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War Alien
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Water Wars
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Online punch Games
chaos of crazyness Game

Plays: 3553
Category: Action
fun,adiccting,amazing,funny,supper fun ,adicting
Tags: , , , ,
Pocket Fighting Nova Game

Plays: 11995
Category: Action Games
Pocket Fighter Nova is the Flash edition of Super Pocket Fighter
Fight-Masters: Muay Thai Game

Plays: 48156
Category: Action Games
I want to introduce a new FREE ONLINE FIGHT GAME. Photo realistic muaythai fighters- a lot of moves and attacks. For each character about 50 types of attacks. Very realistic animated characters. Three levels of artificial intelligence. FIGHT MASTERS is a 2D Fight game in which two martial art warriors stand in front of each other. Each warrior has to defeat his opponent. Each warrior has got an advanced combat system at their disposal. There are many different types of fighting techniques in the game such as punches with fists, elbows, knees, kicks, tricks, combinations and defensive techniques.
The Joker's Escape Game

Plays: 38665
Category: Action Games
The Joker is on the run from Batman and needs help from Punch and Judy to make his escape. Jump by clicking the mouse and moving left and right to land on Punch and Judy and the other items to keep The Joker bouncing higher and higher!
Yo Mamma Jokes Game

Plays: 17015
Category: Other Games
Punch the Happy Face get a new joke Funny Yo Mama Jokes random Jokes new jokes and more
Wolverine Punch Out Game

Plays: 15059
Category: Fighting Games
Can you punch out the mighty Wolverine?
Smack Your Boss Game

Plays: 12582
Category: Fighting Games
Do you hate your boss? It’s not good to keep all that stress inside. Give this virtual boss a good smack and see what speed can you achieve! Make his face glow red, and his head explode in thousand of fireworks!
Dry Mouth Game

Plays: 12187
Category: Action Games
Drymouth is a puzzle game. What you do is follow the numbers above and to the left of the field to see which blocks you should punch out. When all the blocks are correctly punched out, the pattern will form a picture. Oh, doesn't this sound neat? Yeah, it gets better. If you make mistakes, or a slime eats you, or whatever, you will lose time and eventually lose. But no! It doesn't have to be like that! you can eventually win if you're good! yes! Drymouth!
Smack-A-Lot : Piranha Game

Plays: 12156
Category: Casino Games
Smack the piranha!
Savage Huskies Game

Plays: 11213
Category: Action Games
Inspired by classic 16-Bit SNES/Arcade retro style gameplay, "Savage Huskies" is a simple action brawler about having good old fashioned fun while beating the living shit out of anything that moves.
Batman Brawl! Game

Plays: 10844
Category: Action Games
Batman Brawl! is a flash game made for Warner Brothers Animation's hit animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It is a Punch-Out style boxing competition. For more info, visit Uppercut Animation online at
Smack-A-Lot : Vampire Game

Plays: 9940
Category: Fighting Games
The next Smack-A-Lot is about Vampire. This time they fight back! Smack them before they smack you!
Zombie Cockroach Game

Plays: 9518
Category: Fighting Games
Continue from Smack-A-Lot : Zombie, this time a cockroach has been infected by the Zombie virus after contracting it from a fallen Zombie. Smack it! With the new blocking and annoying score penalty system, this time it's not going to be easy :D
jue junior Game

Plays: 8697
Category: Action Games
W/S/A/D to move. J/K/L to punch. U/I/O to kick. Skill attack: Y/P/H Revenge attack: N When you are hit above 6 times, you can press N to enable max skill attack. Have fun! Hope you love it.
Emo Rangers Game

Plays: 8372
Category: Action Games
The Official Emo Rangers videogame. Live the adventure of 5 emo teens who are summoned to save the World from a terrible enemy. This is a sidescrolling fight game, where each Emo Ranger (player can toggle them) has an unique power.
Cactus McCoy Game

Plays: 7868
Category: Action Games
When a routine treasure hunt goes awry, McCoy is transformed into a walking cactus by the ancient Curse of Thorns. McCoy’s mission is to return the Thorned Emerald to its true home. If he fails, the curse will continue until he is a lifeless, stone cactus. Run, jump, and punch your way through an army of Enemigos sent by the monstrous Hex Hatfield. Throughout the many dangerous areas, you will find and master a barrage of weapons from razor-sharp machetes to giant bazookas. As you travel, you will uncover missing map pieces that will guide you to the source of the curse. Master the art of “Enemigo Juggling” to steal their weapons and money. You can then use your spoils to upgrade all your different fighting stats. Can you become the toughest Cactus in town, and break the ancient Curse of Thorns?
Zombie Exploder Game

Plays: 7239
Category: Action Games
Destroy and dismember entire waves of zombies with your punches and kicks.
Punch the President! Game

Plays: 6860
Category: Fighting Games
'Cos even The President needs a good slap sometimes...
Punch A Nerd Game

Plays: 6622
Category: Fighting Games
Punch the Nerd as many times as you can before the 20 second timer runs out. Simply use your mouse to control the glove and press the left mouse button to punch.
Celebrity Bash Game

Plays: 6615
Category: Fighting Games
Celebrity Bash let’s you punch and knockout your worst celebrities. An exhilarating and funny boxing game.

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