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  Monster Buster A Free Online Game
Spider's castle
rock blaster A Free Online Game
rock blaster
Rated P.G. A Free Online Game
Rated P.G.
Little Muffin Tops A Free Online Game
Little Muffin Tops
 A Free Online Game
Dirt Operations A Free Online Game
Dirt Operations

Online facebook Games
DinoSawUs Christmas Card Creator Game

Plays: 3017
Category: Adventure Games
Create your own Dancing Dino Christmas Card brought to you by the team at DinoSawUs. Be original, save the planet and ‘Do the Dinosaur!’ Spread some festive cheer to friends and family with this planet-saving e-Christmas card.
Armed Forces Game

Plays: 3011
Category: Action Games
ARMED FORCES is a military strategy game in which you battle others for fame and glory! Equip your forces with the best gear and advanced weaponry and then take to the battlefield to stake your claim.
Legend Hunter Game

Plays: 3003
Category: Action Games
The race is ON. The Continent Cracker is an ancient weapon that can split open the Earth - and only YOU can stop it. Start your quest in Egypt and travel the world. Hidden clues, ancient ruins, and forgotten civilizations. Play Legend Hunter today!
hangtwit Game

Plays: 2999
Category: Driving Games
Make your own hangman puzzles and share them on social networks with hangtwit!
101 ways to kill jonny 4 Game

Plays: 2920
Category: Action Games
it is a game please play it and like our facebook page to earn money
Protect Mission (Facebook) Game

Plays: 2879
Category: Action Games
Protect the medic truck from the attack of enemies.
Alien Powers - Andromeda Game

Plays: 2857
Category: Strategy Games
Alien Powers is a space strategy game based on turns. You can play on several galaxies at the same time and battle with your friends from facebook. Advance your colonies, construct buildings, build spaceships and battle with your enemies for the galaxy domination.
Mancala (Facebook) Game

Plays: 2837
Category: Action Games
Play Mancala against the computer.
Smart Alex Trivia Challenge - Movies and TV Game

Plays: 2783
Category: BoardGame Games
Smart Alex Trivia Challenge is an episodic series of pop culture trivia games from Lone Gnome Studios. Episode One features over 100 questions of "movie and television" trivia from across several genres. Each future episode will feature a different theme or category to let you test your knowledge. Feel free to stop by the Lone Gnome Studios Facebook page and let us know if there are any features or categories you'd like us to use in future episodes.
Space Kidnappers (Facebook) Game

Plays: 2772
Category: Action Games
Save the people from the space kidnappers!
Whac-A-Buddy Game

Plays: 2756
Category: Action Games
This is a take on the classic whac-a-mole arcade game. Now link into Facebook and start whacking your buddies!
Swap (Facebook) Game

Plays: 2733
Category: Puzzles Games
Swap the two colors. Play this game which dates back to Victorian Times.
Slingshot Challenge (Facebook) Game

Plays: 2724
Category: Action Games
Use a slingshot to shoot a can and keep it in the air.
Classic Mines (Facebook) Game

Plays: 2707
Category: Puzzles Games
Play the classic mine sweeper game.
Multiplayer Chess Game

Plays: 2661
Category: BoardGame Games
Are you good at chess? Find out now. Play chess with your facebook friends
Skate Surfers Game

Plays: 2542
Category: Action Games
Skate Surfers is an exciting and Free Skate game, you will be skating around whole city trying to reach the highest score! Go wild in the Skate World! The way to play is very easy! You can get the points multiplier and reach a much higher score! Turn and Run as fast as you can! Amazing sound effects! You can Post your Score to FaceBook and challenge your friends! Nice 3D Graphics! Great Graphics By Foose Games
Classical Dress Up Game

Plays: 2508
Category: Dress-Up Games
Choose best clothes for your model & share with your friends!
Spaceship Legend Game

Plays: 2503
Category: Action Games
Shoot 'em up to get higher score, and share it to facebook, twitter, etc!
RunningRace Game

Plays: 2450
Category: Action Games
You have to jump to Avoid obstacles and collect the points, make a high score, share your score with mochigames,facebook, twitter and myspace if you wil crash then you will loose time and score.
Kyubiko Game

Plays: 2424
Category: BoardGame Games
Welcome to Kyubiko LITE. Kyuybiko is a fun, NEW puzzle game that challenges you like never before. Match colored blocks from all sides, adding a whole new dimension of peril and excitement! Compete for the high score!

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Tips: Setting the opponent movement speed to zero can give you a platform for you to do your own animation instead the opponent graphic. You could make an opponent popup and then hide again using animation instead of the built in movement.