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  Love Wars A Free Online Game
Fupa Nerd Battle A Free Online Game
Fupa Nerd Battle
Battle over Paris A Free Online Game
Battle over Paris
life for flight 3 A Free Online Game
life for flight 3
Brick Attack A Free Online Game
Brick Attack
the dark kght and the lightninja A Free Online Game
the dark kght and the lightninja
Paddle Wack A Free Online Game
Paddle Wack

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Opening Santa
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Opening Santa's Gifts Game

Plays: 2051
Category: Customize Games
It's Christmas Eve and this cute girl just got her present from Santa Claus. She is very happy and can't wait to find out what is inside the gift box. For such a magic moment she has to look really cute, don't you think? Give her a helping hand on getting dressed as pretty as possible for Christmas evening in this cool game for girls! Have fun!
Opera Evening Makeup A Free Dress-Up Game
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Opera Evening Makeup Game

Plays: 1791
Category: Dress-Up Games
Going to the opera is more than just going there. An entire ritual must be respected, in order to prepare both physically and mentally for the time spent there. Please help the young Kay to prepare for this special event giving her the best makeup ever!
Opera night coloring A Free Customize Game
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Opera night coloring Game

Plays: 879
Category: Customize Games
Opera night coloring Game.
Opera singer coloring A Free Customize Game
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Opera singer coloring Game

Plays: 744
Category: Customize Games
Opera singer coloring Game.
Operation A Free Education Game
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Operation Game

Plays: 2182
Category: Education Games
Operation is a simple mathematics game in which you need to use basic mathematical operations.
Operation Black Sand A Free Action Game
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Operation Black Sand Game

Plays: 1864
Category: Action Games
The world oil supply is low and the battle for resources is about to begin. A new oil rich desert has been discovered, and it is your duty to claim it for your country. Battle enemy forces for the control of the desert using 8 different units and six different abilities.
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Plays: 2657
Category: Action Games
A terrorist group has established the headquarters on the Black Spider's Island. Now they are ready to launch their nuclear missiles against neighboring Europe. Try to foil their evil plan. GOOD LUCK SOLDIER
Operation Chakravyuh A Free Shooting Game
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Operation Chakravyuh Game

Plays: 3597
Category: Shooting Games
Operation Chakravyuh : Mission Briefing. Terrorist groups have taken over the abandoned military barracks. They have posted snipers on different look out posts all around the perimeter. Indian military cannot approach the barracks and you have been ordered to clear out the hostile snipers.
Operation Chaos A Free Shooting Game
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Operation Chaos Game

Plays: 2768
Category: Shooting Games
It's a shooting game with bitmap graphics. Particle menus. Dodge enemies and their bullets with bullet time , collect power-ups and super bombs , fire back.
Operation Darkness Strike A Free Shooting Game
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Operation Darkness Strike Game

Plays: 3107
Category: Shooting Games
First Person Shooter game. A Group of terrorists are invading the city. you are an agent from the special forces. Your mission, save the city, by annihilating the enemy. Experience a new 3d rendered style, and a realistic gameplay.
Operation Darkness Strike. Small Version A Free Shooting Game
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Operation Darkness Strike. Small Version Game

Plays: 3801
Category: Shooting Games
Small version of the game "Operation Darkness Strike". Terrorrists are invading the city and killing eveyone... You are an agent from the special forces, your mission: Save the civilians by destroying the enemy! Experience a 3d rendered graphics style.
Operation Elephant A Free Action Game
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Operation Elephant Game

Plays: 2362
Category: Action Games
Your comrades have been captured in the infamous Elephant Prison! Drop in your team of elephant commandos to crush the enemy infantry, pulverize tanks, artillery and helicopters, and demolish evil anti-elephant facilities. Your team starts off with a single ordinary elephant, but with your help can multiply and get suited with top-of-the-line military gear. You have five objectives to destroy before you can save your friends – do you have what it takes?
Operation Fashion A Free Dress-Up Game
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Operation Fashion Game

Plays: 2713
Category: Dress-Up Games
Sasha is a secret spy and she's on a mission! She needs to be stealthy, cunning, and.. well, fashionable. Help her choose the best outfit for her missions.
Operation Hurt A Free Strategy Game
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Operation Hurt Game

