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Water Wars
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Zombie killer
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Speed Boat Wars
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Online survival Games
Ninja Fury Game

Plays: 2651
Category: Action Games
Control the ninja to dodge missiles and collect loot.
Soul Survivor Game

Plays: 2635
Category: Action Games
You are the only one left alive, there is no escape from death. Survive as long as you can by shooting the infinite stream of enemies and grabbing powerups for speed, fire and shield.
Zap Defense: Wake of the Undead Game

Plays: 2632
Category: Action Games
Thousands of years have already passed since the Zap generation were wiped off the planet by the humans, however they have woken from the dead and are back for revenge. Fight for your life in this amazing defence game through 20 thrilling levels and three different difficulties. Kill Zaps and earn yourself points to upgrade your weapons and defences, the survival of the planet depends on you!
Target Blitz Game

Plays: 2628
Category: Action Games
In Target Blitz you'll have to act quick and take out the target before they leave the screen. Shoot fast as more targets appear as time goes on. If 3 targets leave the screen its gameover!
Zombie Shooter Game

Plays: 2628
Category: Action Games
You have 30 seconds to shoot as many zombies as you can!
Flight of the Alien Smasher Game

Plays: 2587
Category: Action Games
Smash the aliens with your rotating sphere. Earn bonus points by destroying 5 aliens of the same color in a row.
ZappArena Game

Plays: 2578
Category: Action Games
Survive a deathmatch against countless enemies! Enter the deathmatch arena, where aggressive cyborgs try to hunt you down. Accurate shots with your laser rifle combined with some tactical decisions will save your life and earn you bonus points. Barrels provide cover, but they explode after a few hits. Use this feature to initiate devastating chain reactions from a save distance!
Spongebob Survival Game

Plays: 2566
Category: Action Games
Help Spongebob avoid the moving balls.
Arise and Die Again Game

Plays: 2544
Category: Action Games
Survival top-down arena zombie-shooter??. * 9 kinds of weapon with differenrt ammo * 6 kinds of bonuses * hundreds of different zombies * horror, meat and blood
Space Chaos Game

Plays: 2530
Category: Action Games
Fight for the survival of the universe in this epic space shooter. Huge enemy space stations are attacking, your task is to save the universe.
Decay of Men Game

Plays: 2529
Category: Action Games
After years of chaos and global corruption the world has now become a perilous place. Food is scarce and everyone must fight for their survival. As for you, your adventure starts where it all ended. Gather essential elements and try to survive to your next location. Accumulate precious stones and upgrade your equipment.
Alienzap! Game

Plays: 2523
Category: Action Games
Fight against waves of Aliens in a classic survival shooter style game. Destroy them before time runs out. Each kill buys tou time while multiple kills score you combos! Score higher to unlock upgrades!
Evo Legions Game

Plays: 2522
Category: Action Games
Ever wondered what it is like to be a White Blood Cell? Evo Legions is a survival shoot-em-up. How long can you fend off the ever evolving viruses to protect your host human?
Survivor Bacteria V1.1 Game

Plays: 2518
Category: Action Games
An arcade type and a extremely addictive game. Move your mouse to control the bacteria, and survive for as long as possible. Random white blood cells will pass through the stage, shoot them with infectious particles to get more points. Random objects will enter the stage to engage you. They will either benefit you or harm you, maybe both at the same time.
Run Man Game

Plays: 2496
Category: Action Games
You're an alien on the run! Your only hope for survival is to blast your way to freedom and shoot all who get in your way! How far can you get before you are overcome by the freaky creatures of the planet?
Zombie Outbreak Game

Plays: 2483
Category: Action Games
Zombie Outbreak beta
Night Of The Cursed Game

Plays: 2474
Category: Action Games
Survive together with your partner through a horrible zombie night, fighting off wave after wave, while upgrading your firepower. Night of the cursed is a flash game produced by the HOAH studios and offers 25 unique upgradable weapons and a wide range of boobytraps to keep the zombies off you!
ragdoll Ninja:Survival Game

Plays: 2454
Category: Action Games
"ragdoll ninja:survival" is a game to test the ability of a person by way of the ninja.
Happy Travel Game

Plays: 2433
Category: Education Games
Happy Travel is difference games with 10 levels for children to development of visual attention. Spot the differences between the two colorful images of the family travel. A happy family of 4 persons and a dog like to spend the weekend actively. You will walk in a forest, ride a bike in the mountains, travel by car, fly in a balloon, float on the river with them and much more. Happy Travel has four modes: - Simple (you need to find not all the differences) - Medium (you need to find all the differences) - Difficult - Survival (time limit) Happy Travel is an indispensable tool in training of the visual memory of your child. Well-developed attention accompanies and enhances the productivity of all mental processes of thinking, perception, speech and memory. Excellent graphics and wonderful music will not let you get bored.

Plays: 2418
Category: Action Games
A story says that ten magic pearls are hidden in the deep sea waiting for a discoverer. Explore the sea to find treasures. Win money to buy objects and weapons, kill the strangest fishes, and of course become rich !

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