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Online republican Games
Zombie Incumbents Game

Plays: 41998
Category: Adventure
Zombie incumbents have taken over Congress. Your job is to vote as many of them out as you can. Don't get overwhelmed!
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Debate Night - Obama's Unofficial Game Game

Plays: 38180
Category: Puzzles Games
Debate Night is Obama's Unofficial Game. This debate game combines features from classic match 3 games in order to create an original take on US politics.
Caesary Game

Plays: 7595
Category: Multiplayer Games
Caesary is based on the history of the Roman Empire, the post-Republican phase of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by an autocratic form of government and large territorial holdings in Europe and around the Mediterranean. The term is used to describe the Roman state during and after the time of the first emperor, Augustus. Here at Caesary you will be filling in the role of a small consul, expected to apply the resources and troops at hand wisely to write the glorious chapters of your life! In such a complex web-game as Ceasary, your leadership and management skills will be brought to the test! Make your talents shine now!
American Votes Game

Plays: 5669
Category: Other Games
Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. It's a real slot machine ! Who Do You Think Will Ultimately Win the 2012 Election? Romney has a very good chance as well as Obama . This is game where you have to catch the 51% to be the winner ! The two candidates will compete for each State of the Nation.Push your leader to victory . A President for the White House is coming out of here ! Democrat Or Republican choose your side. Fight for your President ! Get the EXTRA State Bonus with USA on deck !! Conquest the Nation!
Break the Gridlock with Terry Phillips Game

Plays: 4298
Category: Action Games
Play this awesome election themed game called Break the Gridlock with Terry Phillips for Congress. Terry Phillips is an independent candidate running for California Congressional District 23. In this fun game it is up to you to use your vote to break through the gridlock created by the Democrats and Republicans. Terry Phillips is pro American jobs, pro women's rights, pro campaign finance reform, pro internet freedom, pro clean air, pro small business, and pro religious freedom. You can find out more about Terry Phillips for Congress on his website which is linked within the game. Take your mind off the seriousness of the Obama vs. Romney election for a little fun and learn about this independent candidate with this bricks breaking game.
Senate Finance Committee Game

Plays: 3533
Category: Other Games
Score big bucks for making the health care, insurance and pharmaceutical companies happy, but watch out for the dreaded health care reform legislation!
Are you a Republican Game

Plays: 3521
Category: Other Games
A fun and political quiz game but not too serious. Politics are a major topic in the world. Today you can find out if you belong to the republicans. Play the quiz and find out what todays outcome brings you! Start the game.
Whack A Republican Game

Plays: 2780
Category: Action Games
Whack those Republicans, from Bush to Palin!
Obama's School Camp Game

Plays: 2646
Category: Action Games
Help the US President Barack Obama urge Amerca's school children to work hard at school in the face of Republican outrage!
Polar Palin Game

Plays: 2015
Category: Action Games
The U.S. recently classified the Alaskan polar bear as a threatened species because of the destruction of its natural habitat. It is predicted that the population of bears could be reduced by two-thirds by the year 2050 due to pollution and global warming. The state of Alaska, led by Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is to sue the U.S. interior secretary to reverse the decision amid fears that it will hinder oil and gas development. Help the polar bears fight back!
Obamacare Game

Plays: 1363
Category: Action Games
Destroy the republican elephants and budgets with "obamacare"
Bush or McCain? Game

Plays: 3683
Category: Other Games
A political game that asks the question: Who said that?

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