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Nation Invasion A Free Online Game
Nation Invasion
Terrorist Attacks  A Free Online Game
Terrorist Attacks
Fupa Space Blast A Free Online Game
Fupa Space Blast
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Axiology VII Gold
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TSA Invaders
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Alien Empire

Online horror Games
Urbex Game

Plays: 2680
Category: Action Games
Explore an old abandoned factory. Invited by a trusted friend you head deeper within, except all is not what it seems with this delapidated place. Something dark lurks within, something creepy and in-human. Will you get out alive?
Horror Dress Up Game

Plays: 2679
Category: Dress-Up Games
He is turning…turning…into something…maybe a monster or maybe something else? What will he turn into well this is up to you.
Strange Girl Game

Plays: 2673
Category: Customize Games
This strange girl doesn't like to hang out at malls or with other girls. She gets along better with the kids at the arcades? Does that make her strange? Well, maybe some people think she's weird, but she's more chic and cool.
Hyper Cube Game

Plays: 2607
Category: Action Games
The objective of the game is to find the exit to each stage. Every stage is like a puzzle. There are all sorts of contraptions that can mutilate you instantly so be careful! Try not to touch any of the traps. Good Luck!
Hyperspace War Game

Plays: 2592
Category: Shooting Games
Fight 10 different enemies with your well armed space ship in the abyss of hyperspace.Buy and upgrade your weapons as well as your shields, armor and engine to stand as long as possible the horror of war.
Cemetery Games Game

Plays: 2564
Category: Action Games
A good old bust up your controller game. Try to manage all 6 events well enough to unlock some more stuff. Being dead was never so much fun!
Dying Hope Game

Plays: 2559
Category: Action Games
Survive through hordes of zombies and uncover the mystery of the horrible monkeys.
Arise and Die Again Game

Plays: 2544
Category: Action Games
Survival top-down arena zombie-shooter??. * 9 kinds of weapon with differenrt ammo * 6 kinds of bonuses * hundreds of different zombies * horror, meat and blood
Ritual Game

Plays: 2528
Category: Adventure Games
A horror point and click game with real fotos and scare music. Nice story and atmosphere - enjoy it!
Hero of light Game

Plays: 2481
Category: Action Games
“Final Light” is a platform game with the elements of horror and puzzles. A breathtaking adventure in the mysterious cave full of various monsters is waiting for you. Moreover, all this goes with splendid music.
Night Of The Cursed Game

Plays: 2474
Category: Action Games
Survive together with your partner through a horrible zombie night, fighting off wave after wave, while upgrading your firepower. Night of the cursed is a flash game produced by the HOAH studios and offers 25 unique upgradable weapons and a wide range of boobytraps to keep the zombies off you!
The dark cave Game

Plays: 2473
Category: Action Games
You dare to enter to this cave ? so let`s see if you got balls ?
Undead on Halloween Game

Plays: 2440
Category: Action Games
The Undead are rising. Spray holy water to kill the Zombies before they break free.
Old Girl Game

Plays: 2413
Category: Adventure Games
Jane went missing...
The Fairview Horror Game

Plays: 2411
Category: Action Games
Survive a year long struggle against waves of zombies! Lock yourself down in your fortified base, or stand your ground and fight back!
Let the blood be your guide Game

Plays: 2407
Category: Action Games
Walk through the spooky levels, and try to find your way out. Make sure not to touch any of those laughing orbs, I heard they bite.
Shadowed: Pt.1- Silent Darkness Game

Plays: 2366
Category: Puzzles Games
A plain Horror adventure game
Undeath restaurant Game

Plays: 2344
Category: Customize Games
Help the undeath cheft to cook the horror food.
Treasure Chest Game

Plays: 2293
Category: Action Games
Items are falling from the sky in the fifth update of Halloween Night! What will happen when the monsters get a holds of them, will this bring something darker into the world?
Halloween Ghost Hunts - Super cool ghost hunting game Game

Plays: 2290
Category: Action Games
Ghost hunts. There are different types of ghosts, mummy, zombies, witch etc in the game. You have to attack and kill them before they attack you. Have fun

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