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Renga Samurai A Free BoardGame Game
Renga Samurai

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Renga Samurai
Renga Samurai

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Medieval Sword - Multiplayer
Medieval Sword - Multiplayer
Crusher's Mean Drop
Renga Samurai
Renga Samurai
Death Ninja
Death Ninja
Big heads: Soul of the sword
Big heads: Soul of the sword
SB Stage
SB Stage
Put that Gun Down
Put that Gun Down

Online swordLanguagesen Games
Yan Loong Legend 3 : Phenix Game

Plays: 20687
Category: Action Games
This is the 1st edition of Yan Loong Legend 3rd chapter, added new character Phenix, the scene can do vertical scrolling. Added power burst mode and intellect property of character. Added new boss and new stages,improved the main characters' skills,that can bring player a complete new exprience.
Renga Samurai Game

Plays: 12724
Category: BoardGame Games
As a Samurai, you have mastered all skills except intelligence! But never fear. This game is designed to fix that. Solve all levels of brick-slashing puzzles to become the greatest Samurai ever! You have limited cuts to slice the bricks to fit into the shape on the right. Choose your moves wisely...
Fruit Master Game

Plays: 5777
Category: Action Games
Use the mouse to slash through hordes of fruit as you can to rack up as high as score as possible, and prove to the world you are the true Fruit Master.
Cursed Dungeon Game

Plays: 5495
Category: Adventure Games
A quick action RPG. Slay monsters, upgrade your equipment, learn new skills, choose your battle strategy and find the cure for your curse. Features: - 3 Classes; - 28 monsters (4 of them are bosses); - Original combat system; - Nearly 2 hours gameplay
Super Defense Force (Derp Test) Game

Plays: 4000
Category: Action Games
Save the world from under the attack of deadly robot army! 3 characters to smash the face and bring the justice. Control with S,D,F and Arrow Key buttons. Survive as long as you can, and get the highest of scores. (Derp Test) version is prequel to real game to get feedback before making big mistakes. If you do not have a membership, you can put feedback on ASV Headquarters: no sign-up required. ------------------------------- ?????????????????! 3??? ????,????????S,D,F?? ???????,????,???????? (?????)????????????????? ?????????????,???????? ASV???: showtopic= 155????????
Yan Loong Legend 3 : Double Swallow Game

Plays: 3655
Category: Action Games
This is the 2nd edition of Yan Loong Legend 3rd chapter, added new character Pink Swallow, she is good at stab skills,and has lively personality that is different from her sisiter Swallow. Every character now has a new super combo,brings to players complete new gaming experience! The resolution of game screen increased, wider fighting space becomes possible. Added equipment system,now players can collect equipment and build up their character's abbilities. Added new Enemies,new game stages, the classic stage water lily pond is back.
Medieval Sword - Multiplayer Game

Plays: 2915
Category: Action Games
-Medieval Sword- is an online strategy game developed by the team Strito-engine. The concept is not any fresh but you will surely spend many happy hours playing with friends.
Samurai Mailman Game

Plays: 2666
Category: Action Games
Sword swinging action as you try to stop the competition,rapid dogs and aliens!
Crusher's Mean Drop Game

Plays: 2369
Category: Action Games
Crusher needs armor for battle. Collect as many as you can before they are destroyed.
Cracked Horn Game

Plays: 1956
Category: Action Games
Dynamic and fun platformer/slasher which tells the tale of a brave battle between a knight and terrible demons. Long ago, knights of the Teutonic Order built a great castle just above the abyss, which led to the gates of hell. They vowed not to leave this place and give their lives in battle if there were ever an invasion. Hundreds of years pass, and the seal blocking the portal between the two worlds is broken. Hordes of demons escaped and stormed the Castle! The brave hero takes up his sword, and goes to the bottom of hell, to re-seal the ancient evil spirits!
Big heads: Soul of the sword Game

Plays: 1891
Category: Action Games
Compared with last edition(Jue?), we add one more character. There are 4 competitors to fight against with. The last boss is yourself but in gray color, with very strong AI.
Demon Hunter ???? Game

Plays: 1826
Category: Action Games
The black gems have been gathered and evil is in our world. Expells the evil legions Hunter!! An old school game heavily inspired on eighties MSX games like Valis, the fantasm soldier. Demon Hunter is Oniric Factor's tribute to a golden game era.
Savage Fight Game

Plays: 1750
Category: Action Games
This game is a fight the barbarians with swords. In this one you can play with the computer as well as each other and look at a auto-battle of the barbarians.
Death Ninja Game

Plays: 1356
Category: Action Games
The ninja is chased by the archers, he need to kill them all
NinjaCannon Game

Plays: 1020
Category: Puzzles Games
Ninja Cannon is a physics puzzle game featuring a variety of ninjas and some enemies to attack, with over 32 levels theres plenty of levels to keep you going. The aim of the game is simply to fight off the enemy.
Put that Gun Down Game

Plays: 860
Category: Action Games
Shoot the evil sticks, get amazing guns, shoot, kill, be the hero.
CastleGuard Game

Plays: 851
Category: Action Games
CastleGuard is a fast and easy to learn 3D Action game. A lone defender, you are Ranxior; the last remaining CastleGuard honor-bound to defend the last castle tower. Before you lies wave upon wave of weapon-wielding maniacs. If they succeed, your castle will fall and your homeland will be vanquished. Not to worry! You have a powerful flaming sword, a deadly fire bow, and the reflexes of a jungle cat. The waves get harder and harder. How long can you hold out? You can also use the points you earn to heal yourself, occasionally.
American Retro Ninja Game

Plays: 827
Category: Action Games
American Retro Ninja is unique arcade game combining the best aspects of action and fighter games. You need to use your acrobatics skills and quick reflexes to dodge ninja stars and knives in order to collect silver and gold coins. Stay alive and score as many points as you can to win!
SB Stage Game

Plays: 646
Category: Action Games
Use your Samurai sword to slice up enemies. Perform combo attacks, super moves, and use the insanely awesome berserk mode to kill loads of things quickly.
battlewars Game

Plays: 499
Category: Action Games
An old style side scrolling beat'em up. Help Sack Head to rescue Princess Cream from the evil King Frog. An epic adventure where you have to fight, fly, run in a mix of game genres All arts and ideas from a child. Strongly inspired by beat'em up like castle crashers. Six Different worlds, weapons,items, Tons of enemies, Big Bosses and a Princess to save!

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