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  Raider Squadron A Free Online Game
Combat Plane Fighter A Free Online Game
Combat Plane Fighter
Epic Dog Fighter A Free Online Game
Epic Dog Fighter
Night Walkers A Free Online Game
Night Walkers
Football Targets A Free Online Game
Football Targets
Revenge of Powder Monkey A Free Online Game
Revenge of Powder Monkey
Zombie Hunter A Free Online Game
Zombie Hunter

Online sports Games
Ski Chase Game

Plays: 2602
Category: Action Games
In this very fun and exciting skiing game, you must collect gold, open gates and avoid getting hit by your enemies.
Drunk-rider Game

Plays: 2602
Category: Driving Games
Do not drink when you have to get on a motorcycle and more when you have to do a lot of very dangerous stunts. To drive the bike uses the arrow keys and combine the arrow keys to do tricks quite beautifuls.
Gator Hop Game

Plays: 2601
Category: Driving Games
Accelerate by pressing Spacebar, and press and release Up Arrow to jump as far as possible!
Beach Bowling Game

Plays: 2593
Category: Action Games
Why bowl in a bowling alley when you can go bowling on the beach using a coconut? This island themed bowling game let's you bowl in a more relaxing and picturesque atmosphere.
Hill Blazer Game

Plays: 2588
Category: Sports Games
Be the best racer that will blaze the hills. You must tear up every levels in order to get the highest score. Start your engines and have fun!
Heady Patball Game

Plays: 2586
Category: Sports Games
unusual volleyball
Puzzle Craze - Dark Forest Game

Plays: 2581
Category: Puzzles Games
Arrange the pieces correctly to find out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece and then click the other one. The Quicker you are to complete, to get the more score.
Green Nature Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 2576
Category: Action Games
New hidden object game developed by
Super Fielder Game

Plays: 2571
Category: Sports Games
Eye on the ball. Feet on the field. Aiming to win!
RunningRace Game

Plays: 2570
Category: Action Games
You have to jump to Avoid obstacles and collect the points, make a high score, share your score with mochigames,facebook, twitter and myspace if you wil crash then you will loose time and score.
World Boxing Tournament 2 Game

Plays: 2568
Category: Action Games
World Boxing Tournament 2 is a fantastic follow up of the original boxing game. Some minor improvements such as the ability to pick from different boxers make this game even much more fun to play. Give this sequel another try and bring your friend along for some more boxing fun!
LittleErde Episode2 Game

Plays: 2563
Category: Action Games
Episode 2! Don't miss it. The more you play the better you get. Can you make it in the alltime highscore?
Girls Study Room Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 2561
Category: Adventure Games
GamesNovel's - Hidden Object Game.
Powershot Reloaded Game

Plays: 2546
Category: Sports Games
Powershot Reloaded is a soccer themed distance game: select from 3 different characters, choose angle and power for every shot and see how far you can kick the ball using the 5 available shots. Pay attention to the various obstacles and use your friends help to go farest you can !
Boys Playroom Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 2534
Category: Adventure Games
Play Games at . It offers the best escape games,puzzle games, cooking games, dress up games, racing games, skill game and more. Play a free online games now!
Piscao Acrobatics Game

Plays: 2533
Category: Puzzles Games
Piscao it´s a talented fish that dream to be a champion of the acrobatics and you must help it.
Villa Crossbar Challenge Game

Plays: 2532
Category: Shooting Games
As the name of game suggests the aim is to kick the football onto the crossbar of the goal as many times as possible in the allotted time. When the direction arrows are pointing in the direction you want to kick the ball press the 'SPACE BAR' on your keyboard to power up your shot and release it to fire the ball. Keep an eye on the wind strength and direction, and adjust your shot power and direction accordingly. Bonus points are awarded for hitting 'Aston Villa Stars of the Past' and the seagulls on the crossbar. Happy shooting and good luck!
Basketball Game

Plays: 2527
Category: Sports Games
Play some very interesting games to get some points for a dress-up shopping spree.
Basketball Game

Plays: 2526
Category: Sports Games
Play some very interesting games to get some points for a dress-up shopping spree.
Hot Shots Game

Plays: 2521
Category: Action Games
A cool and fun basketball game. Try to get as many points as you can. Get 10 baskets before the time runs out to proceed to the next round.

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Tips: Explosion graphics animate until the end of their timeline and then disappear. A single frame explosion will disappear almost instantly and not look that great. Usually 20-40 frames for an explosion should work well.