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  Dracula vs Zombies 2 A Free Online Game
Little Muffin Tops A Free Online Game
Little Muffin Tops
Shoot Dem Up A Free Online Game
Shoot Dem Up
Earth Destroyer A Free Online Game
Earth Destroyer
Mashcar A Free Online Game
Achieving Moksha A Free Online Game
Achieving Moksha
plane battle A Free Online Game
plane battle

Online monster Games
Lunar Lander Shooter Game

Plays: 3448
Category: Action Games
Control a lunar lander armed with lasers and explosives. Destroy the monster as many times as you can before you run out of lives.
Mario Skating Appointment Game

Plays: 3439
Category: Puzzles Games
Drag the mouse to draw a line that allows Mario to reach the princess and to have a lovely dating!
Garbled Pixel Monster Game

Plays: 3430
Category: Adventure Games
A game I made. It is pizelly. I rock
Frankie Stein At School Game

Plays: 3421
Category: Dress-Up Games
Cute ghoul Frankie Stein had a wasteful shopping spree at her favorite Maul yesterday, so as you can already imagine she bought many chic clothing items and lovely accessories, so she would appreciate it if you could mix and match them in some cheerful school outfits! Rummage through Frankie's fabulous school wardrobe and feel free to select your favorite clothing items to dress her up with. Then go on with your work and assort the chosen outfit with glittering earrings, necklaces, bracelets or a chic studded belt and the right pair of high-heeled shoes!
Monster Hunter Game

Plays: 3417
Category: Adventure Games
Shoot down the monsters before they destroy your base. Collect all of the treasures in each level.
A Monster in Paris - Objetos Perdidos Game

Plays: 3412
Category: Puzzles Games
Have fun playing this game base on the Movie a Monster in Paris, and find out hte hidden objects with in the image.
Hallo Monster Game

Plays: 3394
Category: Shooting Games
You are a little Devil and wanna challeng the halloween monsters castle! Buy more weapons and upgrade your ability using the money earned in each mission. Play this game with mouse. Good Luck!
Monster Invasion : Vikings Invaders Game

Plays: 3382
Category: Action Games
Stop the Viking Monsters from invading England again using various ingenious contraptions such as trap door, springs, slings, anvil, flame throwers and electrocuters while listening to their funny squeak and squeal as they are being sent to oblivion. Brave the continuous hordes of Viking Monsters as the attack waves continue non-stop. Compete for the highest score with the online leaderboard.
Monster Traffic Game

Plays: 3375
Category: Action Games
You are a monster, trapped in the city. Warn the cars away by blasting them with your flames. Each time a car hits you, you are damaged. You can only take 5 hits.
Chef Of War Game

Plays: 3374
Category: Action Games
You're the little chef in a big kitchen that have to beat all the monsters. Use tomatoes on a line to hit them. Try to hit fast in a row to score extra points.
Super Mario Battle Game

Plays: 3374
Category: Action Games
Mario and Luigi are the best partner in fighting against the big evil boss Bowser.Again, this time Mario and Luigi team up to fight against Bowser and his army. Defeat the evil force and bring back happiness for the world. There are several level in this game. Defeat all the monster and bosses in each level in order to advance to the next level.
Souichiro Blademaster Game

Plays: 3370
Category: Action Games
Souichiro is our to avenge his villagers from the evil monster that send its army to destroy the homes and capture some people in the village of Souichiro.
Santa's Battlefield Game

Plays: 3362
Category: Action Games
Santas Battlefield is an awesome Zombie/Monster shooter where Santa has to battle an endless barrage of zombies and monsters unlocking awesome weapons and upgrading them Dont forget to upgrade your weapons below by clicking the guns (upgrade costs $300 per upgrade)
3D Super Girl Game

Plays: 3344
Category: Adventure Games
To pass, you have to control the little girl removed a certain number of tiles. When you pass the time, there will be a riddle. You can see the answer to this riddle at the end of the next level. In the beginning of the game, you have 2 seconds of invincibility time. When you want to adjust the game perspective by draging the SLIDER, you'd better pause the game.
London Bus Rampage Game

Plays: 3340
Category: Action Games
Driving a london bus will show your most advances driver skills. presents this nice driving game for you. Your task is to bring the travellers to their destination without crushing the bus.
Mocil Game

Plays: 3338
Category: Action Games
Control the little monster and destroy everything you can found on the city
King of the Lake Game

Plays: 3323
Category: Action Games
Be the fastest! Become a huge monster! This is simple game made for the "Ludum Dare 24" ( contest.
Castle Underwe Game

Plays: 3317
Category: Other Games
Find your crown that the monster only known as 42 stole from you. A minimalist RPG with a portal style ending song
Color Monster Game

Plays: 3314
Category: Other Games
Color a cute monster
Pimp my avatar Game

Plays: 3312
Category: Customize Games
A powerfull face creator : Tons of layers to let you build your own face or any fun monster of your choice! Handle colors, eyes, face shape, mouth, noze, rotate any part and resize each details.

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Tips: For a collection style game that doesn't use any player projectiles you can upload a blank SWF to high the splash screen graphic.