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  Snakes and Hoes A Free Online Game
Epic Space Fight A Free Online Game
Epic Space Fight
Zombie killer A Free Online Game
Zombie killer
Stealth Bomber A Free Online Game
Stealth Bomber
Graviton X A Free Online Game
Graviton X
KID Invasion A Free Online Game
KID Invasion
Kill the Flies A Free Online Game
Kill the Flies

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PetVille A Free Facebook Game
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PetVille Free Game

Plays: 150072
Category: Facebook Games
PetVille is a game where you get to care for your own adorable pet! Play games with your pet & decorate your home to make your pet the coolest in town! Zynga, maker of FarmVille, Mafia Wars, & FrontierVille, brings you a great free game about pets!
Farmville A Free Facebook Game
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Farmville Free Game

Plays: 149184
Category: Facebook Games
Howdy Ya'll! Come on down to the Farm today and play with your friends. We got plenty of land for everyone. Come and see what everyone is hootin' and hollerin' about.
Ballero A Free Puzzles Game
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Ballero Free Game

Plays: 148754
Category: Puzzles Games
This game will have you tingling with feelings of happiness and fun! All you have to do is shoot the balls inside the ring and destroy them by connecting three or more balls of the same color. The balls can be connected only if they are the same color and if a distance between them is less than the given distance. Now go give it a try and connect those balls!
Word Search 50 A Free Word Game
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Word Search 50 Free Game

Plays: 147707
Category: Word Games
This super fun game of word search provides 50 unlockable levels. All you have to do is drag your cursor to the end of the hidden word and you can begin finding words and unlocking levels! Do not worry about not finishing because this game auto saves wherever you stop. So what are you waiting for? Start searching!
Bubble Island A Free Facebook Game
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Bubble Island Free Game

Plays: 146784
Category: Facebook Games
Can you clear all bubbles? Pop colorful bubbles and discover the secrets of Bubbles Island in this classic arcade game.
Bite Fight A Free Multiplayer Game
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Bite Fight Free Game

Plays: 146704
Category: Multiplayer Games
Bitefight is a free of charge browser game in which you compete against thousands of other players. You can already decide if you want to slip into the role of a vampire or of a werewolf to go into the battle.
The Price Is Right A Free Facebook Game
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The Price Is Right Free Game

Plays: 146207
Category: Facebook Games
COME ON DOWN! You are the next contestant in The Price is Right !
Halloween Bubble A Free Puzzles Game
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Halloween Bubble Free Game

Plays: 145910
Category: Puzzles Games
Do the Monster Mash as you play this spooookily fun Halloween puzzle game! Aim and shoot the monster head up into the grid! You must destroy them in rows of three or more! Be fast because the grid moves down as you try and destroy the monsters! Be careful if it reaches the bottom you lose! So give it a try!
Linebacker Alley A Free Sports Game
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Linebacker Alley Free Game

Plays: 145857
Category: Sports Games
The objective in Linebacker Alley is simple: Run for as many yards as you can in 4 downs! Avoid linebackers with spin moves, and side steps. Get BLAST POWER and run them over! Use arrows to move. Use arrows with A or D for football moves.
COP The Recruit A Free Driving Game
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COP The Recruit Free Game

Plays: 144932
Category: Driving Games
You were a criminal once you know the ways of the streets which is why you are such a good cop! A new kind of criminal has taken over the streets of your city though and it is your duty to protect the people! Kill the Bomb Zombies before New York is annihilated! Embark on this epic driving game and ram terrorists out of commission!
Hero Fighter A Free Fighting Game
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Hero Fighter Free Game

Plays: 142807
Category: Fighting Games
This hero has spent a long month keeping the castle safe and he is getting pretty darn bored!. The kingdom had just recently signed a truce with the Phoenix and now the Hero fighters want to work outside! Then suddenly they see someone who is injured and he speaks of a group of bandits who killed and tortured his village! The Hero Fighters are excited now it is their duty to avenge and protect the civilians in their Kingdom! Now it is your job to help avenge the village and destroy those evil bandits!!
Eggs! A Free Adventure Game
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Eggs! Free Game

Plays: 142548
Category: Adventure Games
Eggs! is a classic platform adventure. Collect as many Eggs as possible. Avoid Rotten Eggs!
Sensational Superhero DressUp A Free Dress-Up Game
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Sensational Superhero DressUp Free Game

Plays: 141339
Category: Dress-Up Games
The town needs your help! Villains are tormenting the city and they need their local superhero! You must get your suit on before you save the world! Dress up this superhero with various costumes. You are provided with a variety of tops, bottoms, boots, hair, masks and accessories for you to choose from. Once you have dressed her she will be able to conquer the villains with ease!
Pool Master A Free Sports Game
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Pool Master Free Game

