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  Stick Survival A Free Online Game
flying attack  A Free Online Game
flying attack
the dark kght and the lightninja A Free Online Game
the dark kght and the lightninja
Indians vs Ninjas A Free Online Game
Indians vs Ninjas
Butter Frosting Cupcakes A Free Online Game
Butter Frosting Cupcakes
Crazy Taxi A Free Online Game
Crazy Taxi
Fast Fury A Free Online Game
Fast Fury

Online defend Games
Color Defender Game

Plays: 2994
Category: Shooting Games
Use your mouse to defend your cube by collecting the colored squares. Make sure you are the same color as the squares though!
Defend the Earth Game

Plays: 2987
Category: Action Games
Defend the earth from enemy space ships.
Strong Bow Game

Plays: 2982
Category: Shooting Games
Defend yourself against the orcish horde's vicious assaults. Time for our hero to wield the Strong Bow!
FWG Defence Game

Plays: 2981
Category: Shooting Games
Neon lights hit the classic missile defence game. Defend your bases with your funky missile defence system. Shoot enemy ships for bonus points. You will earn more points if you use less missiles in any give level and also if you keep your bases from being damaged. After each wave, use upgrade points to rebuild destroyed bases, add shields to bases, and upgrade missile speed and power. Extra victory points are awarded if you complete the game after level 15. Good luck!
Bugarach 2012 Game

Plays: 2975
Category: Shooting Games
Defend Earth from alien invaders in the town of Bugarach in 2012! For freedom! Unite Earthlings!
Assault Outpost 3 Game

Plays: 2966
Category: Action Games
In 2011 we established a base on Mars and successfully defended it from alien invasion, twice! But the aliens are back and they are really pissed now. ~ Defend your outpost from all attacking enemies! Use your upgrades wisely to defeat your opponents or nuke them off the planet! This game features day and night time modes, like real warfare! You will need to use Thermal and Night Vision to survive! How long can your outpost survive?!
B24 Bomber Game

Plays: 2959
Category: Shooting Games
Defend your bomber through the skies.
The Tank Builder - Preview Edition Game

Plays: 2944
Category: Action Games
The old versions of The Tank Builder were beta 0.1 and beta 0.35. They were buggy. This new version has the same gameplay, but the major bugs are fixed, and it has a quick preview of the incoming graphics for "The Tank Builder 2". Enjoy! Description: Build your own custom Tank, then smash your enemies! Create your own weapons and buildings. This game was developed with the intention of being the most customizable already created. Two months of developing. Really addictive! Use WASD to move and mouse to shoot. FEATURES > A Weapon Maker where players can DESIGN their own weapons, and establish their shot power, energy use, fire rate and so on. > A Free Play system, where the user can play and see the the difficulty increasing progressively. > 40 levels. > 22 different enemies and infinite possibilities of Tanks to draw. > An elaborate save game system. > Achievements system implemented. > Mute Button > Player can pause at any time (press Space, ESC or P) > Minimap
Zombans VS Humbies Game

Plays: 2929
Category: Action Games
Zombans vs Humbies is an action shooter ame where you are a zombie and must defend yourself against the attacking humans. You can choose single or multiplayer mode. Pistol, shotgun and machine gun – all these weapons are available at your arsenal. Use the special bonus ring kill to kill multiple humans. You have only one goal: to survive!
Planet champion Game

Plays: 2926
Category: Action Games
Use a space fighter to defend your homeworld.
Element Tower Defence Game

Plays: 2925
Category: Action Games
Use the 4 elements to destroy the enemy. Before they get to the end. Build towers and upgrade them.
Zombie Death Match Game

Plays: 2925
Category: Action Games
Battle other zombies to become the death match champion! You are defending your turf and the other zombies want it. They will do everything they can to get it. Defend it using your trusty zombie leg to beat them back. Watch out for the butcher boss! Build your own games like this on! Make Your Own Games
Kobra Team: HordeAttack Game

Plays: 2923
Category: Action Games
Enemies are inside the compound! Eliminate them! Quickly! Features: -Fast paced score attack gameplay. Easy to learn, hard to master. -10 waves of increasing difficulty -6 weapons to eliminate your enemies -Air strikes to save you in dire times Thanks for playing and visit for more info :)
Little Warrior Game

Plays: 2922
Category: Action Games
Defeat the evil red menace invaders that have bring war and conflict to your otherwise perfect world. Armed with a shield and sword Little Warrior sets off to defend his homeland.
Shoe Defence Game

Plays: 2918
Category: Action Games
You must defend Bush from flying shoe
Seagull Story Game

Plays: 2914
Category: Action Games
A game where a monkey must defend his island from the insidious seagulls.
Armor Hero - Crazy Defense(EN) Game

Plays: 2913
Category: Action Games
Armor Hero - Crazy Defense Monsters are disguised as Armored Warriors to take assassinations. Armored Warriors must defend the attack of the monsters, and eventually beat their Boss. Left button: Aim and shoot W/A/S/D: Move Q/E: Change weapon P:Pause
Squirrely's Nut War Game

Plays: 2908
Category: Action Games
The Beavers are on the march! Use your arsenal of nuts to defend your most priced possesion and blast the beavers away!
Crazy Battle Game

Plays: 2903
Category: Strategy Games
Defend your base at all costs General! At your disposal are many types of weapons, machine guns, cannons, howitzers, mortars, aircraft and much more! The enemy is strong, but you're still one tough nut,! Show all enemies what you can do! Let's start a fight!
Alien Damnation Game

Plays: 2902
Category: Action Games
Defend the tower as aliens try to attack it.Upgradable guns.With lots of waves.The more aliens you kill the more credits you get to purchase equipment.

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