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  Love Wars A Free Online Game
Alone in the Libertine of Liberty A Free Online Game
Alone in the Libertine of Liberty
Chunkey Munky Chase! A Free Online Game
Chunkey Munky Chase!
The Death A Free Online Game
The Death
Bombs Away Slingshot A Free Online Game
Bombs Away Slingshot
Zombie killer A Free Online Game
Zombie killer
Don`t Touch My Junk A Free Online Game
Don`t Touch My Junk

Online Maze Games
Scary Maze Game

Plays: 4976
Category: Puzzles Games
simple maze.....
Pathfinder Game

Plays: 4889
Category: Puzzles Games
Navigate through the maze using the arrow keys. A new maze is created every time you play! The faster you complete the maze the better score you will have.
King Jester Game

Plays: 4882
Category: Action Games
Using your arrow keys guide King Jester through the maze as you try to flip the floor to meet the requirements. Avoid the Brown Kights or capture a crown to scare them into harmless and killable ghost knights. Get your fingers warmed up for 15 rounds of fast paced action.
Beach Ball Game

Plays: 4881
Category: Adventure Games
An extremely addictive game which will blow your mind, Beach Ball brings the player an extremely unique gaming experience providing non stop fun.
Cable Capers 2 Game

Plays: 4871
Category: Puzzles Games
Can you help Arnold the Cable Fitter escape the underground maze that he has fallen into?
Mouse Maze 3 Game

Plays: 4867
Category: Other Games
guide your mouse though intricate mazes.
Zombie Tower Defense 4 Game

Plays: 4836
Category: Puzzles Games
Zombie Tower Defense 4 features fun strategy and zombie carnage. Sit back, relax and destroy the zombies as they attempt to make their way through the maze. See if you can save up and purchase the ultimate in towers, the Missile Tower!
Labyrinth Game

Plays: 4835
Category: Puzzles Games
Escape from the Labyrinth!
Bunny Run Game

Plays: 4833
Category: Action Games
Bunny Run is a cute arcade game where you play as a tubby rabbit called Fluff, it's your job to steal as much grub as possible while avoiding dangers and obstacles in you path!
Kachbo eWall 5 Game

Plays: 4823
Category: BoardGame Games
Kachbo Games bring you another eWall from its very popular maze games series. This one is back on popular demand.
Maze Fantasy Begins Game

Plays: 4818
Category: Action Games
Action/Arcade/Reflexion game with 50 levels. Collect all the Green Crystals within the time limits allowed

Plays: 4806
Category: Puzzles Games
Sokoban was a transport puzzle in which the player pushes boxes around a maze, and tries to put them in designated locations. I did the remake myself, thanks to ONIX for helping me with the graphics, so this firts version of the remake was, pretty much the same, so enjoy…
3D Alien Escape (Molehill) Game

Plays: 4804
Category: Action Games
3D Game where you escape a alien basement.
Zombie Tower Defense 5 Game

Plays: 4799
Category: Puzzles Games
Zombie Tower Defense 5 features fun strategy and zombie carnage. Sit back, relax and destroy the zombies as they attempt to make their way through the maze. ZTD 5 has tons of new features, maps, zombies, towers, sounds, graphics and more!
Claustrophobia - The Maze Game Game

Plays: 4778
Category: Puzzles Games
Escape from the shrinking maze. Avoid walls. Pick up coins to upgrade. Pick up bombs to blow up the walls. Freeze and back the walls.
Snow Maze Game

Plays: 4748
Category: Action Games
Collect stars to escape the Snow Maze.
Ragdoll Maze Flight Game

Plays: 4732
Category: Action Games
Avoid obstacles @ Collect stars. Control dude in the maze and stay on the screen as long as possible.
Puzzle Boy Flash Game

Plays: 4722
Category: Puzzles Games
Puzzle Boy Flash is a remake of the games Puzzle Boy and Kwirk.
Star Survial Game

Plays: 4626
Category: Driving Games
Move the mouse to control the star, avoid the circles and catch more stars.
Mouse Maze Galor Game

Plays: 4611
Category: Puzzles Games
A Difficult Mouse Maze Game

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Tips: Weapon speed can be set to zero and it will effectively create a mine.