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It begins
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mega cubes
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Bombs Away Slingshot
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Messy Fairy Clean Up Game

Plays: 2167
Category: Dress-Up Games
Everyone could use a fairy godmother, but these mystical creatures could all use some help every once in a while. Help this messy fairy clean up her home because magical cleaning doesn't work in the fairy world, the only thing that works is good old fashioned work. Halloween is almost here, so break out the brooms and sweep up the soot in this fun cleaning game.
Breakout Challenge Game

Plays: 2166
Category: BoardGame Games
Break the bricks at different levels and collect the points. Control the movable paddle with your left and right arrow key. Don't let a ball touch the bottom of the screen or you will loose a life.
Battleshapes Game

Plays: 2165
Category: Shooting Games
Break the strategic formations of your enemies to destroy them!
humbug Game

Plays: 2160
Category: Adventure Games
Humbug is puzzle platform game, where you have to think out of the box. Your main object is to break into the castle, secondary object is to get out.
Sport Slot by Game

Plays: 2138
Category: BoardGame Games
Try your luck at the slot machines! Break the bank and gather money to climb the rank!
Planets Game

Plays: 2124
Category: Action Games
Destroying planets can be hazardous to your health, that's a given. The only way to avoid any damage is to destroy the flying chunks of planet that break off after having been zapped by your laser missile guns! Save your own planet from destruction by ridding outer-space of these maniacal lumps of space junk. But remember, being trigger-happy can only get you so far. Try timing your missiles to coincide with the trajectory for maximum effect!
Dark Box Defender Game

Plays: 2112
Category: Action Games
Break the box in the field and find two result you may get, card or enemy. use the card to summon your army and prevent the enemy from reaching your base. You control 4 kind of soldier, each with his advantages and attributes. Play total 7 world maps and 15 level each, including 5 bonus round.
particle crusher Game

Plays: 2109
Category: Puzzles Games
Throw and break the groups of balls by targeting with mouse.
Infinipong Game

Plays: 2107
Category: Action Games
it's kinda like break out, except, you wont be breaking out of anywhere soon!
Frutonoid Game

Plays: 2096
Category: Puzzles Games
Using the mouse, guide your paddle to bounce the ball around the screen and break all blocks on the screen. If the ball falls beyond your paddle, you’ll lose a life. Clear a screen and advance to the next level. Catch the falling fruits to add them to your score.
Break The Zodiac Game

Plays: 2091
Category: Action Games
Act as you are saint to eliminate all the enemies to break through the zodiac!
Beer Meister Game

Plays: 2090
Category: Action Games
The crowd is thirsty and running in the bar. Throw beers to push them out and be aware to not break anything. Use cash to level up your skills.50 levels of beer meistering.
Break Bar RPG Game

Plays: 2080
Category: Action Games
A twist to the Breakout style genre with the addition of Bosses, Experience Levels, Permanent Upgrades, and more!
Utmost Game

Plays: 2079
Category: Action Games
You have 60 seconds to drive your sports car and beat the record of the maximum distance and maximum speed.
3D Logic Game

Plays: 2063
Category: Puzzles Games
Link every pair of like-colored markers to complete a cube. You cannot link cells diagonally. If you break an existing link reselect the broken link color by clicking on one of the two markers, then plug the gaps. Black cells are blocked.
Boopz Game

Plays: 2048
Category: BoardGame Games
Break as many Boopz as you can while trying to clear the rows and columns in order to get more pushes and a higher score.
Dream Car Racing Game

Plays: 2045
Category: Driving Games
Design your own Car and Drive it!
Run Run QQ Game

Plays: 2037
Category: Sports Games
It's a kind of parkour game. You must speed up from time to time to break through the various obstacles and you can buy many kinds of props in the store!
Ninja From Game

Plays: 2033
Category: Puzzles Games
Guide Kaeru, the prince turned Frog turned Ninja through 48 levels of deadly puzzles and crazy acrobatics. Will you gather the magical gems that will break the witch's curse and return him to his human form?
Mars Colonizer Game

Plays: 2032
Category: Action Games
Mars Colonizer is a small strategy game in space. The objective of the game is to capture the entire planet Mars by defeating your alien neighbours. Upgrade and use your spaceships to break down their resistance, once the resistance is low you can land on the surface to challenge the boss. Defeat all your enemies and rule over Mars.

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Tips: Weapon speed can be set to zero and it will effectively create a mine.