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Heart Balloons
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Online scary Games
Dark Game

Plays: 1051
Category: Action Games
A young man awakens into a void of darkness. Help him to overcome his pain and heart ache and escape the void. Run and jump through 5 story driven levels as you try to reach the light.
Spider Forest Game

Plays: 1050
Category: Action Games
Defend yourself from scary Spiders!
Zombie Grave Game

Plays: 1046
Category: Customize Games
Graves are dark and scary places, and if there are zombies than it must to be zombie game. Zombie Graves are zombie jigsaw game, where you must to solve the game at given time. Choose your level and start to play.
Uncle Vince's Mission In-VINCE-able Game

Plays: 1034
Category: Adventure Games
In this hilarious and fully voice-acted point and click adventure, based on characters created by voice actor/singer/comedian Scary Pete, secret agent/assassin/love-machine Uncle Vince must locate the gruff and somewhat flatulent underworld kingpin known as "Papa" and retrieve a stolen document before it’s too late, but he'll have to get past Papa's henchmen and bodyguard first. His ways may be unconventional, but Vince always gets the dirty job done...te-te-te. The game features many unique personalities, funny original songs, and generous amounts of innuendo...and even a little outnuendo, boyfriend!
Witch Hallows Dress Up Game

Plays: 1033
Category: Dress-Up Games
Halloween is near and a cute girl wants a witch look in this night but she is confused about her dress up. She needs you for choosing one of her scary clothes and dresses her up for a magical day. Click and drag items onto the girl to apply them. Good luck!
The house Game

Plays: 1030
Category: Adventure Games
game horror
Awesome SHOOTER Game

Plays: 1024
Category: Shooting Games
Play this game if you dare! (Scary for some)
Haunted Blocks Game

Plays: 1019
Category: Puzzles Games
Connect blocks of the same kind to make points!
Amazing Escape the Forest Game

Plays: 1015
Category: Adventure Games
You were walking in the woods late at night when you got lost! Now the full moon is shining on you and scary noises are getting closer! Find a way to escape quick! Good luck and have fun playing!
Winter Balls Game

Plays: 1011
Category: Puzzles Games
Combat the cold winter with your burning meteorite. The evil snowman army wants to invade our world, but you have the space power to fight them.
Run Lamb Run! Game

Plays: 1008
Category: Puzzles Games
All lambs in the farmland refuse to be sold and killed by the farmer, so they work out a perfect escape strategy. Please be a part of this thrilling plan and release them as soon as possilbe from the sheepfold by clicking two lambs with identical emotional expressions. If you failed in the rescue action, one of the poor lambs will be hung up and killed! Wooo, scary! The clock is ticking, run lamb, run!
Dead and Forsaken Game

Plays: 1007
Category: Action Games
Dead And Forsaken is a post apocaliptic zombie survival game. In this game you must traverse a series of levels filled with scary zombies in search of a safe haven. The only thing between you and the horde of undead is your awesome crossbow.
Cemetery Road Game

Plays: 976
Category: Action Games
Drive through the dark stormy night, only your headlamps light the way... and monsters lurk in the shadows!
Scary Storm Costume Game

Plays: 976
Category: Dress-Up Games
? ???? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????.?? ??? ? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ???????.
Halloween Hangman Game

Plays: 958
Category: Adventure Games
Halloween Hangman flash game. Choose between 10 categorys and try to guess the words that i am looking for. You have got 8 attempts on each word.
Zombies Lab Game

Plays: 948
Category: Action Games
Find the Key of every level and Avoid the Zombies, you can use/push objects to obstruct zombies, and may you can find some weapons...
Ghost Hunting Game

Plays: 942
Category: Puzzles Games
Explore scary, old mansion and try to catch all ghosts haunting this place!
Under Water Hotel Escape Game

Plays: 941
Category: Puzzles Games
Under Water Hotel Escape is a type of point and click new escape game developed by This week ends you are out of city for celebrating the eek ends holidays and staying in an amazing under water hotel. But after one night you found yourself locked there. There is no one to help you out. Now this beautiful place looks like scary because you dont know how you will escape from there. It's a great challenge for you. Apply your logic and find some useful objects and hints to escape from the room. Good Luck Have Fun!
Mummy Return Game

Plays: 941
Category: Action Games
Dear mummy, while you have slept in the tower for thousands of years, you cannot just come out to make people scary. So I will try my best to stop you!
Kill OR DIE Game

Plays: 938
Category: Action Games
Nice horror action games, kill ghots and earn points, it might be difficult to get points at the beginning but once you get going , you will score more points, below 100 points will be considered as very low score.

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Tips: For things like scopes or hands which are either on or can go to the edge of the screen you should go to Player|Advanced and change the Bounds parameter to around 10 or so. This will give you a point based bounding box instead of a auto bounding box.