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Online zombie Games
Cannon Artillery War Zombies Game

Plays: 1245
Category: Action Games
:Cannon artillery was playing in the mountain, accidentally fell into a cave. And there are three crystal balls in the cave, so he just want to take them home to his younger sister. But when he went to get the crystal balls, suddenly a zombie carrying gun appeared in front of him, and fired at him. The crystal ball is guarded by the zombies, and zombies are full of the whole cave, there are a variety of the king of zombies guard them. Help cannon artillery destroy all the zombies and bring down the crystal balls so as to gather up them.
Noah Game

Plays: 1238
Category: Action Games
The Noah suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge zombie, and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood zombie. All You Need Is Kill.
Zombie rifle 2 Game

Plays: 1232
Category: Action Games
Save your girlfriend from lusty zombie hordes.
Overrun By Zombies Game

Plays: 1221
Category: Action Games
Fight off hordes of zombies while you charge all four energy nodes. Once you escape using the elevator you can buy new weapons and upgrades.
Armed Zombies Game

Plays: 1214
Category: Action Games
Shoot the armed zombies in all the four scenes without your strength becoming zero. You cannot however shoot the bald zombie.
Zombies Island 2 Game

Plays: 1212
Category: Action Games
Your next mission starts now. Your objective is to kill all zombies in the island to complete level. Use your weapons wisely to end the evil era. Watch your health bar. Best of Luck!
Ping Pong Zombie Head Insane Game

Plays: 1204
Category: Sports Games
Zombie Head Ping Pong Insane is a free online sports game in which you playing a game ping pong but not with the ball you playing it with head of zombie and you are using jesus christ's cross to hit zombie. We hope you enjoy playing Zombie Head Ping Pong Insane Game online. If you like Zombie Head Ping Pong Insane Game online, don't forget to share it with your friends or social networks.
Zombie Ball Game

Plays: 1202
Category: Puzzles Games
pop and kill zombies
Zombie Swatter Game

Plays: 1190
Category: Action Games
You found a room of monsters, but you found a book of magic as well. On the first page was a spell to put the monsters to sleep. You just need to say the spell and move your hand over the monsters to put them back to sleep.
The Other Half of Zombie Game

Plays: 1189
Category: Adventure Games
As black and white zombies have a rough day in the hell, they decide to get out of there one day. Can they succeed?
Zombie Wrangle Game

Plays: 1183
Category: Action Games
Zombie wrangle is an Upgradable Shooter Defender where your task is to eliminate the waves of stupid, gray-green Zombies that want to destroy fence and eat you! In addition to the Shooting, we have available to Buy and Upgrade 6 types of Weapons and Fence. The game takes on a character who does not seem to show much surprise or fear of the hordes of blood-thirsty zombies. Game give you: 6 types of Weapons 7 types of Zombies 4 types of Map Final Boss
Aigor Savior Game

Plays: 1174
Category: Shooting Games
Save the wounded soldiers and bring them back to the save hummer as fast as you can. Avoid the incoming bombs and zombies or shoot them for points. Compete for a high score and see how great of a solider you are compared to the rest of the world.
Night Of Zombies Game

Plays: 1163
Category: Action Games
Shoot the incoming minions of hell. Shoot them in the head to save bullets. Don't let them chop you!
Universe destruction: Ceres mission Game

Plays: 1155
Category: Action Games
A shoot game where you can practice multiplications with a lot of action
Time of Zombies Game

Plays: 1149
Category: Adventure Games
You are alone in the dark with a little light so the zombies are everywhere kill them to survive.
Zombie Tower Defence Game

Plays: 1127
Category: Action Games
Build towers to defence your base again the zombies. You get points for each zombie that is killed. Points can be spent on upgrading your towers and building new towers. There are 6 types of tower and 7 types of zombie.
Zombie Revenge Game

Plays: 1121
Category: Action Games
This zombie game is different. You won't kill any zombie. Why? Because YOU are a truck driver zombie and your job is to kill all humans you come across. But be careful. If the truck tip over you DIE!
Zombies Return Game

Plays: 1120
Category: Action Games
Zombies kidnapped by the aliens are dropped on your planet in an immunized condition. The level of immunity is indicated by the red color of the helmets of the zombies. If you shoot the zombies their immunity gets reduced. If the immunity is zero the zombie dies.
Zombie Area Game

Plays: 1116
Category: Adventure Games
Scientists through genetic technology to create super soldiers,and the final test is zombie area...
Trashow Zombie Armagedon Game

Plays: 1094
Category: Action Games
You need to recover your formulas that control the Zombies. Destroy the zombies that appear in your path. For each recovered formula you need to return your bike.

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Tips: For a collection style game that doesn't use any player projectiles you can upload a blank SWF to high the splash screen graphic.