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Online Halloween Games
Happy Halloween Game

Plays: 1369
Category: Dress-Up Games
Are you ready for Halloween? Come this shop to find the favorite dress.
Halloween Driver Game

Plays: 1364
Category: Driving Games
New and amazingly challenging driving game by I hope the skeletons and Jack-o'-lantern will not scare you much. Start level from start, avoiding the revolving statues, witches on the brooms as well as the monsters. Use arrow keys to drive, Space - to jump and double space - for double jump. Do not forget to collect stones while driving as this will score your points.
Zombie Soccer Championship Game

Plays: 1349
Category: Action Games
The whole world was turn into Zombie, but even so that not going to stop the Soccer Championship! You play as Liam the zombie but you want to be number one. so even as a mindless zombie you enter the Championship. Lucky for Liam there someone who had the same dream! Who will be crown championship!
Halloween jigsaw Game

Plays: 1348
Category: Customize Games
This is one scary halloween jigsaw puzzle! Are you able to solve this free jigsaw puzzle? It has 81 pieces of fun!
Kid's coloring: Happy Halloween 3 Game

Plays: 1346
Category: Customize Games
Kid's coloring: Happy Halloween is free coloring page
New Style Halloween Game

Plays: 1340
Category: Customize Games
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Halloween Graveyard Racing Game

Plays: 1331
Category: Driving Games
race away through the graveyard, on this Halloween night
Freak o' Lantern Game

Plays: 1330
Category: Action Games
You're a deformed freak child out to snatch candies from kids on Halloween night. Collect tons of candies, upgrade your abilities, fight bullies, dogs and eventually the final boss!
Black Gem Game

Plays: 1329
Category: Action Games
The shadow horse needs the black gems, the goal is to collect candy coins and then aim to get the gems as they fall from the sky. Also you can use your coins to buy upgrades.
Pumpkin Face Game

Plays: 1323
Category: Customize Games
How are you going to carve your pumpkin this year? Are you going to him into a gruesome gourd of horrible fright? Or are you going to transform this super squash into a spooky pumpkin with a goofy face? Don't forget to light the candle in your pumpkin to make him particularly frightening when the trick-or-treaters come around!
Frankys Halloween Game

Plays: 1316
Category: Action Games
You know that a lot of mortals are going to envy you, don't you! In just a few seconds you'll be getting full access to count Dracula's kitchen, where his master chef, Frankenstein, well, "Frankie" for his closest friends, is preparing the famous "Frankie's salad"
Scary Couples Game

Plays: 1316
Category: Puzzles Games
Draw a line with your mouse on the hexagons to connect two or more icons of same kind. You can draw everywhere as long as you highlight adjacent hexagons and connect the icons.
Zombie Defenders Game

Plays: 1305
Category: Action Games
A Tower Defend game with Halloween characters, Think and plan your moves to stop the evil zombie army from getting to the other side. Will your pumpkins be able to stop them or will they over take you, the only way to find out is by doing your best.
Scary Blocks Game

Plays: 1305
Category: BoardGame Games
Halloween themed blocks breaking game.
Beauty Witch Dress up Game

Plays: 1304
Category: Dress-Up Games
It’s halloween time again. This girl witch needs a great witch outfit. She needs your help! You can make this witch the best looking witch of the east and west! Enjoy!!.
Cutie Demon Dress up Game

Plays: 1302
Category: Dress-Up Games
It's Halloween!! Pick out the clothing items and accessories you like to decorate cute little demon. Make her a great look for her upcoming Halloween party! Enjoy!
Halloween Match Game

Plays: 1300
Category: BoardGame Games
Train up your memory by playing this halloween matching game. You should use as few tries as possible in order to high score .
Vampire Closet: Aza Game

Plays: 1300
Category: Dress-Up Games
Help the vampire lady pick a fitting outfit for her next hunt.
Halloween Shooter Night Game

Plays: 1300
Category: Shooting Games
The adrenaline will keep pumping your blood to keep your eyes on the ever-growing number of monsters, and your shooting skills will be tested to the limit.
Pumpkin Tamarind Curry Game

Plays: 1296
Category: Dress-Up Games
It's Halloween time, you want to learn how to cook pumpkin tamarind curry for your guests. Have fun make it by following the instruction from this cool cooking games for girls.

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Tips: For a scope shot game you can go to Gameplay and enable Ghost to remove player/enemy collisions. Use invincible if you don't want enemy fire to hit your scope either.