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Submarine Wars
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Earth Protector 1.1
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Online defend Games
Maho VS Zombies Game

Plays: 4621
Category: Action Games
The peaceful zombies life has over. Cruel aliens called maho has been come and try to conquer their planet. It's your destiny to lead the zombies to defend their basement from the enemies.
Fluid Blast! Game

Plays: 4618
Category: Action Games
Adrenaline blasting fluid action!
Beach Landing Game

Plays: 4612
Category: Shooting Games
In beach landing you need to defend your beach against the on coming wave of tanks and infantry trying to destroy your guns. Use your air support and repair truck to help you out on your mission.
Sni[p]r 2 Game

Plays: 4589
Category: Action Games
Fight off thousands of enemies in this action-packed sniper defence game!
Skelebot Invation 2 Game

Plays: 4560
Category: Action Games
your objective is to defend all enemies wave using your towers. every success enemy will decrease your live, you die when your live equal to can play different 6 maps and submit your score.
Crazy Defense Game

Plays: 4553
Category: Action Games
Take down the incoming waves of enymy troops before they overwhelm you. Earn points by killing the enemies and use them to upgrade your weapon.
Humans VS Monsters Game

Plays: 4545
Category: Action Games
Humans vs Monsters is an exciting defense game. You have to place troops to defend your military bases from incoming hordes of Monsters. Destroy all monsters and not let them to enter in your base. You can place your units but also make them move along the territory so they can help the troops in need. Each monster that enters your base will cost you a life. During the battle you can buy and sell units and military vehicles such as jeeps and tanks and improve the combat quality and power of your soldiers. Unforeseen events such as "fire rain" could hit and destroy your army. Resist to the end! 32 waves of attacks, 6 different types of monsters, 3 different battlefields wait for you!
Shen Long Game

Plays: 4534
Category: Action Games
Defend the sacred cherry tree by cleansing dark spirits before they enter the foliage.

Plays: 4525
Category: Action Games
Defend your flag until drops of blood. Defeat all the enemies and grab the flag
Pirate Attack! Game

Plays: 4519
Category: Action Games
Yahrr! Three pirateships are attacking you! You have to defend your ship against incoming canonballs! rrrr!
Defence Attack Game

Plays: 4508
Category: Shooting Games
Defend the city from The Scorpio Bombs! The Scorpio Bombs are hell-bent on destroying our city. Destroy them before they land and wreak havoc!
Samurai vs. Ninjas Game

Plays: 4487
Category: Action Games
Fend off relentless ninjas and defend your honor, in this arcade action game.
Attack Of The Fan Girls Game

Plays: 4486
Category: Action Games
The mysterious Toymaker has challenged Mr. Mayor to a game of skill and strategy - and tasked him to defend his mansion from squeeing fan-boys and fan-girls! See if you can survive all 22 rounds and four dastardly fans using three different defense units in this silly twist on the classic tower defense style. Another home-grown Menewsha game.
Defend the Village Game

Plays: 4468
Category: Action Games
Defend your Village against the enemy attackers which want to destroy it.
Underworld TD Game

Plays: 4466
Category: Action Games
A Tower Defense game where you have to defend against 35 waves of underworld Creatures to save your village.
Last Tank Standing Game

Plays: 4464
Category: Shooting Games
Use your mouse to aim and shoot the little soldiers near you and defend your tank. More enemies you will kill, more points you get. Good luck!
Stop the Aliens! Game

Plays: 4464
Category: Shooting Games
You control up to 3 tanks to defend your planet. Each tank is designed to do a different task. The red one can kill red enemies. The blue one can kill blue enemies and the yellow one can stop beams from those aliens.
Defend the Caravan Game

Plays: 4444
Category: Other Games
Use your mouse to attack incoming enemies, push P at any time to check out the upgrades! Use number keys 1-9 to select your weapons, use the letters Q, W, E, R, T to select special cart attacks! Space to attack with your cart! Clicking to attack with your weapons! Get the high score and show of your Medieval Postal Service skills!
Assault Carnivale Game

Plays: 4438
Category: BoardGame Games
Help the wizard defend Castelul de Lumina from Blestemadian attack in 20 days! Each soldier kill will affect their surrounding differently. Make you movement carefully and blow ahead!
War at Taurus Game

Plays: 4415
Category: Action Games
Taurus is at War, it is your duty to defend the last remaning galaxy on the universe.

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Tips: For a scope shot game you can go to Gameplay and enable Ghost to remove player/enemy collisions. Use invincible if you don't want enemy fire to hit your scope either.