Plays: 5656
Category: Strategy Games
Physics-based game with 10 modes to hit, crush the orange head doll. Every try is about 10 seconds, but need hours to find out the max point position.
Operation Music A A Free Rhythm Game
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Operation Music A Game

Plays: 3188
Category: Rhythm Games
A Music game with shining graphic and particles. Relax, enjoy the music and lighting background images. And also, you can play your own musics and use your own images as the background.
Operation Nightsky A Free Action Game
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Operation Nightsky Game

Plays: 3193
Category: Action Games
Operation Nightsky is an arcade-style game in which you defend your city from bombing raids with an anti-aircraft cannon.
Operation one A Free Shooting Game
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Operation one Game

Plays: 2623
Category: Shooting Games
Play Operation one shooting action game. Shoot the terrorist and save the hostages. Do not shoot the hostages. Press Space bar for reload. Aim and shoot using Mouse. Best of luck!
Operation Penguinate A Free Action Game
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Operation Penguinate Game

Plays: 491
Category: Action Games
Defeat the invading aliens and free the penguins!
Operation SOS A Free Action Game
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Operation SOS Game

Plays: 2620
Category: Action Games
Operation shoot on sight is a search and shoot game, where you have to search 32 terrorists in 3 different operations.
OPERATION SW23 A Free Action Game
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Plays: 1912
Category: Action Games
The war for survival has begun. The human race is threatened. Your mission is to repel the alien forces and defeat the bosses of each level! Another retro game by
Operation Triplane: Mission to Norden A Free Action Game
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Operation Triplane: Mission to Norden Game

Plays: 6041
Category: Action Games
You are a triplane pilot during WWI on a very important mission. Try to fly as far as possible and destroy as many enemies as you can in order to earn money and upgrade your triplane. Once upgraded you will be able to fly further and reach the goal of 4,000 feet.
Operation WHALE A Free Action Game
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Operation WHALE Game

Plays: 2703
Category: Action Games
Rescue whales from nuclear garbages.
Operation: Kill Osama bin Laden A Free Fighting Game
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Operation: Kill Osama bin Laden Game

Plays: 20260
Category: Fighting Games
Take place in the operation of the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Play more games at
Operation:Onslaught A Free Action Game
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Operation:Onslaught Game

Plays: 2971
Category: Action Games
An intense overhead shooter featuring a robust 13-mission campaign, 4 unique minigames, and 9 solid weapons. Fight over 30 animated monsters, and take on 5 crazy bosses while competing over 6 leaderboards. Upgrade your weapons, buy ammo, armor and forcefields to survive and open more than 25 unlockables including 10 "hacks" to modify the game.
OperationT A Free Puzzles Game
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OperationT Game

Plays: 3745
Category: Puzzles Games
It's a tetris game with smooth control.
Operetta Makeover A Free Customize Game
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Operetta Makeover Game

Plays: 1698
Category: Customize Games
Great times are coming as the spring is here and also Operetta, from Monster High needs a new look in this great makeover game. Enjoy the time you will spend with her.
Ophiuchus A Free Action Game
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Ophiuchus Game

Plays: 1460
Category: Action Games
Ophiuchus, the Serpent, is a constellation located in the southern hemisphere. This is a new constelation, new sign of the zodiac ! Travel through the sky with the flying serpent!
oppa gangnam collector A Free Action Game
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oppa gangnam collector Game

Plays: 773
Category: Action Games
some day big brother find a precious gem when he walk along the gangnam street.
Oppa Gangnam Dash A Free Puzzles Game
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Oppa Gangnam Dash Game

Plays: 1041
Category: Puzzles Games
Gangnam Style is so popular today! Now this game present for you Gangnam Fans!
Oppa Gangnam Red Carpet A Free Action Game
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Oppa Gangnam Red Carpet Game

Plays: 2386
Category: Action Games
Here its the game about Big Brother got huge success because its hillarious style in Gangnam, now he talk on the red carpet!

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Tips: Enemy graphics do not need to move. Movement is taken care of by the engine. Animals and things should walk in place.