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Free Paddle Wack
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K-2 Fighter
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Online survival Games
Ben 10 Survival Game

Plays: 3304
Category: Action Games
Help ben 10 to avoid the moving bubbles to survival. How long can you survive?
SpiderGame Game

Plays: 3304
Category: Action Games
Meet the ever-hungry spider and help it prey on juicy bugs in this original and lively game. Survival of the fittest in the cruel world of insects.
Army of the Dead Tower Defense Game

Plays: 3291
Category: Action Games
Launch arrows at an endless swarm of zombies to protect your castle. **Leader board now added**
Nature War Game

Plays: 3267
Category: Strategy Games
Basic instinct for survival, protecting your habitat, is shown in fun and primal way. You have your tree, your animals and urge to be overpowering. Call up your animals and climb up your tree cause battle is about to start!
Iron Wrath Game

Plays: 3259
Category: Action Games
It is a small game about the tank, which fight with different kinds of aliens. Each level has a different tactics for wins. Use arrow keys to move. Use mouse for aiming and left mouse button to shoot.
[REC] 2 - Zombie Attack Game

Plays: 3257
Category: Action Games
Fear Revisited. Eradicate all the zombies from the house in this brilliant survival horror game.
Asteroids - Galactic Mining Corp Game

Plays: 3255
Category: Action Games
This game is a new take on the arcade classic "Asteroids", in this remake you work for a deep space mining company and it's your job to collect as much gold as you can, beware of the vigilante aliens that will take any opportunity to swipe your loot!
Perpetual Blaze Game

Plays: 3248
Category: Action Games
Guide your Perpetual Blaze, an orb of pure energy, to smash through limitless waves of enemies and retain your energy in a test of endurance! Collect and use a multitude of power-ups and time-bending abilities to ensure the survival of your Blaze!
Mech Wars 5000 Game

Plays: 3248
Category: Action Games
You have just landed on a desert planet to do a recon mission for the high command. Suddenly you are set upon by a horde of alien mechs. Defend yourself and escape to warn the high command of the danger. Don't let us down marine! Build your own games like this on!
Deadly 360 Game

Plays: 3246
Category: Shooting Games
It’s a space shooter with 5 unique ennemies, 3 Mini-Boss and 1 unique Boss in which you have to upgrade your tower to survive.
MR BOM Survival Game

Plays: 3239
Category: Puzzles Games
The Survival Mode of The Magic Revolution: The Beginning Of Mystic
Rogue Soul Game

Plays: 3238
Category: Action Games
Run, jump, fight guards, steal treasures, escape through the city’s streets and become the most wanted Rogue in town in this Epic Soul Adventure. - 7 unique enemies - Infinite town to explore - Loot room to fill with 44 Loots, 2 Trophies and 5 Medals from epic challenges ! (750 – Bronze / 1000 – Silver / 1400 – Gold / 1800 – Platinum)
Juano Game

Plays: 3233
Category: Action Games
This is a weird game where you are a Head-Spaceship and shoot snot to your corrupted enemies, the Dark Juanos. Survive as best as you can!
Killing Road Game

Plays: 3225
Category: Action Games
Drive a motorcycle armed to the teeth with all sorts of crazy weapons! Killing Road is an intense shooting game where you must drive your way to survival! Earn tons of upgrades and weapons, including a flame thrower for the back of your bike! You can even get blades on the side! How long can you survive?
Rush to the Horizon Game

Plays: 3195
Category: Action Games
Rush to the Horizon is an active running survival title in which you control a video game main character who wants to flee above his world's limits to quit it.
Evasion: Survival Game

Plays: 3190
Category: Adventure Games
This is not just your ordinary avoider. Evasion makes you duck, dodge and weave through 3 unique types of enemy, while trying to score enough to unlock the next level. Earn enough points and unlock the final level in which you are trying to evade all 3 at once! Only the best will succeed. Featuring 6 challenging levels, gold medals to earn, 22 achievements to...achieve and 3 specially composed pieces of music; Evasion has great replay value.
Micro World Rave Pond Play Game

Plays: 3186
Category: Action Games
Life in the pond can be tough.. Especially with big things swimming around that want to eat you and Mc FishMaster playing rave music all the time...
GemGloboid:Resistance Battle Game

Plays: 3181
Category: Action Games
Gemgloboid is a mixture of shooter,pinball, get the right color and strategy games. Gemgloboids are invading your realm , obliterate them, before they reach you. Battle on three different stages, each with increasing difficulty. GemGloboid Resistance Battle is presented by caturix games
Dodge II Game

Plays: 3177
Category: Action Games
Guide your space craft through the obstacles with your mouse. The aim of the game is survival!
Danm creeps survival mode! Game

Plays: 3162
Category: Action Games
How long can you survive in this game of survival?

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Tips: For a scope shot set the Player weapon speed to zero. Change the player weapon graphic to a circle that gets quickly smaller and then stretch the frame out around 4000 frames so it doesn't repeat itself.