken ship. Now it is a place of living for a great number of fishes and other underwater creatures. All equipment of the craft became useless but a table with roulette is still working. Sometimes the fishes are trying to play this game. You have a chance to keep them company and to win treasures. Island Roulette immerses the player to the mysterious underwater world and attracts him with money and easy winnings. Melodious music, original idea and high-grade graphics add the game charm and peculiarity.
Deep Sea Fishing Game

Plays: 9441
Category: Action Games
Collect as many fishes as you can in a dive. resurface to gain score for the fishes you got. the more you catch, the more score you got.
Fisheniod Game

Plays: 7853
Category: Action Games
Ok, Dr. Padlo closed all good underwater creatures in cells. He is very bad men... So you must help two kind scientists Probirkovich and Dr. Hrusto to catch ALL fishes from water. 16 types of bricks (usual, bomb, unbreakable and other); 2+ types of enemies; 10 bonuses (enlargement, speedup, extra life, and so on); 20+ levels with colorful backgrounds (will be more soon).
Mermaid Prince and Princess Game

Plays: 7421
Category: Dress-Up Games
Two cute mermaid prince and princess waiting for you to be dressed. They live in the ocean with all the fishes. They are young so dress them cool.
Underwater Adventure Hidden Object Game

Plays: 7198
Category: Adventure Games
You go scuba diving to find different types of fish. Find the hidden fishes in short duration to get high score.Avoid clicking wrongly,as otherwise you will lose 20 seconds in given time duration.
Fishing Hunt Game

Plays: 6978
Category: Adventure Games
An addictive adventure game! Collect fishes to earn points and submit it on the web to see who's on the fame!
Harpoon Shooting Game

Plays: 6572
Category: Shooting Games
Shoot the fishes by using the harpoon. Use mouse to control the harpoon direction. Left click to shoot fish. If you shoot the boat, your score will be reduced.
Fish in Trouble Game

Plays: 6333
Category: Puzzles Games
Cutie fishes are troubled in a bowl. Try to release all the fish from the bowl by clicking on it. Try to release all the fish from the bowl by clicking on it. You can break a bowl if its adjacent fishes are similar.
Water World Game

Plays: 5680
Category: Action Games
In this skill game you have a exotic fish to control it. The aim of this game is to earn points by eating fishes that are smaller in size than your fish. Beware of the fishes that are larger than your fish. The game will be over if your fish will be eaten for 3 times. So try to do all you can to get best score.
Nautilux Game

Plays: 5542
Category: Puzzles Games
Match your squids, shells, clown-fishes and crabs. Breathtaking underwater puzzle action.
Bula Game Game

Plays: 5428
Category: Action Games
BULA, bubble collecting game. Avoid falling black pearls and wondering fishes. Collect gold and white pearls to protect the BULA.

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Tips: For a scope shot set the Player weapon speed to zero. Change the player weapon graphic to a circle that gets quickly smaller and then stretch the frame out around 4000 frames so it doesn't repeat itself.