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Online monster Games
Turbo Canyon Game

Plays: 1754
Category: Driving Games
Ride the rocky canyons in your turbo charged monster truck and try to beat all the levels.
Lagoona Blue Hairstyles Game

Plays: 1753
Category: Dress-Up Games
Lagoona Blue is the daughter of the sea monster Lagoona. Lagoona is widely liked for her good advice but today she needs your help. She wants a new hairstyle but doesn't know where to start. Can you help her out? Wash her hair and mix and match some lovely hairstyles and haircolors. Then give her a nice makeover to dazzle her monster high friends.
Ultra Metal Game

Plays: 1739
Category: Fighting Games
create new and improved for complete
Monster Truck Rage Game

Plays: 1733
Category: Sports Games
With a lot of obstacles in your way, the road ahead might be a challenge for you. That's why you need to practice playing Monster Truck
City guardian Game

Plays: 1722
Category: Action Games
City Guardian is an action-skill game that will test your reaction speed and skill as you try to change color of your character to match the color of your enemies. Change your colors and hover over them to kill them. Be careful, every enemy that gets past you will make your health bar drop. When your health reaches 0 the level is over. Use upgrades and power-ups to make your monster faster and stronger in order to take out enemies faster.
?????? Game

Plays: 1720
Category: Adventure Games
??:?????,????????????,???????,???“????”,???????????????????,???????????? Background: The devil's tower on the mainland, are already familiar with the monster of human coexistence, with the development of technology, a "magic weapon", the special magic seal on the weapons being. On this continent, a magical adventure forthcoming.
Knight VS Giant Game

Plays: 1718
Category: Action Games
You Play as a White Knight with a rusty Sword to slain the Mighty Giant ,To Defeat The Giant the knight must ready him self prepare to fight with the giant by constantly upgrading weapon and skill on the Black Smith Instruction: User ASWD for Direction Movement Up = W Down = S Right = D Left = A Attack = Left Arrow Special Attack = Down Arrow Sprint = Right Arrow
Cleo de Nile Hairstyles Game

Plays: 1706
Category: Dress-Up Games
Cleo is the 5,842 year old daughter of The Mummy. She is the fearleading squad captain and the queen of the social scene. To remain the queen she needs your help to create a new hairstyle for her. Can you help her out? First wash the hair and then create a totally new hairdo. Complete the game by giving her a nice makeover.
Operetta Makeover Game

Plays: 1697
Category: Customize Games
Great times are coming as the spring is here and also Operetta, from Monster High needs a new look in this great makeover game. Enjoy the time you will spend with her.
Monster Truck Escape Game

Plays: 1693
Category: Driving Games
Drive your monster truck to escape the police pursuit without crashing! Good luck!
Infect-It Game

Plays: 1687
Category: Puzzles Games
The goal is to infect all monster on field so that there was only one sort of monster. You start your way from top-left corner and have 25 moves to infect all field. Also you can play vs computer
Hero Mouse Adventure v2 Game

Plays: 1682
Category: Action Games
You're a Great hero that was called for a quest from the kingdom of sky; the quest will be filled with danger on every turn, crazy monsters, and The Dragon lord! Can you hold your stance and fight to save the princess of sky?
Abbey Bominable Hairstyles Game

Plays: 1677
Category: Dress-Up Games
Abbey Bominable is the 16-year-old daughter of the Yeti. She is an exchange student from the Himalayas. Abbey is a sweet girl with a good sense of humor, but her height and strength tend to intimidate the other students at monster high. So you need to help her out in creating a new hairstyle to give her a more sweet and charming look.
Ultraman VS Tough Monster Game

Plays: 1657
Category: Action Games
On the unknown planet, ultraman is fighting against monster. To win, he needs both power and skills. Help him eliminate all the monsters!
Monster Truck Hidden Alphabets Game

Plays: 1654
Category: Puzzles Games
Find hidden alphabets between beautiful monster truck pictures. At each picture has hidden all alphabet letters. You can choose one of three images to start with game. You have 300 seconds of each image to find all hidden letters. If you want you can remove the time with only one click. Choose one image that you want and start to play.
Monster High Typing Game

Plays: 1651
Category: Other Games
Test your ability to write on this Monster High Typing Game. Type the correct letter and go to the next level. Watch out the letters will fall faster.
Treasure Hunter Pink Monster Game

Plays: 1648
Category: Adventure Games
Pink monster treasure hunter game
Winter Walk Game

Plays: 1643
Category: Strategy Games
Grab your finest winter coat and try not to lose your hat in the high winds as you stroll and ponder. Remember..the days might be getting shorter and the nights may seem to stretch on forever but a Victorian gentleman should still pursue his evening constitutional to keep his mind fresh and his limbs nimble! Winter Walk is a quirky little game suitable for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and occupations!Created for all you wonderful people as a winter treat by Monster and Monster - Purveyors of fine interactive wares and exquisitely made cups of tea.
Monster Couples Game

Plays: 1638
Category: Action Games
Draw a line with your mouse making a path on the hexagons to connect two or more monster symbols of the same kind. You can draw everywhere as long as you highlight adjacent hexagons and connect monster symbols of the same kind. Draw too fast and you will lose your path.
Dinos vs Monsters Game

Plays: 1633
Category: Action Games
Save dinos from angry monsters )) Use keyboard arrows or wsad...

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.