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  Snakes and Hoes A Free Online Game
War in the Sky 2011 A Free Online Game
War in the Sky 2011
Wonderland Paintball  A Free Online Game
Wonderland Paintball
BACKSLASH A Free Online Game
Fupa Dragon Slayer A Free Online Game
Fupa Dragon Slayer
army time A Free Online Game
army time
Alien Empire A Free Online Game
Alien Empire

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The Impossible Game A Free Action Game
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The Impossible Game Free Game

Plays: 365120
Category: Action Games
You will go bonkers trying to win this game! Not even our most intelligent players have been able to beat this insane game! Who is to say you WONT be able to beat it! Come and give this 'impossible game' a try!
Gold Fishing A Free Action Game
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Gold Fishing Free Game

Plays: 363808
Category: Action Games
The demand for gold is high and Bob needs some gold. In the game of Gold Fishing it is your job to help Bob obtain as much gold as possible. In this game there are pieces of gold and stones it is your job to use your hook and catch the nuggets of gold. As you try and hook the cold the hook will swing periodically and it is your duty to watch the hook and spring it to action when you think the position is right, Be fast though because if you are unable to gain the target money within the time limit, then you lose the game. Now go collect your fortunes and get that gold!
puzzlefreak A Free BoardGame Game
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puzzlefreak Free Game

Plays: 357286
Category: BoardGame Games
Go around the board game and play puzzles with your awesome creature friends! Roll the dice and solve puzzles be quick though! if you are too slow your turn will be over and it will be the next persons turn!
Janes Hotel. Family Hero A Free Action Game
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Janes Hotel. Family Hero Free Game

Plays: 354991
Category: Action Games
Jane is hardworking young women who was just given her grandparents hotel business. Although it is a stressful job she prides herself in being a people pleaser and makes sure each customer leaves with a tremendous smile on their face. In this fun game you must help Jane tend to her customers. Make sure you are quick because there cannot be any unhappy customers. Jane's hotel has a reputation to live up to.
Bingo Battle A Free BoardGame Game
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Bingo Battle Free Game

Plays: 353324
Category: BoardGame Games
The stereotype is a fail because this game proves that Bingo is not just for your Grandma! In this epic version of Bingo you battle your partner to get Bingo first! Think quick and react fast because you do not want your opponent to win!
Landlords A Free Strategy Game
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Landlords Free Game

Plays: 334352
Category: Strategy Games
Landlords is a fun competitive game where you try and beat the computer in obtaining 3 homes on one lot. In this game there are 8 pieces of land, each land has 3 houses. You and the computer will take turns to buy houses from those lands, the one who have bought all the houses on a piece of land is the winner. Get to buying because the houses are selling fast!
Fupa Raiders A Free Strategy Game
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Fupa Raiders Free Game

Plays: 325776
Category: Strategy Games
In this fun filled strategic Fupa game "Fupa Raiders" it is your objective to to raid neighboring castles and capture control of the map. There are between two different enemies which will attempt to take over your own castles and destroy you. You can customize your army and the armies of your enemies from over 63 different costumes including pirates, ninjas, wizards, generals, women, sailors, genies, gurus, and many many more. You must think fast and swarm your opponents with your horde of Fupas to rule the day! For Awesome! Now go seize the castles!
Fashion Beach Dressup A Free Dress-Up Game
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Fashion Beach Dressup Free Game

Plays: 322280
Category: Dress-Up Games
Choose beach clothes for this beautiful girl.
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Blackbeard's Island Lite Free Game

Plays: 322160
Category: Puzzles Games
If you liked Marble Lines you will definitely love this pirate rendition! Pick your flag and set sail as you fire cannonballs and match colors to eliminate them before they reach the X. You will have fun and if not 'walk the plank;
Air Traffic Controller A Free Strategy Game
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Air Traffic Controller Free Game

Plays: 317702
Category: Strategy Games
Air Traffic Controller is a super fun game that provides the player with highly realistic radar behavior. This game is definitely perfect for the aviation enthusiasts and aspiring air traffic controllers. Make sure to do your job right because the boss is very strict! As you play each level will progressively become more difficult as well as higher in the level of complexity. Do not worry though this game although challenging will provide you with a lot of fun and cure any boredom you may be facing. So get started navigating the skies!
Make Me Beautiful: Miley Cyrus A Free Dress-Up Game
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Make Me Beautiful: Miley Cyrus Free Game

Plays: 316718
Category: Dress-Up Games
Miley Cyrus is having a photoshoot. The budget is a little tight so they need you to do the makeup, hair and clothing for her to achieve an ideal look. Try to get the highest score and show the world that you have what it takes to design Miley Cyrus. Be sure to see some cool facts about Miley too!
Find The Suspect A Free Memory Game
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Find The Suspect Free Game

