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Online Halloween Games
BobiBobi Halloween Game

Plays: 2132
Category: Puzzles Games
Here's a funny Halloween game. We are going to exercise our memory a bit. You have to take a look at a pumpkin and remember as many details as you can and then recognize it among other pumpkins. We've got 9 levels and each one features one pumpkin. At the end of the game there's a bonus, so you have to be patient and try to be the best you can in memorizing!
Halloween Pumpkin Launch 2 Game

Plays: 2130
Category: Action Games
It's Halloween time again. You have to launch the mighty pumpkin to destroy in your way as many Halloween characters as possible.
Happy Halloween Witches Game

Plays: 2128
Category: Action Games
Incredibly addictive, fun and perfect for moments of boredom. Happy Halloween Witches is a game that the only goal is to survive as long as possible . Avoid and destroy Halloween pumpkins and boss enemy.
Katy In Halloween Game

Plays: 2121
Category: Puzzles Games
Our friend Katy is preparing for the halloween party, help her to get ready for this scary event. And enjoy another of their adventures.
ClickDEATH Pumpkin Patch Game

Plays: 2114
Category: Puzzles Games
Put an end to this jolly day by killing all the stickmen to decorate your giant pumpkin...with blood! Halloween Part 1 has arrived! The stickmen families are taking an October trip to the World's Largest Pumpkin for a fun-filled pumpkin patch picking day, a hay-ride and some good ol' fashion outdoor fun.
My Undead Neighbors Game

Plays: 2113
Category: Action Games
Help Mr. Clumsy to find the key in each level from a haunted house filled with zombies, traps and treasures.
Halloween Game

Plays: 2112
Category: Shooting Games
The player should move the Halloween face right and left using the mouse pointer and right click to shoot the face on the skeleton and move to the next levels. Game ends when you complete all the levels.
Basket Ball A New Challege Halloween Edition Game

Plays: 2111
Category: Sports Games
A basket ball game with halloween theme, put the halloween pumpkin in the halloween basket
Haunted Crypt Escape 5 Game

Plays: 2111
Category: Adventure Games
Each time seems closer to your goal, you find yourself in a new room, where rocks seems to have life.
Halloween Room Decor Game

Plays: 2111
Category: Customize Games
You have to be very brave in this Halloween game. Because you will have to customize the haunted house to make you scared.
Wolverin Halloween Game

Plays: 2109
Category: Action Games
Wolverin Halloween
Halloween Doll Game

Plays: 2107
Category: Dress-Up Games
This cute girl is in trouble: she doesn't know what outfit to pick for Halloween. Maybe you can help her. Enjoy!
Haunted Mouse Game

Plays: 2104
Category: Action Games
A mouse controlled game for the upcoming Halloween. -20 levels -5 modes -lots of monsters -lots of fun Game specifically made for the Halloween!
Halloween Widow Game

Plays: 2102
Category: Adventure Games
Halloween Widow
Pumpkin Fever Game

Plays: 2102
Category: Driving Games
Let the pumpkin fever catch you on the wild Halloween streets
Kids coloring: Trick or treat Game

Plays: 2096
Category: Customize Games
Kid's coloring: Trick or treat is free coloring page. Happy Halloween!
Halloween Funny Pumpkin Game

Plays: 2092
Category: Customize Games
Play with your friends with the coolest Halloween Pumpkin ever! Click on the pumpkin buttons below to select the different style of pumpkin and its accessories.
Hallow's Eve Coloring Treat Game

Plays: 2092
Category: Customize Games
Happy Halloween from ChixR.Us! Here is a little coloring treat for the scariest night of the year!
Happy Halloween 2 - Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 2091
Category: Puzzles Games
Halloween is coming and you must be prepared. Put on your costumes and try to find all these scary objects.
Halloween Broom Game

Plays: 2087
Category: Action Games
Swing the broom by dragging the mouse

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