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Online patience Games
Stonewall Solitaire Game

Plays: 14244
Category: Cards Games
Stonewall is a traditional patience game, similar to Klondike. The aim is to build from ace to king on the four foundations. Cards can be moved around the tableau singly or in red-black sequences. There is a 16 card reserve; cards can be moved from this at any time, but cards cannot be moved back to the reserve.
Poker Patience Game

Plays: 76317
Category: Casino Games
This game is a fun spin on the classic game of poker! You must think strategically in this game! You are given a blank grid of rows with five card slots of them Set the cards to make the best poker hands vertically and horizontally. Compare your best scores to the other players.
Algerian Patience Game

Plays: 61013
Category: Casino Games
In this fun and interesting card game it is your job to build ace and king foundations of the same suit. You can build the columns up or down in a suit . There are no redeals so make sure you make the right moves! Game hint: The top card is always adjustable so if you find better strategic moves by removing a card on top make the move!
Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt Game

Plays: 54518
Category: BoardGame Games
In this Egyptian game of pyramid solitaire your goal is to clear the pyramid of cards by creating combinations of two cards that add up to13. The Aces count as ones, Jacks are elevens, Queens are 12 and Kings count as 13 ( and can be removed on there own). Help Pharoah build the spectacular pyramids of Ancient Egypt in this atmospheric pyramid solitaire game.
Rummy Game

Plays: 53048
Category: BoardGame Games
Play rummy against a computer opponent. Rummy is the card version of the popular tile game Rummikub.
Halloween Tripeaks Game

Plays: 33342
Category: BoardGame Games
This creepy rendition of solitaire will give you chills from having so much fun! The objective of this game is to win as many rounds as possible so that you can get together a lot of points and have a super high score! You will not be able to stop winning games the moment you start playing the spooky game of solitaire
Crystal Klondike Solitaire Game

Plays: 28109
Category: Casino Games
Howdy pardner! Why don't you mosey on down here and take a look at this golden classic, 7-card 'Klondike' solitaire! Sort the deck into suits on the home stacks, and see how many rounds you can clear in a row! With three difficulty levels, you can play a nice gentle casual game, or try your hand on 'Expert' (using casino rules!) If you get stuck, just press the hint button! be warned - this game can be seriously addictive!
Tri Towers Solitaire Game

Plays: 26331
Category: Puzzles Games
Tri Towers Solitaire is a fun and more skillful version of the classic tri peaks solitaire. A great game for those who enjoy solitaire.
Eight Off Solitaire Game

Plays: 21390
Category: Cards Games
Eight Off is a patience game similar to Freecell, in which only a single card can be moved, but there are eight free cells available to store cards, and cards are stacked by suit.
Solitaire 2 Game

Plays: 21267
Category: BoardGame Games
The classic game of klondike solitaire, or patience. Get all the cards to the foundations.
Crystal Spider Solitaire Game

Plays: 20433
Category: Casino Games
Prepare to take on the fearsome might of Crystal Spider Solitaire! Hone your card skills with the one-suit casual version, practice your techniques on the two-suit normal version, and prepare to take on what is possibly the toughest solitaire game in the world - the full four-suit expert mode! With graded difficulty levels, built in help, stats of your previous games, online high scores, and a host of other options - this is THE ultimate Solitaire game!
WetDike Game

Plays: 20415
Category: Cards Games
OMFG these cards are out of order! An online version of klondike / solitaire / patience, play a card puzzle game every day and compete with other players to find the best solution.
Crazy Quilt Solitaire Game

Plays: 18029
Category: Casino Games
Once again Fupa brings another variation of the classic card game of solitaire! In this super fun game of solitaire you must try and get the cards in to home piles in descending order! The cards in the quilt must have a short edge free before you can use them! It's a simple premise, but this game requires a skillful blend of strategy and memory to complete on the expert setting! There are three difficulty settings to suit everyone from beginner to expert, there is a host of stats & scores so you can see your progress, this is one solitaire game you do not want to miss!
Wasp Solitaire Game

Plays: 16454
Category: BoardGame Games
A fun solitaire game.
Canfield Solitaire Game

Plays: 15708
Category: BoardGame Games
A fun solitaire game with the Canfield rules.
Dieppe Patience Game

Plays: 13564
Category: Cards Games
Dieppe is a simple two pack solitaire game in which you must build from ace to king on the eight foundations. Cards can be moved in the tableau in rank order regardless of suit.
Slow and Steady: A cursor game of patience Game

Plays: 13440
Category: Other Games
A cursor maze game. Try to complete it in the quickest time.
Magic Towers Solitaire 1.5 Game

Plays: 12100
Category: BoardGame Games
Use your card skills to fill the realm with magical towers in this addictive solitaire game. This tripeaks solitaire game has delighted players around the world with its simplicity, playability and atmosphere. This update tweaks and improves all these elements.
Grandfather's Clock Patience Game

Plays: 11887
Category: Cards Games
A relaxing and satisfying pictorial solitaire game, in which you build up a picture of a clock from the cards. Some skill is required in freeing up the cards to be moved to the clock face; only a single card can be moved, and cards are stacked below the clock face by rank regardless of suit.
Tile Shift Game

Plays: 11540
Category: Puzzles Games
A highly addictive game requiring one part skill, one part luck, and one part patience! Using the easy-to-learn keys, your mouse, or some combination of the two, work your way through each level, unlocking a new and exciting puzzle with each completion!

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