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Combat Plane Fighter A Free Online Game
Combat Plane Fighter
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the dark kght and the lightninja A Free Online Game
the dark kght and the lightninja
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The zombie virus!! :P
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Dino Attack!
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Online break Games
SpotZim MochiGames Game

Plays: 2292
Category: Puzzles Games
SpotZim is a fun pattern puzzle game that is easy to learn and super addictive! SpotZim is played by finding the given patterns in the grid. Click on the dots to change their state. The numbers on the bottom and right side (X-Y axis) indicate how many hidden dots are in that row or column. When all the hidden patterns are found and only those are indicated as correct guesses, you win! You can now move up one level up. As your level increases, the number of patterns and their complexity increases. There are fifty levels to SpotZim. On the right of the game board you will see the shape of patterns hidden in the grid. Patterns may be rotated, but never mirrored. Each pattern is only hidden once and do not touch each other in any direction, even diagonally. You can also click on pattern in the list to change its appearance to help with solving the puzzle. What is great about SpotZim is that it makes for a fun puzzle game and is a great way to keep the brain in shape. You can “grade” yourself against your friends to see who can get to higher and higher levels. Playing SpotZim is a great way to take a break from a hectic day and recharge your brain at the same time.
Robbery Physics Game

Plays: 2288
Category: Puzzles Games
Use physics during your robbery! Carefully remove wooden boxes so the electronics and appliances do not break. Good luck!
Earth Defense Game

Plays: 2269
Category: Shooting Games
its my take on a classic with a few twists!
Summer Escape Game

Plays: 2255
Category: Customize Games
Collie is spending her summer break at a lake side resort. She plans to stroll around the waterfront while enjoying the cool breeze and soaking in whatever nature has to offer her. Can you get her suitably dressed so that she feels comfortable while going around the water’s edge? It’s sunny so make sure Collie is well protected.
CRUSADE 3 Players Pack Game

Plays: 2255
Category: Action Games
Physics “Break castle” game! Clear USA from the invasion of monsters… Beautiful graphycs. Many cannon types, enemys, achievents, elements for build own levels … and others!
Car-lot Chasers v3 Game

Plays: 2242
Category: Driving Games
Win the race, win his car. Lose the race, lose your car. Try collecting all Chasers' cars. A high-speed racing challenge against ace drivers.
Power Training Game

Plays: 2236
Category: Action Games
POWER TRAINING : Juniper must synchronize the strength meter to maximize power to break the beams by hitting "Space Bar". User only get 6 change to complete the mission for each stage.
Skydiver Mach II Game

Plays: 2227
Category: Action Games
Use the mouse to move back and forth through the air and swing hooked on boxes to break out them open
Counter Specialist Game

Plays: 2217
Category: Shooting Games
There's a war going on and the government needs you to engage in some dangerous tactical espionage! Break into the terrorist's base, take out all opposition,dispose of any bombs and rescue the hostages!
Heartbreakerz Game Game

Plays: 2208
Category: Action Games
Break into the morning through 50 puzzling levels popping heart balloons as the night moves on and brings a new morning in this fun new game! There are 8 different kinds of balloons, each one with different properties and points value. Be the master heart breaker!
She is a Hero Game

Plays: 2196
Category: Customize Games
With all the robberies and car break-ins going on in this dirty city, the citizens are constantly crying out for help! Now you've become the hero that all the people need, but before you go out and start cleaning up the streets, you're going to have to design your superhero outfit!
Attack Dragons in China Game

Plays: 2195
Category: Action Games
All dragons of ancient China have decided to grasp the world. Rescue mankind, break the enemy its weapon. Shoot ?????????? heads at groups of dragons.
With the Tides Game

Plays: 2191
Category: Dress-Up Games
Sometimes you just need to take a break and take a long vacation. Let the ocean's waves relax you into oblivion as you soak up the sun and wash out the stress.
Prison Escape Game

Plays: 2189
Category: Action Games
Get out of prison by doing the right things, you must decide what to do.
Water Drop Adventure 2 Game

Plays: 2186
Category: Puzzles Games
Break rock barriers to guide cute water drop to the exit, collect stars and solve liquid based physics puzzles while avoiding obstacles like spikes!
Prison Escape Game

Plays: 2183
Category: Action Games
You are in prison for muder, you hear a guard comming to kill you, what now? You decide!
Breakout! Game

Plays: 2183
Category: Action Games
It's time to break free, by breaking the law again!
Space Fighter Game

Plays: 2181
Category: Action Games
Break through blockade of cruel space aggressors! Release the planet!
RainBow Ball Demo Game

Plays: 2178
Category: Action Games
OverView Rainbow Ball demo is a fre taste of the the full colorful fun brick-breaking game where quick reflexes must merge with strategy. Players must time the color changes of their paddle with the color changes of the ball to break all of the bricks on the screen and advance to the next level. In order to get the highest score, they can conquer over 115 levels of classic brick-breaking fun. Rainbow Ball is the first game by Podunk Studioz and more importantly it is the first game of Podunk’s Get Something for Giving Something program. What is the "Get Something for Giving Something" program, you ask? A portion of every sale of this game will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to help with research and the treatment of victims suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. So what do you get when you purchase Rainbow Ball? You get a quality, fun gaming experience, as well as the knowledge that you are helping rid the world of Multiple Sclerosis - all for a little over a dollar. Please download it today! Features 115 levels of colorful, fun, exciting and strategic Game play Brilliant visuals Compete with your friends for the high score Helps fight MS
Cruisin'the caribbean Game

Plays: 2168
Category: Customize Games
Everyone heads south during spring break to escape the cold weather, and test out all of their summer styles they have for the summer. This girl is too excited to wait, so she's going on a month-long Caribbean cruise with nothing but the wind, the waves, and the styles!

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Tips: Go to Gameplay and choose Win On Timer for games where the enemy doesn't shoot and there is no way for you to be destroyed.