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Epic Space Fight A Free Online Game
Epic Space Fight
Terrorist Attacks  A Free Online Game
Terrorist Attacks
Cabbage Toss A Free Online Game
Cabbage Toss
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Jack-O-Lantern Rampage
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Super Sayion Stickman
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Sea Shell Spy

Online death Games
All We Need Is Brain Game

Plays: 2468
Category: Puzzles Games
A unique puzzle game where you must strategically place brains to lure the zombies to their death.
Tomb of Undead Game

Plays: 2429
Category: Puzzles Games
Tomb of the undead is a memory game. The design is focus on the Halloween ghost. If you can connect as quick as possible all the similar icons you will see some skeletons dancing. Kids will like this frightening and spooky flash game.
Adventure for a quest Game

Plays: 2428
Category: Action Games
Description Can a person with good jumping skills save a life?
Hyper Cube Game

Plays: 2396
Category: Action Games
The objective of the game is to find the exit to each stage. Every stage is like a puzzle. There are all sorts of contraptions that can mutilate you instantly so be careful! Try not to touch any of the traps. Good Luck!
Knightfall: Death and Taxes (demo) Game

Plays: 2395
Category: Action Games
Thieves have stolen all of Knight and Princess' wealth, leaving them in thrall to the kingdom’s mysterious "Taxman"! Play more than 100 stages of addictive puzzles as you drill through blocks and rotate the stage to escape each room. Face off against fearsome foes on your quest to earn some much needed gold. Visit the village shops for new armor, magic, potions and more! It's a thrilling puzzle adventure of monsters, marriage and money in Knightfall: Death and Taxes! This is a demo of the entire first island and can be played by either Knight or Princess.
Bodyguards and Assassins Game

Plays: 2378
Category: Shooting Games
It is a 50-minute death challenge! Five levels of different missions and weapon upgrading will bring you both tension and fun!
Streets of Death Game

Plays: 2340
Category: Action Games
Zombies have taken over the city! You are the last cop alive! Keep the zombies at bay while you make your way to the military base in search of backup! Hack and slash zombies on your search for salvation in this total gore-fest!
Tunnel Travel Game

Plays: 2338
Category: Other Games
Travel to the end of this tunnel, without touching any of the walls, which are deadly!
Death Row Game

Plays: 2332
Category: Puzzles Games
You are trapped in a Jail and you need to find a way to escape from this place.
Turkeys In Trouble Game

Plays: 2328
Category: Action Games
A fun seasonal shooter. Save turkeys from the flames of death by shooting balloons to them.
Escape from Death Game

Plays: 2318
Category: Adventure Games
Escape from Death
Death Crystals Game

Plays: 2293
Category: Action Games
Complete the break of balls formation
Space Brawl Game

Plays: 2290
Category: Action Games
Come ride an angry spaceship with a quantum bumper that brawls it's opponents to death, cause enemies to double-cross on one another and create a mess in which yours is the only surviving ship.
Sticki; First Tale Game

Plays: 2289
Category: Action Games
Guide Sticki, a poor Stickman to either wealth, or a sad tragedy. Its all in your hands!
Cave Run Game

Plays: 2286
Category: Adventure Games
Another rendition of the awesome game Canabalt featuring extremely simple gameplay with Single Player and Two Player modes. Get the highest possible score or play with achievements at Tremor Games. Obstacles may help you by slowing the game down but may also lead to your death!
Detective Message Story Game

Plays: 2282
Category: Puzzles Games
Do not miss the new addictive hidden object game by Three addictive hidden object games in one. Jennifer comes to the old house after her father's death and she should solve some mysteries. First she should find all scraps of the father's letters to read it, then find hidden objects and ten differences between the room and the ancient picture. Help Jennifer to reveal ancient secrets.
Last Letter Game

Plays: 2271
Category: BoardGame Games
Free online hidden object, find difference and and point and click game from Three addictive puzzle games in one. Kylie comes to the old house after her father's death and she should solve some mysteries. First she should find all scraps of the father's letters to read it, then find hidden objects and ten differences between the room and the ancient picture. Help Kylie to reveal ancient secrets.
Dungeon Tactics Game

Plays: 2266
Category: Puzzles Games
Can you beat the artificial intelligence of the skeletons of the dungeon? Arrows Keys to move
Black Angle Game

Plays: 2243
Category: Fighting Games
Black angle fight the death,and escape from the hell.
Beneath the Sheets .5 Game

Plays: 2238
Category: Action Games
This is a prequel to the already popular Beneath the Sheets. I highly recommend you either play this game and then immediately watch the movie Beneath the Sheets or vice versa, watch the movie then immediately play this game. If you don't do one of those things then this won't make any sense to you. Here is a link to Beneath the Sheets:

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Tips: For a scope shot game you can go to Gameplay and enable Ghost to remove player/enemy collisions. Use invincible if you don't want enemy fire to hit your scope either.