Plays: 312271
Category: Memory Games
Do you have a good memory if so here is the game to test your theory. Find the suspect is a super fun memory game where suspects are shown to you. After a certain time period one of the suspects will be covered up, and you will need to remember who the suspect is and be able to pick up the correct face of the suspect among a number of different faces. Stay alert though, for as the game progresses the difficulty increases! So keep your eyes open and don't forget to "Find the Suspect"!
Car Town A Free Facebook Game
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Car Town Free Game

Plays: 305507
Category: Facebook Games
Car Town takes car fun to a whole new level. Join your friends on a road trip or race your friends in a drag race. Customize your garage, personalize your avatars, and of course collect awesome cars!
IPL Cricket A Free Sports Game
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IPL Cricket Free Game

Plays: 299375
Category: Sports Games
If you love to play cricket then this game is sure to be for you! In this game you get to face King of Swing Ishant Sharma and hit boards to achieve a high score! Be quick and pay attention though because if you are too slow you will be OUT!
Fupa Faces A Free Puzzles Game
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Fupa Faces Free Game

Plays: 297249
Category: Puzzles Games
If you loved Gems Swap you will definitely love Fupas rendition of the game! In the game you are provided with a grid of Fupa, you must match the Fupa by swaping them. The Fupa will be matched in a line of 3 or more. Move quickly though because as you eliminate Fupa more will reappear and the only way to advance is to quickly dispense Fupas.
Flip It! A Free Strategy Game
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Flip It! Free Game

Plays: 297139
Category: Strategy Games
This is a challenging mind game. The purpose of this game is to flip all the pegs to the opposite side. The difficult part is that when you flip a peg, its surrounding pegs will also be flipped.
Quarterback Training A Free Sports Game
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Quarterback Training Free Game

Plays: 295612
Category: Sports Games
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is injured once again. He needs preparation so he may return back to field and help win some games. In this game complete as many passes to receivers and hit as many targets as possible. Bullseye are worth 10 points. The passes you throw to receivers are awarded points based on distance. This game is perfect for any football enthusiast! Especially if you love the Patriots!
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Papa's Pizzeria Free Game

Plays: 290277
Category: Action Games
Roy was just a delivery boy, but upon returning from his daily deliveries Roy discovers Papa Louis the pizzerias cook has left. While looking in the pizzeria for Papa Louis, Roy discovers a note stating he was to be in charge of the pizzeria until Papa Louis returned. Nervous but excited Roy takes this importunity as a learning experience and makes a promise to himself and the pizza place that they will not let anyone down! Help Roy make pizzas and most importantly make the customers happy in this fun filled game Papas Pizzeria.
Fashion Star A Free Dress-Up Game
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Fashion Star Free Game

Plays: 289530
Category: Dress-Up Games
Megan, Aliya, Susan, Xani, and Gabrielle are five beautiful supermodels. Lately their lives have consisted of photo shoots and runway shows and they need your help! These fashionistas need to look hot and ready for either their photo shoot or runway show. You will be provided with several articles of clothing including: scarfs, purses, shoes, pants, shirts, etc. Do you have a keen eye for fashion if so hurry and play Fashion Star and help these girls rock the catwalk!
Japanese Jello A Free BoardGame Game
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Japanese Jello Free Game

Plays: 288460
Category: BoardGame Games
Wack the Jello to keep it on the tray
Dream Nail Designer A Free Dress-Up Game
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Dream Nail Designer Free Game

Plays: 286071
Category: Dress-Up Games
Create your Dream Nails
Mall World A Free Facebook Game
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Mall World Free Game

Plays: 280747
Category: Facebook Games
The place where you can be your own boss, run your own fashion boutique, and shop to your heart's content.
Bendy Spidey A Free Action Game
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Bendy Spidey Free Game

Plays: 276365
Category: Action Games
Spider man needs to go and save the day! It is your job to help him swing through the streets of New York City and catch those villains! Click on the buildings and watch him swing! Those villains better watch out because Spider man is on his way!
Hangman A Free Word Game
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Hangman Free Game

Plays: 269761
Category: Word Games
This game is a non violent version of the hangman game. The words are from the Dolch list so children can play this game. The purpose of this game is to guess the hidden words by picking a letter at a time. If you guessed the letter wrong too many times you will lose the game.
FPA: World 2 A Free Adventure Game
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FPA: World 2 Free Game

Plays: 268281
Category: Adventure Games
In the game of Fancy Pants Adventure it is your job to go through the worlds and get your ice cream! As you venture through the several levels watch out for the evil spiders, snails and other obstacles in your way! Make it to the end so you can receive your super yummy treat!
Ninja Saga A Free Facebook Game
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Ninja Saga Free Game

Plays: 258767
Category: Facebook Games
A Casual Flash RPG which allows player to create and customize their own NINJA, train up with more than 100 animated Jutsu, Missions, Weapons, PETs. Challenge your friends in REALTIME PvP battles. Clans system is up and running now, Play now!

Most Played Free Online Games Page three

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