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starfish Games

Online starfish Games
Sand Dollar Diver Game

Plays: 3905
Category: Shooting
Mozambique is famous for her pansy shells, also known as sand dollars. Throw your fishing net to capture sand dollars. Some sand dollars will break open revealing a dove of peace, which give extra points when collected. Capture all the sand dollars before time runs out to advance to the next level. The blue bar on the top of the screen shows you how many sand dollars you still need to capture to complete the level. Grab treasure chests for bonus points and more. Beware of stinging jellyfish and starfish.
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Blobstar Game

Plays: 16324
Category: Puzzles Games
Blobstar a knight of the Enchanted Castle is on a quest to find riches for his Queen. He seeks the mythical sunken ship that is said to have more gold and silver than could fit in his Queen's castle.
Star Fish Game

Plays: 16281
Category: Action Games
It's an aquatic adventure as you speed below the sea to catch those pesky star fish.
Monkey Treasures Game

Plays: 9409
Category: Shooting Games
The hunt for Monkey Treasures. A cute game of collecting treasures in the sea. Featuring treasure lovin' monkeys and also pesky pirates. Arrgghh... Use your treasure grabbing skills to collect gold coins, treasure chests, jewels, pearls, and more. Hurry and collect all of the treasures before Pirates attack! 10 Levels with various backgrounds. Have fun in day time, sun down, or night time treasure collecting.
Fishy Frenzy Game

Plays: 5652
Category: Action Games
Collect starfish and keep out of the way of the sharks.
Biff and Baff Gone Divin' Game

Plays: 4923
Category: Action Games
Catch the fishes without hitting them. Use the right coloured net to get points.
Starfisher Game

Plays: 4570
Category: Action Games
Guide the starfish around and collect all the smaller fish. Hitting larger fish will subtract from your accumulated store of smaller fish. If you have no smaller fish, you lose a life.
FlipStar Game

Plays: 4349
Category: Puzzles Games
Can you solve all starfish-flipping puzzles?
Starfish. Bubble Buster Game

Plays: 4050
Category: Adventure Games
Little starfish's big travel under the sea, full of dangers and mysteries. Get as high as you can, boosting with air bubbles, snatching bonus items, evading other fishes. For the brave ones who get five seashells, bonus stage "Fish Ride" will be available!
Sea Princess Dressup Game

Plays: 3660
Category: Dress-Up Games
Play this fun dress up game for girls and dress up this sea princess. Cute sea princess loves to play by the seaside. Please choose the most beautiful clothes decorated with shells, starfish, corals and other sea creatures and dress her up. You can also change her hairstyle! Have fun and enjoy more dress up games for girls!
starfish breakout Game

Plays: 3368
Category: Puzzles Games
this is a remake arcade game but i made my own concept. enjoy
Super Stars Game

Plays: 3261
Category: Other Games
Help the turtle collect star fish through this complicated platform game. Watch out for the puffer fish. Get too close and they will get you!!
Little Fish V2 Game

Plays: 2584
Category: Other Games
Fish follow the mouse.Let the fish to the collision of starfish.If the collision to the other, the life will be reduced. Within the stipulated time, eat more starfish. Get higher points, ranking higher. At the start of the game, you have a four life. Total Score = score+life*5
Zumball Game

Plays: 2481
Category: Action Games
A fun game like zuma , enjoy :)
A Starfish Jigsaw Puzzle Games Game

Plays: 2014
Category: Dress-Up Games
A Starfish Jigsaw Puzzle Games
Pumpkin In Sea Game

Plays: 1634
Category: Action Games
Pumpkin is in the sea and having fun swimming there, all you got to do is to keep him up so that he doesn't drown and also avoid hitting anything.
Finding Starfish Game

Plays: 1602
Category: Other Games
Enjoy the scenic splendor of the ocean beds as you hunt some 25 starfishes, all within a minute beyond which your oxygen doesn’t work.
Penguin Plunge Game

Plays: 1139
Category: Strategy Games
The snow has begun to melt, and it s time for Penguin to go fishing. Help Penguin through the waters and land a good catch!
BubbleFish Game

Plays: 948
Category: Shooting Games
Join the colorful sea creatures of BubbleFish for a match-3 game you'll love! Aim the bubble-shooter to make a match of 3 or more connecting creatures, and fire when ready. Use your skills to clear the board, reach the next level, and earn powerups!
Bubble Fish Game

Plays: 699
Category: Puzzles Games
Connect 3 or more fish or starfidh of the same color and type

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