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Online monster Games
Cut And Kill: Halloween Game

Plays: 2065
Category: Action Games
Halloween monsters coming! Cut wood and kill monster in 36 dark and mystical levels! Save world from dark and bad monsters. Nice atmosphere physics puzzle game for everybody who love Halloween. Don't worry about save your progress, game use autosave system and make everything for you!
Mini Monster Challenge Game

Plays: 2065
Category: Driving Games
Mini monster challenge is one ov's most successful games yet, you have 24 short challenges to complete from jumping to delivering, speeding and climbing, see if you have what it takes to become a true monster truck driver.
Monster Shop Game

Plays: 2065
Category: Action Games
Try to run the most scary shop on earth : monster shop. The objective is to take the orders from your customers and serve them with the correct item, sometimes you need to combine 2 items to produce the needed items..
Rifleman Mario Game

Plays: 2042
Category: Shooting Games
The princess was seized by monster again. In order to rescue her, Super Mario picks up the sniper to eliminate the monsters!
It's Raining Cats & Dogs! Game

Plays: 2018
Category: Action Games
Bounce on creatures to cushion your fall!
Mage Squad Game

Plays: 2015
Category: Strategy Games
A strategy with elements of time-management and upgrade system for units! Theme - magic war, wizards, monsters and castles. Player have to think carefully how to waste his time - use it to earn more magic energy for upgrades or attack enemy instead. Various ways of unit upgrading allow to complete levels with various time-results. So, player always have an opportunity to improve his score in completed levels.
Monster Vocho Game

Plays: 2014
Category: Adventure Games
Vocho Monster is a funny game where you have to overcome the different screens to get to the finish line. The game gets increasingly complex with each passing levels and your skill at the wheel is the main thing to be a winner.
CatchAroo Game

Plays: 2010
Category: Action Games
Eat as many balls and special items as you can to reach for the highest score in the world!
mathematical monster Game

Plays: 2004
Category: Education Games
The game is to match the value found in the apple with the value in the lemon to it to carry out transactions with the number found in apple and the numbers are falling, so every time you catch a number with the doll green this will add, subtract, multiply or divide the number you have in the apple.
monkey war monster Game

Plays: 1993
Category: Action Games
using the AD keys to control and move around, S key to start shield, J key punch, K key to jump, U key dynamic feitui, I key dynamic light. Fighting is very intense, but do not forget to go to the mall to buy the necessary props, only the strong can defeat the terrible monsters to save the planet, come on!
Ghost defenders Game

Plays: 1990
Category: Action Games
The army of ghosts needs to stop the zombie king and his army of undead minion before they get to the living world. Only the ghosts of the legendary army can stop this evil from attacking the living world. Will they stop them!
Anodyne Demo Game

Plays: 1990
Category: Action Games
This is the DEMO for a full-length (6-10 hours) adventure game, Anodyne. Buy Anodyne for $8 at Desura, or GamersGate, learn more at Vote for Anodyne at Steam Greenlight: Buy the soundtrack for $4 : Anodyne is an adventure game that focuses on immersing the player through a combination of 16-bit era visual and audio aesthetics, Zelda-esque action/adventure gameplay mechanics, and exploration of the human Young’s dream world. The player moves between rooms 160×160 pixels in size, an intended constraint that we used to create the monster-filled dungeons you will navigate and the set of nature-based (and sometimes stranger) places you will explore. Anodyne is created by Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka. You can follow us on Twitter at and , or follow the game’s updates at .
Monster Truck Race 2 Game

Plays: 1971
Category: Driving Games
Monster Truck Race 2 goes to snowy mountain high, Race against your opponents in this awesome monster truck racing in the snow terrain, beat your opponent of each level to win the game.
Monster Truck Race 3 Game

Plays: 1968
Category: Driving Games
Monster truck race are back with new opponents. Race with other truck in this cool monster truck racing games.
Match 3 Adventure Game

Plays: 1964
Category: Puzzles Games
Play match 3 as fast as you can to make your hero to attack the monster, try to make combo attacks to win the game.
Princess Face Game

Plays: 1963
Category: Customize Games
A powerfull face creator! Create your own face or any princess, prince, monster or star. Easy to play.
Monster Invade Game

Plays: 1953
Category: Action Games
A brutal and fast 2D topdown game where you have to pickup weapons and powerups to become stronger. The objective is to stay alive and slaughter all monsters on the screen.
Scientist vs Monsters Game

Plays: 1947
Category: Action Games
Simply click on monsters with the cursor to score points. You gain extra points for smashing multiple monsters at a time. Smashing scientists will cost you a life. Also a scientist being eaten will cause a loss of life. The game will end when you lose all three of your lifes. Watch out for the super fast red Monsters. Also use your power-ups wisely they can save your life.
Rocketfish Game

Plays: 1947
Category: Action Games
destroy ocean monster fishes,
Feed Starvy challenge Game

Plays: 1937
Category: Puzzles Games
Click on the fruit, than click on the empty spot in order to move it. Form a 2x2 square of the same kind of fruit. Make combos to get more points and power-ups. Combine ice cream with any fruit. Spoon clears all around it. Use fork to clear a column and a row.

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Tips: For a collection style game that doesn't use any player projectiles you can upload a blank SWF to high the splash screen graphic.