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Online mine Games
Mine 60 Game

Plays: 3476
Category: Action Games
Your ship has suffered a critical flaw and you have only 60 seconds left before it explodes! But others will be caught in the blast... how far can you fly away, and how many lives can you save?
Mole Mines Game

Plays: 3466
Category: Puzzles Games
Help Mr. Mole with his digging, be careful though as you don't want to hit any mines in this interpretation of the Minesweeper classic.
Rock Rush Game

Plays: 3398
Category: Action Games
Fresh off the code press from us at **Retrocade** is //Rock Rush//, our very own Flash version of the classic //Boulder Dash//! Dig through bug-infested caves dodging boulders, triggering magic walls, and collecting diamonds until you have enough to open the exit. But it doesn't stop there. Depending on which version of Rock Rush you play there may be even more challenging elements to figure out before those gems come within your grasp... Taking a variety of the simpler elements from Boulder Dash and its popular Amiga successor Emerald Mine, this levelset is made up of both introductory levels and some more challenging puzzles to get you warmed up for future sets. Get your thinking cap on and let the nostalgia flow over you!
Storm 1.1 Game

Plays: 3388
Category: Strategy Games
Storm is a Tower Defense like game with strategy elements. You must protect your Command Center against invaders by building turrets around it. You earn money from the Gold Mines. Each Gold Mine produces 6$ each 5 seconds. Count of mines you can build is limited. At the start of the game you have 2 Mines and Command Center which produces money as well.

Plays: 3374
Category: Action Games
This game is the story of Indonesian hero. They They against tank, infantry, and enemies defence line to complete the mission.
Fish Dodge v1 Game

Plays: 3300
Category: Other Games
Evade any shark and mine and collect shell to increase point
Madpet Minefield Game

Plays: 3294
Category: Action Games
New Madpet adventure is here, this time your will have to go on your skateboard through the minefield!
Mobile Weapon Assault Game

Plays: 3216
Category: Shooting Games
Based on the Mobile Weapon world, you pilot any of 3 MAWs to defeat enemies in 5 stages. Get more powerful upgrades as you progress and increase your rank by defeating enemies. You can save your progress after each stage. Unlock different MAWs and try them out. Each MAW has something different! Try flying Luna over the head of the boss in the Lazlo mine. ;)
Mine Mania Game

Plays: 3199
Category: Action Games
You play as a pirate on a ship trying to escape from mines while trying to collect as much treasure as possible.
Mine-X 4K Game

Plays: 3178
Category: Action Games
Mine-X 4K is an Asteroids like game played in a 360 degree scrolling world. It was my entry into the Game Poetry / Gaming Your Way 4K game contest. This version is 16K with the addition of Mochi Ads and Leader Boards only.
Command & Defend russian Game

Plays: 3153
Category: Action Games
Help the general defend the base. You have several weapons at your disposal, three types of turrets, mines and even nukes.
Space Bling Game

Plays: 3136
Category: Action Games
Take a trip into space and mine huge asteroids for precious crystals and magical diamonds. Shoot space rocks with your highly advanced missile blaster. Collect Diamond Gems to earn bling points. Enjoy your space adventure as you mine jewels across 7 galaxies. Be sure to avoid the asteroids that you are mining because if you collide with one of these space rocks, your space ship will explode.
Coal Mine ATV Game

Plays: 3113
Category: Adventure Games
Drive your ATV through the coal mine as fast as you can!
Gold Mine 2 Game

Plays: 3110
Category: Adventure Games
You are trapped in a Gold Mine and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape.
Mine Link Game

Plays: 3094
Category: Shooting Games
Try to rid the screen of mines by creating a chain of explosions
Runaway Minetrain Game

Plays: 3049
Category: Adventure Games
Embark upon your mine train adventure, avoiding all obstacles along the way!
Contraband Game

Plays: 3024
Category: Puzzles Games
You are the captain of a smuggling ship. Reach the harbor avoiding the dangerous cliffs.
Mine Seeker Game

Plays: 3006
Category: BoardGame Games
Click on covered cells to clear the area, Don't set off any mines, however! You can avoid them by paying attention to the numbers on the ground. The numbers indicate how many mines are in the surrounding area. Move fast for a high score and good luck!
Boom Town Game

Plays: 3006
Category: Action Games
Join the Gold Rush and get rich, by the careful (or some times indiscriminate) use of high explosives. Front-paged on Newgrounds, featured with badges on Kongregate and reviewed on! Average online playtime 45 minutes - 1hr. Upgrade your rig, refinery and explosive power. Choose your starting plot, buy explosives, liberate the gold and use the proceeds to build your town. 25 achievements to unlock, 12 explosives to unlock, 9 upgrades, with over 10 levels each, 22 buildings to unlock, 4 plots to buy. Unearth rare precious items, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and the holy grail! Perfect for casual, hardcore players and office workers. No time limits, no pressure, do everything at your own pace. Can you build the ultimate Boom Town?
Rock Rush: Undervaults Game

Plays: 3004
Category: Action Games
Hidden inside a huge network of natural caverns is this mysterious artificially-built series of rooms, each filled with puzzles, dangers, and of course lots of pristine gemstones! Will you be able to make it through and escape with your fortune? Dig through bug-infested caves dodging boulders, triggering magic walls, and collecting diamonds until you have enough to open the exit. But it doesn't stop there. Depending on which version of Rock Rush you play there may be even more challenging elements to figure out before those gems come within your grasp...

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Tips: Enemy graphics do not need to move. Movement is taken care of by the engine. Animals and things should walk in place.