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  Bugarach 2012 A Free Online Game
World War Fupa A Free Online Game
World War Fupa
Nation Invasion A Free Online Game
Nation Invasion
life for flight 2 A Free Online Game
life for flight 2
Golden Rule A Free Online Game
Golden Rule
WW2 Invasion A Free Online Game
WW2 Invasion
Fish Army A Free Online Game
Fish Army

Online mario Games
New Super Mario Game

Plays: 3531
Category: Adventure Games
In new and exciting worlds, Super Mario, once again, must fight with many enemies! His only goal is to save the princess! Help him in this mission.
69Corvette's Arcade Game

Plays: 3531
Category: Other Games
69corvette's Arcade by 69Corvette. Includes Classic game PONG, my original game UFO Adventures, and a get-to-the-exit game Bo-ombo. In UFO adventures the Humans (the mouse player) will try to stop the UFO (keyboard player) from collecting all the planets; the HUmans will draw barriers with a limited amount of ink. Enjoy!
Mario Ride Game

Plays: 3516
Category: Driving Games
Your Favorite Super Mario is back, but this time he is on the ride. Mario Ride has 10 challenging levels to clear with lots of stars to collect in the journey. Help Mario to clear all levels on his bike.
Brave Hussar 2 Chinese Game

Plays: 3514
Category: Adventure Games
Mario Puzzler Game

Plays: 3494
Category: Puzzles Games
Wario mixed up Marios pictures! Help him to put the pieces together and restore the pictures. Just click on two different puzzle pieces to swap them. The faster you solve the pictures, the better you score.
Tower of DOOM - FULL Game

Plays: 3491
Category: Action Games
The princess was kidnapped by the evil wizard Valmort and he keeps her in the basement of the castle. Save her before it's too late.
Mario vs Donkey Kong Game

Plays: 3480
Category: Action Games
Donkey Kong kidnaped the Princess again , Mario is after him to rescue the Princess , but Donkey Kong will not let him rescue the Princess without a fight , so he fills his way with obstacles and dangers , Mario once again needs your help ... are you up for it ??
Mario Skating Appointment Game

Plays: 3446
Category: Puzzles Games
Drag the mouse to draw a line that allows Mario to reach the princess and to have a lovely dating!
Trollface Shooter Game

Plays: 3389
Category: Action Games
You are trollface, and you have to destroy the evil video-game characters.
Mario Galaxy Coloring Game

Plays: 3374
Category: Customize Games
Color the picture of Mario Galaxy with thousands of colors in the palette. now has shadows included.
Brave Hussar 2 Chinese Mobile Game

Plays: 3358
Category: Adventure Games
Jumping Jimbo Game

Plays: 3315
Category: Adventure Games
Jump your way through 8 exciting levels, each with unique challenges and obstacles! Help Jimbo collect treasures so he can earn enough money to pay for Grandpappy’s hip replacements. Overcome lava, windmills, and waterfalls in your quest to help Grandpappy Springleg jump again!
Orc Slayer 2 Game

Plays: 3299
Category: Action Games
One day our hero was walking through the forest and suddenly found the mystical weapon known as orc slayer. With its power the boy will finally be able to defeat the evil dragon king with your help.
Mario Driver Game

Plays: 3279
Category: Driving Games
You are driving on a atv bike and you need to collect all of the coins
Jumpix Game

Plays: 3274
Category: Action Games
The player has a few levels, jumping on platforms, avoiding the abyss and dangerous blocks and breaking money box to get points. I increased the speed of the game and added the keys to the exit. Now the camera is not epileptic. Added separate buttons to turn off the sounds and music.
Iron Hike Game

Plays: 3271
Category: Action Games
In this fun platformer game inspired by Mario Bros. you play Iron Hike. Help Iron on his adventure but be sure to avoid the creatures, pitfalls and puzzles that stand inbetween you and your goal.
3D Plywood Maze Game

Plays: 3247
Category: Action Games
Escape This Plywood Maze By Moving The Wood Ball.
Super Mario The Lost World Game

Plays: 3246
Category: Action Games
New Super Mario Adventure continues! New levels, unseen before for you to explore! Try your best to help Mario in his new world!
Drechu Drech I Game

Plays: 3171
Category: Action Games
Jump on your enemies! Help Drechu Drech the brave in his cool adventure! Save the world! English and Polish language versions!
Flash Mario Game

Plays: 3152
Category: Action Games

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Tips: When using the Multiple Opponents option you must create an SWF where each frame is a different opponent. It will detect how many frames you have and randomly choose one each time they spawn. Each individual frame can have it's own independant animating movieclip inside.