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Online zombie Games
Ultraman Salvage Zombie Game

Plays: 1337
Category: Puzzles Games
Ultraman will never let even a zombie run away! Let's help him catch all of the zombies as quickly as we can.
Plant and Zombie Matching Game

Plays: 1332
Category: Puzzles Games
Plants grow out of control! Don't give zombies any chance and put the same kind of five plants come into a line to eliminate them!
Headless Zombie Game

Plays: 1328
Category: Action Games
It is a story about a former nobleman called Carl, who converted into a zombie. Carl is trying to sort things out in his difficult situation and become a human again, but keeps losing his head again and again.
Ghoulia Yelps Hairstyles Game

Plays: 1322
Category: Dress-Up Games
Ghoulia Yelps is a zombie but also the cleverest and most sophisticated girl at Monster High. Tonight she's giving a party and she needs a new hairdo. First wash her hair and then select a new hairstyle. You can even change the colors! After that give her a lovely makeover. And don't forget to choose some cool nerdy glasses!
CS-King of Zombies Shooting Game

Plays: 1312
Category: Shooting Games
Due to an accident of a biochemical laboratory,a large number of staff became zombies. An outlet for you block the laboratory, prevent zombies out of the lab, pay attention to shoot the heads of zombies to stop .some zombie requires more times of shooting the head otherwise you can not kill them .
Zombie Soccer Championship Game

Plays: 1299
Category: Action Games
The whole world was turn into Zombie, but even so that not going to stop the Soccer Championship! You play as Liam the zombie but you want to be number one. so even as a mindless zombie you enter the Championship. Lucky for Liam there someone who had the same dream! Who will be crown championship!
Zombie Crypt 3 Game

Plays: 1297
Category: Action Games
Zombie Crypt is back! Navigate Gerald and Ronald through a jungle, a desert and a volcano in this crazy puzzle platformer. Play with 2 hands simultaneously, or play with a friend.
Kobra Team 1.1 Game

Plays: 1293
Category: Action Games
Get your team together and clear the path!
Balloons Vs Zombies 2 Game

Plays: 1292
Category: Puzzles Games
Balloons vs. Zombies 2 is a fun physics-based shooting game with 21 levels of zombie-killing fun! Fight against zombies with the help of balloons, knives and grenades. Kill all zombies and save those who are alive. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
Weirdo Game

Plays: 1292
Category: Shooting Games
Weirdo is a fun strategic game. Use your strategy to complete levels. Shoot the weirdo with cannon and make them fall in the lava. Collect coins to win gold medal. Avoid shooting good buddies in the middle. Have Fun!
Zombie Defenders Game

Plays: 1276
Category: Action Games
A Tower Defend game with Halloween characters, Think and plan your moves to stop the evil zombie army from getting to the other side. Will your pumpkins be able to stop them or will they over take you, the only way to find out is by doing your best.
DeadFrontier - Night One Game

Plays: 1265
Category: Action Games
zombie everywhere ! We must kill all them.
Buxle The Descent Game

Plays: 1258
Category: Action Games
A Cave with 300 people need your defense against all the Zombies. If You miss a zombie alive in the cave, then they will return with at least 10 more zombified people. It may become impossible to stay alive!
Knights vs Zombies Game

Plays: 1256
Category: Action Games
Deploy and upgrade units. Use special powers, buy upgrades, win boss fights and unlock new game mode!
Zombie Game

Plays: 1237
Category: Action Games
Hit all of zombies,...
Zombie Crypt 2 Game

Plays: 1215
Category: Action Games
Control 2 characters as you venture through 16 different levels and find creative ways to dispose of all zombies in this retro, puzzle, platformer.
HexFarm Game

Plays: 1215
Category: Puzzles Games
How many different animals can your Farm have? Match 3 animals of the same type to create a new one. Match 3 Eggs to create Hen, 3 Hens to create Sheep, 3 Sheep to... well you get the idea.. It wont' be as easy however! Evil Zombie Thieves will try make it more difficult for you! Your only chance is to trap them so that they have nowhere to move.. Use very simple rules to build complex Farms full of animals. Each game is different and can be replayed hundreds of times before getting tired ;) - 4 difficulty levels - 7 different types of animalspieces - Evil Thieves to tackle - 3 Special items to help you out (Diamond, Fodder, Lightnig bolt)
Zombie rifle 2 Game

Plays: 1206
Category: Action Games
Save your girlfriend from lusty zombie hordes.
Zombie Asylum Game

Plays: 1202
Category: Action Games
Take out as many zombies as you can in 60 seconds. Shoot ammo, health, and bonus packs to replenish yourself and score extra points. Submit your score to see how you rank against other players. Be sure to check out the Full 3D Version!
Noah Game

Plays: 1195
Category: Action Games
The Noah suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge zombie, and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood zombie. All You Need Is Kill.

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