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Online parody Games
Zombie Incumbents Game

Plays: 41228
Category: Adventure
Zombie incumbents have taken over Congress. Your job is to vote as many of them out as you can. Don't get overwhelmed!
Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Sandy Bridge DRM Attack Game

Plays: 8789
Category: Action
Crack open Sandy Bridge DRM with powerful jets of plasma in this parody game!
Tags: , , , , , , , ,
TSA Jobs Grope Attack Game

Plays: 4301
Category: Adventure
Grope up some passengers in this TSA job parody game.
Tags: , , , , , , , ,
Slender 2D Game

Plays: 47949
Category: Adventure Games
So You are Lonely in the woods at the night, and you really think you are alone?
Election Madness Game

Plays: 32635
Category: Fighting Games
Bash your election opponent to pieces with dozens of attacks, taunts, and objects at your dispense!
hurt bieber ragdoll 2 Game

Plays: 24523
Category: Action Games
After playing Hurt Ragdoll Bieber, most people want more gore and challenge. Now here its the sequel of most awaited torturing game ever,fulfill your rage and FINISH HIM!!!
The WTF Game Experience! Game

Plays: 18364
Category: Puzzles Games
The WTF Game Experience is a classic physic based puzzle game with WTF features, famous internet meme references and funny twists. During a boring party night 2 guys decide to create a giant puzzle game with bottles of beer a funnel, a baseball ball and various accessories. Find a way to flow the beer into the funnel. Level Editor: Build your levels and share them. Play thousand original levels made by the community.
:the game: Game

Plays: 15713
Category: Other Games
'the game' is a representation, a satire, of the world we know, love, and cherish today. If 'the game' is the most downright bizarre thing you've ever seen, I've done my job.
Escape from the bathroom Game

Plays: 14358
Category: Adventure Games
After a beer with friends, you feel the need to pee. But what happens if the restroom keeper is a little bit greedy and you have no money? Discover it in this old style point and click, parody of various escape games.
Hitman Madness Mod Game

Plays: 14072
Category: Action Games
This is a modification [under the fair use terms 'Mod' or 'parody'] of krinkles' madness interactive. The game has updated weapons and graphics.
Tweeter Snake Game

Plays: 13827
Category: Puzzles Games
A fast paced Snake game! Nowadays, tweeting is all the rage. The clock is ticking, and on the internet, the expiration time on coolness is much faster. Get as many followers as possible, but you need to hurry, you only have a couple of seconds before a non-follower goes sour and starts deducting from your expiration time. A fast paced snake game, not only do you have to worry about crashing into your followers, but you also have a super fast paced clock counting down!
Almost Millionaire Game

Plays: 8740
Category: BoardGame Games
Humorous Parodie of the "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" show. *RECOMENDED*
Ultimate Dress Up Game Game

Plays: 8447
Category: Dress-Up Games
Hilarious parody of dress up games...the worst game genre of all time.
Kill those ponies Game

Plays: 7745
Category: Shooting Games
"Ponies! Ponies everywhere on the Internet! I can not take it anymore! Time to shoot to kill! Oh no! Fans of little ponies are coming! They won't let me shoot! I have to stop them or they may talk me out of my insanity!" Sounds crazy? Well this is pretty much what the game is about! This game is a parody of that popular show with little ponies which involve lots of guns and blood. The game is hi-score based and uses a cover/change weapon/reload mechanic inspired by the popular "Time Crisis" series. Features 4 different weapons: handgun, machine gun, shotgun, and grenade. All graphics used in this game are based on "that pony show", but redrawn in a different art style. No art from the parodied material was used.
hurt ragdoll bieber vs heavy truck Game

Plays: 7717
Category: Action Games
Now ragdoll Bieber must face a heavy truck! Which one stronger? Ragdoll Bieber or the truck? Just play this game to know the answer!
Casi Millonario Game

Plays: 7649
Category: BoardGame Games
Spanish parodie of the "Who wants to be a millionaire" show
Kanye vs Taylor Game

Plays: 7591
Category: Fighting Games
Taylor has won an award for her video but Kanye thinks someone else should have won... Well Taylor thinks Kanye shouldn't have stepped on stage and plans to send him back to his seat! A parody of the recent award ceremony.
Haters War Game

Plays: 7453
Category: Action Games
The two best shooter games crash in one ultimate challenge. Fanboys will be able to select their favourite team and fight for domination!
big LITTLE plagiary 3: Made in China Game

Plays: 6482
Category: Action Games
"Good artists copy, great artists steal." - P.Picasso. It is a extraordinary platform arcade game in new genre of computer and video games - "Game Parody".
The Super Hero Quiz Game

Plays: 5764
Category: Puzzles Games
-Test your knowledge of Comic-Lore through a batch of hero based trivia!- Programmed by Austin Yarger, with Parody art by Jay Brant.

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