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jellyfish Games

Online jellyfish Games
Sand Dollar Diver Game

Plays: 3751
Category: Shooting
Mozambique is famous for her pansy shells, also known as sand dollars. Throw your fishing net to capture sand dollars. Some sand dollars will break open revealing a dove of peace, which give extra points when collected. Capture all the sand dollars before time runs out to advance to the next level. The blue bar on the top of the screen shows you how many sand dollars you still need to capture to complete the level. Grab treasure chests for bonus points and more. Beware of stinging jellyfish and starfish.
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SeaSnake Game

Plays: 13239
Category: Shooting Games
A sea snake chases after an unfortunate fish but has many obstacles in its way such as sharks, piranhas, octopi and many more. There are two modes of playing -' adventure' where you go through the levels one by one and 'non-stop' where you choose a level and try to get the highest score. This game is a mix of retro style games such as snake, helicopter and space invaders making it inherently addictive!
Fish Life Game

Plays: 25003
Category: Action Games
You are a small green fish that must face many predators. Survive as long as you can by using the arrow keys to avoid fish and objects.
Star Fish Game

Plays: 15814
Category: Action Games
It's an aquatic adventure as you speed below the sea to catch those pesky star fish.
Hungry Octopus Game

Plays: 8808
Category: Puzzles Games
You're very hungry octopus. Eat as many seafood as you can.
Underwater Mayhem Game

Plays: 7720
Category: Action Games
Underwater mayhem, collect all the fish but beware of the other creatures about!
Frosty Frenzy Game

Plays: 5799
Category: Adventure Games
Something is stirring up in Antarctica.Lead the flock of penguins through a fast-paced underwater adventure in this fun-for-all-ages Flash game. Bonuses, power-ups and upgrades are all available for anyone who's up for the challenge.
Masters of Mayhem Game

Plays: 5107
Category: Adventure Games
Have you ever played a multiplayer game alone? Sounds stupid? Well, here it is. The world's first single player multi player game - Masters of Mayhem. Navigate your players through the game and collect as many coins as you can. But be careful. Keep at least one of your players on the screen or you will lose a life. There are loads of items you can collect and each of them will have a different effect on either the player who picked it up or the whole game behaviour. You can clone your players, let them fly for a certain amount of time or drive them temporary mad by picking the right item. If you like Doodle Jump and you love a bit of stress then this game is for you. Are you a master of mayhem?

Plays: 4380
Category: Adventure Games
Dodge undersea debris as it tumbles past. Collect coins for points and powerups. Crustacean Running to Avoid Being Broken. Use the arrow keys to dodge debris that float allong. Watch out for jellyfish tentacles but feel free to bounce on their springy heads. Levels get increasingly difficult as you progress through the game. Collect coins for extra points.
Fish'n For Love Game

Plays: 4177
Category: Adventure Games
You are an old fisherman tries to win the heart of a young lady. Go on a quest with your trusty fishing rod to obtain gifts for her.
Fish Me Game

Plays: 4130
Category: Other Games
Try to survive as long as possible to get more score and advance to the next level automaticaly
Crazy Fisherman Game

Plays: 3517
Category: Action Games
You are a crazy old fisher man who fishes up unusual things. See how much stuff you can fish up in a minute.
Annoying Sharks Game

Plays: 3452
Category: Strategy Games
Crazy surfer tries to get past this ocean filled with sharks. Will you help him or feed him to the sharks ?
Spongebob Seize Jellyfish Game

Plays: 3201
Category: Shooting Games
Spongebob, together with Patrick, wants to catch jellyfish by his seven guns as many as possible today. Let's help them!
Jellie Game

Plays: 3175
Category: Puzzles Games
Swim around and collect bubbles to unlock new Jellies in this addicting minigame!
Jellyfish - Sea puzzle Game

Plays: 3152
Category: Puzzles Games
Cheerful a sea puzzle with an amusing jellyfish. Collect pearls, you need to equilibrate weights. You are waited by bonus levels in which it is necessary to catch as much as possible pearls.
Aquatic Hunt Game

Plays: 3008
Category: Action Games
Delve into the Blue Waters and help the Starving Jellyfish to catch Some Fleeting Fish
Sea Hunter Game

Plays: 2934
Category: Action Games
Drop the anchor from your little boat and find treasures from the depths of the sea! A simple but addictive game! Give it a try!
Zippy Fish Game

Plays: 2859
Category: Action Games
Welcome to the insanely-fun, highly-interactive, awesomely-cartoonized underwater world of Zippy Fish, where no fish is safe from you – the great Master of Oceans with an appetite to match! Chomp your way through 30 levels while surviving the untamed ocean. As you progress through the game, you will grow and swim along many different types of fishy’s including anchovies, Big-Eyed Blue Fish, JellyFish, poisonous fish, electric eels and even whales! There are many bonuses found in this ocean including health, speed, pearls and even Dynamite! Did we mention Fury Mode? If you like to swim fast, this is for you.
Jellyfish Invaders Game

Plays: 2790
Category: Shooting Games
Space Jellyfish are invading! Just catch them and throw them away!

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