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Online fish Games
Sisi's Fishies Game

Plays: 3010
Category: Strategy Games
Sisi, the cheeky, special cat, is actually in charge of all of these fishies and she must take good care of them. Help Sisi out by using your skills and feeding the proper food to the right fish.
Ocean Word Search Game

Plays: 3009
Category: Puzzles Games
Find all the ocean creature in this fun free word search game.
Save My Fish Game

Plays: 2977
Category: Puzzles Games
Keep the fish live from the shark.
Kid's coloring: Hello Game

Plays: 2973
Category: Customize Games
Kid's coloring: Hello is free coloring game.
Squirrel Fishing Game

Plays: 2964
Category: Action Games
This is a cute squirrel game fishing line by clicking the mouse down, out of scores of different fish. This game will bring you fun and pleasure.
Micro World Rave Pond Play Game

Plays: 2951
Category: Action Games
Life in the pond can be tough.. Especially with big things swimming around that want to eat you and Mc FishMaster playing rave music all the time...
Aquatic Hunt Game

Plays: 2938
Category: Action Games
Delve into the Blue Waters and help the Starving Jellyfish to catch Some Fleeting Fish
Sushi Mania Game

Plays: 2937
Category: Other Games
Sushi mania is a funny cooking game. You'll have to serve customers who want some sushis. Put the rice in the blue plate and add the fish asked by customer. Do this quickly and don't forget the money !
Square Adventure Part 1 Game

Plays: 2928
Category: Action Games
Get the underwater keys and kill the sharks! Once the ocean was a peaceful place to be, but the evil killer sharks have taking over. Your job is to kill them and collect the keys to all the wonders of the ocean. Game has integrated highscore.
Release Ocean Animals Game

Plays: 2927
Category: Puzzles Games
Try to get any three of the animal in a row to earn points. But to move to the next level you have to fill up all the meter in the right side before time run out.
Mermaniac Game

Plays: 2914
Category: Action Games
Mermaniac is meant to be a short highscore hunting game in which you play as a merman that tries to swim around as long as possible. Marine animals will be attracted by you and interfere with your actions, pulling you down into the deep sea. Good for you there are some floating oil barrels that you can use to get rid of the them.
Fish Maharajah Game

Plays: 2914
Category: Education Games
In Hawaiian island , a new real estate is being built , and a large discount is given to attract customer for a very limited time , 25 Days. Can you buy it with your fish business and become Maharajah in this game?
River Cat Game

Plays: 2914
Category: Action Games
Feed River Cat
Save Them Goldfish Game

Plays: 2913
Category: Other Games
This is a funny little game where you have to save your goldfishes from being friend with your mouse control and place them on the aquarium
Fishing Penguin Game

Plays: 2899
Category: Action Games
Click your left mouse button to catch a fish. If you catched one, click again to put it in the yellow box. Good hunting!
Ocean Odyssey Game

Plays: 2894
Category: Action Games
Eat your way through a fierce 60 seconds of minnows, piranhas, and even sharks! Use your multiplier to earn even more score and as long as you can!
Bilbo The Four Corners of the World Game

Plays: 2893
Category: Strategy Games
Take a trip around the world with Bilbo to see if he can win the heart of his true love! In Bilbo: The Four Corners of the World, YOU choose the menu based on the tastes of your guests and then do everything in your power to earn Bilbo a big tip! From seating guests, to taking orders, to serving meals, there's plenty to do! As you race through each day accomplishing assigned tasks, such as performing a set number of combos, mini-games will appear, challenging you to make origami, catch exotic fish, make sandwiches and more! If you can keep up, Bilbo's guests will sing karaoke and make everyone dance! Between levels, you will be able to turn Bilbo's simple bistro into a four-star establishment with a variety of lavish upgrades. Featuring a cast of wonderfully animated animal characters, Bilbo: The Four Corners of the World will have you grinning from ear to ear! Full version features Four restaurants 40 levels 14 mini-games 50 upgrades to purchase Colorful graphics
Shark the Fisherman Game

Plays: 2890
Category: Action Games
What sharks eating? You say "divers" and you will be right! Catch divers and don't forget about time, it's limited.
black fish 1 (mine) Game

Plays: 2887
Category: Action Games
a fish in the sea , be careful!
Shark Zero Game

Plays: 2883
Category: Action Games
The sharks in the sea are overpopulating the sea and leaving a mess in our beautiful ocean, You as a space fighter have been issued a new water tolerant ship and ordered to take out as many crazed sharks as possible!

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Tips: For a scope shot set the Player weapon speed to zero. Change the player weapon graphic to a circle that gets quickly smaller and then stretch the frame out around 4000 frames so it doesn't repeat itself.