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Forest Thrasher
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Blue Meretricious V
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Air Attack
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Online defend Games
FurEyes Base Defense Game

Plays: 2118
Category: Action Games
Defend the base from attacking FurEyes in this real time strategy game. Cast spells, build and upgrade towers or traps and create special mixtures to hold off the enemies.
Cheese Sandwich Game

Plays: 2111
Category: Action Games
You own a cheese sandwich factory, but sadly it was taken over by the evil chocolate sandwiches! Now, you must save all the cheese sandwiches from the claws of the mean evil chocolate sandwiches! In each level, collect all the needed cheese sandwiches and avoid and defend against the evil chocolate sandwiches. For your defence, you can throw cream cheese at the enemy!
Halloween Blaster Game

Plays: 2109
Category: Action Games
Defend your home from zombies and blast them! Choose from 4 different weapons to kill your enemies, but don't let them get too close...
slc - tower defense Game

Plays: 2108
Category: Strategy Games
SLC - Tower Defense is medival strategy game. Opponents come in waves crawled from a hole get stronger with time. You must build an economy and defend yourself.
Orbit Blaster Game

Plays: 2104
Category: Action Games
Defend the earth and shoot down the alien invasion. Operate your laser anti-space gun and shoot down all invaders.
Music Mayhem Game

Plays: 2094
Category: Action Games
Hit the green blocks to score points and build up your combo but don't let them get through or you will lose life. Use powerups to help you and aim for an highscore!
Desperate Defender Game

Plays: 2093
Category: Adventure Games
When hell breaks loose you must defend your planet from devils, flying frogs and huge steel birds. Upgrade your arsenal and don't let them take the only thing you have left!
Swarm Game

Plays: 2092
Category: Action Games
Giant bugs have invaded! You must save the world with your airplane.
Maya vs Aliens Game

Plays: 2092
Category: Shooting Games
Defend the city of Maya from aliens. Place cannons along road on which aliens move. Do not give any of them to get in city
Castle Hero 2 Game

Plays: 2087
Category: Action Games
Defend your castle from 4 bosses and use 8 spells!
Cross Fire Sniper King Game

Plays: 2086
Category: Shooting Games
Monster invasion bases.Mercenaries who picked up their weapons to defend against the monster.Kill all of the monsters as soon as posibble.
Evil Nights Game

Plays: 2081
Category: Action Games
Prepare to defend the village from the evil creatures that come out during Evil Nights!
Zombans VS Humbies Game

Plays: 2080
Category: Action Games
Zombans vs Humbies is an action shooter ame where you are a zombie and must defend yourself against the attacking humans. You can choose single or multiplayer mode. Pistol, shotgun and machine gun – all these weapons are available at your arsenal. Use the special bonus ring kill to kill multiple humans. You have only one goal: to survive!
Super Appleman Insect Crisis Game

Plays: 2073
Category: Action Games
In a distant planet, there are applemen who live happily. But one day, dark nights fall and various abnormal insects invade the planet, so applemen are in great danger. Take arms to defend your home!
kungfu rabbit Game

Plays: 2072
Category: Action Games
A rabid Lions led the army to attack the city,he intends to put here as a base.There are two rabbit with superb sword, use sword to defend the city.We need to help them defeat the lion to save the small animals in the city.Player can get the gold by killing enemy,and then purchase skills in store to upgrade your power.
Turtle Of Thames Game

Plays: 2063
Category: Action Games
Turtle is attacked in the river of Thames. Fortunately it got some experience of shooting, learned from its boss. Turtle need to shoot fishes that are attacking him and defend himself in this huge river of Thames. Shoot the different types of fishes in Thames using mouse. collect green power ranges to increase the speed and amount of bullets.
Typing Defense Game

Plays: 2058
Category: Education Games
Defend your base and learn to type faster. Type the letters above the tanks to shoot and destroy them.
Hungry Mice Game

Plays: 2058
Category: Action Games
New online arcade game from Your task is to defend the food reserves in the cellar from the invasion of mice. In spite of the cheese was hidden thoroughly the rodents managed to make a tunnel just to the object. Do not let the mice to filch your supper! Toss the mouse to collect three or more mice of the same color to destroy them.
Defensor Game

Plays: 2057
Category: Action Games
Defend your earthling city from the devastation of a asteroid shower!
Meteor Storm 2 Game

Plays: 2053
Category: Action Games
Build and defend your moon bases from Meteor Storms and Alien attacks! In this inspired by missle command style game … Collect Crystals with Moon Bases, shoot with turrets. Spend crystals to upgrade your defences. Spend your resources wisely! IMPORTANT: This game requires Flash Player 11 and to be correctly embedded with wmode="direct"

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Tips: Explosion graphics animate until the end of their timeline and then disappear. A single frame explosion will disappear almost instantly and not look that great. Usually 20-40 frames for an explosion should work well.