Plays: 140926
Category: Sports Games
Become the pool master in this extremely fun game of Pool! This game is not difficult all you have to do is direct your pool stick towards wherever you want to hit your balls and then when you are ready sink the balls in the hole! Pock the balls as fast as you can and prove to everyone that you are the pool master!
Tetris Battle A Free Facebook Game
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Tetris Battle Free Game

Plays: 140786
Category: Facebook Games
Play Multiplayer TetrisĀ® with your friends for Free! TetrisĀ® Battle allows you to enjoy Tetris, one of the world's most popular puzzle games in a multiplayer environment with other users on Facebook. Game modes include Battle 2P, Battle 6P, Sprint 4P
Virtual Farm A Free Action Game
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Virtual Farm Free Game

Plays: 139864
Category: Action Games
Old MacDonald had a farm. Now you can, too, in Virtual Farmer, the game that puts you in charge of managing a farm! Choose your crops, hoe your ground, water your fields, harvest your produce and take your goods to market. Once there, sell your stuff and make a lot of money! You'll have to keep a close eye on demand, though. Earn enough money and you'll be able to build processing plants that can turn your raw goods into exciting new products. Now start managing your farm and raking in the money!
Crime City Chinese A Free Action Game
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Crime City Chinese Free Game

Plays: 139325
Category: Action Games
The Mafia begins war on the street! As law enforcement, you travel around with a veriety of weapons. Try to remove any obstacles and bring the crinials to jutice. Hope to bring back law and order, protect the innocent citizens.
HighWay Speeding A Free Driving Game
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HighWay Speeding Free Game

Plays: 138852
Category: Driving Games
Do you like the game Frogger? Well you will love this speedy rendition where you have to avoid traffic as your car speeds down the highway! Use your key pad to avoid hitting cars but watch out! If you lose concentration you will get in a collision and your game will be over!
Pretty Princess Makeover A Free Dress-Up Game
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Pretty Princess Makeover Free Game

Plays: 138802
Category: Dress-Up Games
Princess is the highly looked upon in her Kingdom and she needs to look good for her social meetings with other members of the royal court. It is your duty to dress Lola to perfection. You are provided with beautiful gowns, shoes, hair and accessories to choose from to help her look her best. After you dress her up prince charming better act a fast as soon as she steps foot in the room!
Graffiti King A Free Action Game
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Graffiti King Free Game

Plays: 138197
Category: Action Games
Are you King of your hood! Are you a true OG? Prove it on 'Graffiti King'. Spray as many graffities as you can within the given time, and then escape the hooligans and police officers and prove you are the graffiti king.
Southern Belle Wedding DressUp A Free Dress-Up Game
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Southern Belle Wedding DressUp Free Game

Plays: 137796
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up this southern belle for her wedding in Savannah with various different dresses. There are a variety of wedding gowns, gloves, hair, necklaces, eye and lip colors, and accessories for you to choose from to make her look her best. After you dress her up like Scarlet O'hara she will be a true vision at her beautiful wedding.
BMW Parking 3D A Free Action Game
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BMW Parking 3D Free Game

Plays: 137610
Category: Action Games
Park you car as fast as you can in this 3D game.
SpongeBob Squarepants Dressup Game A Free Dress-Up Game
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SpongeBob Squarepants Dressup Game Free Game

Plays: 135649
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dressup Spongebob Squarepants!
Ninja Jump A Free Action Game
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Ninja Jump Free Game

Plays: 134836
Category: Action Games
Defeat all the bad ninjas that appear on screen in a fast and funny environment!
Make Up Lover Girl A Free Dress-Up Game
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Make Up Lover Girl Free Game

Plays: 134023
Category: Dress-Up Games
Help this young beautiful girl get ready for her day! She needs to impress her fellow peers and it is your job to help her with this! You will be provided with several accessories and makeup including necklaces, bracelets, lips, eyes, etc. to help make her look her absolute best!
Flood It! A Free Puzzles Game
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Flood It! Free Game

Plays: 133146
Category: Puzzles Games
The object of the super fun game Flood it is to 'flood' the screen with the same color of pixels.You do so by starting at the top left pixel and from there, you select one of the colored buttons at the bottom of the screen, and your 'flood' area will grow to include that color. As you keep selecting colors, your 'flood' areas grow, and pretty soon almost the whole screen will be one color! Once you start this game you will find it hard to stop!

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Tips: When using the Multiple Opponents option you must create an SWF where each frame is a different opponent. It will detect how many frames you have and randomly choose one each time they spawn. Each individual frame can have it's own independant animating movieclip inside.