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  Tumble Gator A Free Online Game
Dracula vs Zombies 2 Bootleg Edition A Free Online Game
Dracula vs Zombies 2 Bootleg Edition
Stick Survival A Free Online Game
Stick Survival
garden A Free Online Game
flying attack  A Free Online Game
flying attack
Equestrian A Free Online Game
Combat Plane Fighter A Free Online Game
Combat Plane Fighter

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Nemoj kliknuti na crveni gumb - cro Game

Plays: 2389
Category: Other Games
Facebook Fan Page
PencilMadness Game

Plays: 2376
Category: Customize Games
Use fancy brushes to draw what you want. Send your work to an online gallery, publish on facebook or save to your disk.
iLights Game

Plays: 2360
Category: Puzzles Games
An innovative puzzle game that will test your mental ability to the max! Divert light beams with gadgets to solve intriguing puzzles! Be the first to solve ... the Pyramid Mystery! Play it on Facebook to enjoy the full experience. Created by
hoWise are you!? Game

Plays: 2345
Category: Puzzles Games
Test your knowledge competing against your friends in an entertaining game of questions and answers. Try to finish first in the ranking of positions to be the wisest of all.
Bug Chaser Pinball Game

Plays: 2345
Category: Action Games
Enter the fragrant mines and reclaim what the insects have taken... FEATURES: PLAY ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE - 3 different modes to suit your needs OWN THE MINES - Online Leaderboards will test you against the entire world of other players MYSTERY OF THE INSECTS - Can't YOU locate the secret bonus round in the scorpion nest? BALLS EVERYWHERE - Launch as many as you want at once Also coming soon free on iOS eu xeu eu
Terrace Solitaire (Facebook) Game

Plays: 2305
Category: Puzzles Games
Play this popular and difficult version of solitaire.
Speed Challenge Game

Plays: 2285
Category: Action Games
Compete and challenge your friends in this fun, eye and brain training flash game.
AsciiMe! (HD Version) Game

Plays: 2279
Category: Other Games
Now in HD! AsciiMe generates ascii images of snapshots taken from your webcam or uploaded photos. Generated ascii images come in two forms - a jpeg image that you can post on Facebook or a text version which you can copy and paste in emails!
Ferrari Challenge Game

Plays: 2097
Category: Driving Games
Ferrari Challenge is a great 3d racing game. Make a best result in 3 laps and after that challenge your friends via email or facebook.
SocialZen Game

Plays: 2076
Category: Puzzles Games
Become one with the endless ocean of information flowing from social networks. Play, breathe, relax...
Friendly Fire Game

Plays: 2046
Category: Action Games
Throw snowballs at your Facebook friends with this festive target shooting game. Merry Christmas from EA Game.
Found: Ghastly Language Game

Plays: 2024
Category: Education Games
Take on your first day as an officer in the Grammar Police! As a Probationary Grammar Officer, you must prove your worth by checking a faux-Facebook (Critter Connect) for grammar and spelling errors. You have 8 minutes (8 in-game hours) to find 25 errors (one per post/image). Do well enough and you'll become an official Grammar Officer!
Who Is Who ? Game

Plays: 2007
Category: BoardGame Games
Is she a woman?, Does he have brown eyes?, Does he takes hat? ...Is Mary?! Return the game of 'Who is Who' of life, this time in online version. Now the suspects are 30 of your Facebook friends, who have to go through discarding the questions you will ask your opponent on their profile photos ... out alone?, Do you keep warm?, Gets the limelight?. .. If you guess, you win. If your opponent is faster to stay with a single coin on foot ... he wins. The retro applied to the latest technologies in fashion. Free your longing and ... Play now and who is who
Zuckerberg Fight Game

Plays: 1879
Category: Fighting Games
Fight the CEO of the world's most annoying social network Zuckerberg. Zuckberg controls all your data, and speaks in an repetitive monotone voice, elicit some punishment!
Mo' Mentum Game

Plays: 1801
Category: Action Games
Meet Mo' Mentum, a simple-minded gravedigger. One day, while he was working on his nightly duty, he stepped on a bunny. Surprisingly, instead of running away, the bunny began to swell up with muscle and fur! The bunny then kicked Mo' and knocked him down his rabbit hole... Give us a like at
Shooter Game Game

Plays: 1769
Category: Action Games
Shooter Game is a new space age game with player abilities beyond other games.
Edward Snowden: Escape From Hong Kong Game

Plays: 1652
Category: Action Games
Play as American hero, Edward Snowden, when you make a daring escape from Hong Kong in this politically charged runner game similar to Canabalt and Temple Run. Visit exotic locals such as Russia, Vietnam, Iceland, Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela, China, and Norway as you search for sanctuary from the US Government. Edward Snowden is the ex-CIA agent accused of leaking US government documents to the press which outline NSA spying capabilities of the global internet. If you are concerned about the events depicted within this game share it on Facebook, Twitter, and tell your friends.
Party Dressup Game

Plays: 1512
Category: Dress-Up Games
Choose best clothes for your model, and go to party!
Speed Miner 3 Game

Plays: 1162
Category: Puzzles Games
Speed Miner returns! Unlock 8 different pickaxes and 6 different locations in this easy to play game!
Facebookeria Level Pack Game

Plays: 1144
Category: Puzzles Games
Shoot Mark Zuckerberg and feed greedy capitalists with equities and money! This is a level pack to the original Facebookeria game.

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