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Block This!
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plane fighter crazy fight
Air Battles A Free Online Game
Air Battles
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Online defend Games
Command & Defend Game

Plays: 4402
Category: Action Games
Help the general defend the base. You have several weapons at your disposal, three types of turrets, mines and even nukes.
Desktop Attack Game

Plays: 4402
Category: Action Games
After pulling an all nighter, you begin to hallucinate, Paper airplanes start to attack you, Defend yourself!
Egg and Ghost Game

Plays: 4401
Category: Action Games
Original and challenging survival game. You defend the egg and it gives you powers, depending on a platform it is currently placed. There is a 7 different types of dangerous enemies, and 3 of them are not so different, but cool too. 3 bosses with interesting mechanics and different personalities. 7 neat power-ups. 15 achievements to achieve and brag to your friends or even better - to your foes. You can combine powers as well, by consuming platform entirely, and charging yourself. Have fun!
Omega Turret Defense Game

Plays: 4395
Category: Shooting Games
Prepare for the unyielding onslaught. Equip powerful weapons and unleash massive nuclear strikes to stop the enemy advance.
Fort - Pirates Attack Game

Plays: 4382
Category: Adventure Games
Defend the Fort and the hidden treasures of attacks by pirates. The more you wait, the faster ships will destroy your Fort.
The Defender Game

Plays: 4381
Category: Action Games
Physical shooter. Save 5 world capitals (Paris, Washington, London, Moscow, Berlin) and the Earth from 5 types of enemies. In the game: - 26 levels with different difficulty; - large variety of enemies and items (over 50!), having its own unique properties. Defend the Earth!
Pipo Ledeng Battle Game

Plays: 4378
Category: Fighting Games
It was simple fighting game betwen player and computer. This game featured by health bar (player & com), stamina bar (player & com), and defend meter (player only). Every time player win, there will be short scene showing how player defeat computer.
Monsters TD 2 Game

Plays: 4362
Category: Action Games
Defend your base from a series of weird and freaky monsters. Build defenses to prevent them from reaching the portal.
Stalingrad 2 Game

Plays: 4328
Category: Action Games
You are once again needed by the motherland! Defend against the German invaders in this fitting sequel!
Swarm 2 Game

Plays: 4321
Category: Action Games
Another swarm is invading the earth. You must again climb in your brand new airplane, and save the world. Now with 99 levels.
Defend Your Tower Game

Plays: 4308
Category: Shooting Games
Defend your tower from enemies by shooting them with your weapons!
Creeper World: Evermore Game

Plays: 4306
Category: Strategy Games
A new Creeper World mission daily and for all time! Defend our galaxy against the Creeper cleansing nightmares of an insidious A.I. Detailed game play stats and procedurally generated missions come your way in this latest installment of Creeper World. If that isn't enough, try the new Survival mode and see what you are really made of! Stay a while... stay Evermore!
Defend Amidol Game

Plays: 4297
Category: Action Games
p1:???????,enter. p2:a,s,d,w,Space.
Machupicchu Invaders Game

Plays: 4292
Category: Action Games
Your mission is to stop the Spanish soldiers who wish to conquer Machupicchu, using the secret weapon of the people, spitting llamas and keep safe the sacred city of the fearsome clutches of the Spanish empire
Alien Attack Game

Plays: 4291
Category: Action Games
Defend your Mars base and eliminate all alien ships - avoid friendly fire at all cost!
Jakes Adventures Sam Defense Game

Plays: 4278
Category: Adventure Games
Help Jake find an arrow to whack Sam with to defend himself.
Island Defender Game

Plays: 4274
Category: Action Games
Destroy the attacking missiles with your own missiles by catching the attacking missiles in the blast radius of your own missiles. Use the Z, X and C keys to launch missiles which fly to the crosshairs (controlled by the mouse) and explode. If one of your subs is hit you loose all remaining missiles in that sub for the rest of the attack wave. Enemies get more numerous and faster as the game goes on. You get extra missiles for the rest of the game each time you destroy all enemies but you also have a limited number of missiles to defend with so use them wisely. Once all islands are destroyed the game is over.
Warzone Getaway Game

Plays: 4252
Category: Action Games
You have successfully infiltrated the USA's military base and stolen their top secret documents! Can you escape the warzone in one piece?
Rock and War Game

Plays: 4244
Category: Shooting Games
Set up your base and defend off wave after wave of enemy invaders. Set out your generator men to harvest energy so you can create more units. Control your units moves get good and get upgrades.
Farm Wars Game

Plays: 4238
Category: Action Games
You need to protect your farm for hungry chickens, pigs, cows, birds and more. Defend yourself and keep your business alive.

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Tips: For a collection style game that doesn't use any player projectiles you can upload a blank SWF to high the splash screen graphic.