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Frosties Melt Down A Free Online Game
Frosties Melt Down
The Hunger Games Escape A Free Online Game
The Hunger Games Escape
Frosting Cake  A Free Online Game
Frosting Cake
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Fupaball Drill
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Online drive Games
Extreme Jumper Game

Plays: 2361
Category: Action Games
drive around in your extreme jumper!
Motor Bike Night Drive Game

Plays: 2360
Category: Adventure Games
drive motor bike thru scary night city
Drive and shoot Game

Plays: 2358
Category: Action Games
Shoot the enemy tank and get points. Dodge the blue star.
Dangerous Racing Rush Game

Plays: 2356
Category: Action Games
Take part in this fantastic race, shoot at the enemiess, avoid their bullets and bombs and be the first at the finish.
Skateboard Man Game

Plays: 2352
Category: Action Games
You are the skateboard man driving through the city. Try jump over all things that you will see on your way. Collect all bonuses and use them to make special jumps.
Copter Quest Game

Plays: 2351
Category: Adventure Games
Drive helicopter through many obstacles, and pick up children to ride with you
Australia Racing Game

Plays: 2350
Category: Driving Games
The world racing championship had moved to a new region. This week we are going to race in Australia, where the Kangaroo's and Koala's rules the jungles. Well we are going to rule the roads of Australia, you must prove you can drive good, and win the cup. Good Luck!
Crash The City Game

Plays: 2344
Category: Action Games
Move your crane ball up and down as you drive back and forth to hit the blocks just right.
Sprint Driver Game

Plays: 2344
Category: Action Games
New amazing racing game with real time 3D graphics. Feel the power of speed! Three cool bikes with different speed, health and handling. Choose a bike that suits you and show all your driving skills. The higher speed - the higher score you will earn.
Cars Game

Plays: 2343
Category: Action Games
This is a connection of tetris and snake games. You need to park group of cars in special way: three or more identical cars should stay in one horizontal, vertical or slant line. While playing you will find couple of bonuses - you need to drive through them before you would like to use them.
King of the Jungle 2 Game

Plays: 2341
Category: Action Games
Ever been wondering how it feels like being king of the jungle? Now you have the chance in this fun, exciting and addictive game, but be aware of the sun.
Golfer's Getaway Game

Plays: 2339
Category: Driving Games
Drive for your life or be chased down with a golf club!
Offroad Parking Game

Plays: 2338
Category: Driving Games
park your car on rough terrain and prove you can take any obsacle
Super Cars Game

Plays: 2337
Category: Driving Games
Great super cars are waiting for your assistance to park them inside the parking area. Manage those luxery cars and get park in exact time. This will also show your parking skills .
4x4 Monster Game

Plays: 2334
Category: Driving Games
Drive your 4x4 monster truck and try to complete each level in the shortest time. Race over mountains, cars, bridges and other obstacles while keeping your truck balanced.
Grand Bike Canyon Game

Plays: 2334
Category: Driving Games
Defy the most well-known Canyon of the world with your bike against nature. The hostile and potentially deadly environment for unprepared humans. Are you prepared to face it?
Shut up and Drive Game

Plays: 2331
Category: Driving Games
Drive as fast as you can and beat your rivals in this unique Outrun like 3d racing game! Finish the race before your time runs out in 10 different tracks! Gain extra points by overtaking other cars from a close distance or keeping a hi-speed for a long time!
Truck Adventure Game

Plays: 2323
Category: Action Games
Drive your Truck slowly and Make a highscore
Hill Blazer Championship Game

Plays: 2313
Category: Driving Games
Be the best racer that will blaze the hills. You must beat up the opponents and tear up every levels in order to get the highest score. Two modes offered in this game: race against competitors or play the trick mode. Start your engines and let's have fun would you?
UFO Traveling Game

Plays: 2311
Category: Adventure Games
It's a strange and magic world. As a captain, you need to drive carefully to collect stars and hearts in this wonderful world!

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Tips: For a collection style game that doesn't use any player projectiles you can upload a blank SWF to high the splash screen graphic.