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Online election Games
Zombie Incumbents Game

Plays: 41228
Category: Adventure
Zombie incumbents have taken over Congress. Your job is to vote as many of them out as you can. Don't get overwhelmed!
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wal-kampf 2.0 Game

Plays: 3694
Category: Shooting Games
Fight like the Austria politicians for the election 2008.
Presidential Street Fight 2008 Game

Plays: 170713
Category: Shooting Games
Obama and McCain decided to take it outside and duel their way into the White House. You will help one of them kick his opponent out.
Election Madness Game

Plays: 32635
Category: Fighting Games
Bash your election opponent to pieces with dozens of attacks, taunts, and objects at your dispense!
Election Fighting 2008 Game

Plays: 14228
Category: Fighting Games
Fun US Election Fighting 2008 game. Play as Obama or McCain and fight your way to win all states in street fight combat.
Barack Obama's 100meter Dash Game

Plays: 13275
Category: Sports Games
Run the 100 meter dash with president Barack Obama in this exciting track and field game.
Obama vs Romney Game

Plays: 8446
Category: Fighting Games
Play as Obama or Romney and fight your way to win all states in street fight combat.
Election 2008! Game

Plays: 7812
Category: Action Games
Pick your candidate and go after the votes! 30 levels and more than a few chuckles await as you dodge the fly-swatting media cynics that stand between your candidate and the votes.
Obama versus Romney Game

Plays: 7176
Category: Fighting Games
Get into the skin of your favorite candidate and win the Presidential battle by encouraging a group of one hundred reluctant voters to vote for you.
Barack Obama Dreamland Game

Plays: 7007
Category: Rhythm Games
Enter the mind of president Barrack Obama and try to keep his dream going.
Go!Office of the President! Game

Plays: 5794
Category: Action Games
Too many nonsense tickets from president election candidates? No matter you are pan-blue or pan-green people in Taiwan, you can hit your rival as mole-hitting
Race For The White House Game

Plays: 5681
Category: Other Games
Obama and Hilary are neck in neck in their quest to be the next President of the United States of America. Help your candidate travel the country in an exhaustive campaign from coast to coast. You can joining 3 or more similar balls together.
Out ?n The Rain With A Bucket Game

Plays: 5040
Category: Other Games
Do you remember the last civic election? Remember how you didn't vote? Well turns out only one guy and his six friends bothered to vote. Now this guy is the mayor and he might just have sold another city a biiiiiit too much water. It is of course now your civic duty to help make up the short fall, only this time it is non-negotiable. Luckily the forecast is predicting a light drizzle, you better get out there into the rain, with your bucket.
American Votes Game

Plays: 5039
Category: Other Games
Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. It's a real slot machine ! Who Do You Think Will Ultimately Win the 2012 Election? Romney has a very good chance as well as Obama . This is game where you have to catch the 51% to be the winner ! The two candidates will compete for each State of the Nation.Push your leader to victory . A President for the White House is coming out of here ! Democrat Or Republican choose your side. Fight for your President ! Get the EXTRA State Bonus with USA on deck !! Conquest the Nation!
Steal This Election Game

Plays: 4913
Category: Other Games
Experience election fraud at it's finest, using the highly classified EYE-BERRY™ device. Pick from four different candidates, and then run ad campaigns in the swing states to sway the public.
Tzipi Livni - Spot The Difference Game

Plays: 4269
Category: Other Games
The Israeli prime minister election is coming soon, Spot the differences in Tzipi Livni images and see the awful truth…
Presidential Knockout Game

Plays: 3952
Category: Fighting Games
Knock the opponent out of the election.
Dole Deporter Game

Plays: 3561
Category: Action Games
Help David Cameron deport the plebs in order to save money! Round them all into the cage so they can be shipped abroad!
Break the Gridlock with Terry Phillips Game

Plays: 3509
Category: Action Games
Play this awesome election themed game called Break the Gridlock with Terry Phillips for Congress. Terry Phillips is an independent candidate running for California Congressional District 23. In this fun game it is up to you to use your vote to break through the gridlock created by the Democrats and Republicans. Terry Phillips is pro American jobs, pro women's rights, pro campaign finance reform, pro internet freedom, pro clean air, pro small business, and pro religious freedom. You can find out more about Terry Phillips for Congress on his website which is linked within the game. Take your mind off the seriousness of the Obama vs. Romney election for a little fun and learn about this independent candidate with this bricks breaking game.
Talking B*ll*cks Game

Plays: 3007
Category: Action Games
Can you help Mr. Brown get back into Number 10? A satirical platformer to celebrate the run-up to the UK General Elections.

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Tips: For things like scopes or hands which are either on or can go to the edge of the screen you should go to Player|Advanced and change the Bounds parameter to around 10 or so. This will give you a point based bounding box instead of a auto bounding box.