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Online Maze Games
Kolorz Game

Plays: 1508
Category: Puzzles Games
Switch color and use your brain to find your way through 20 colorful mazes. Collect as many stars as possible to increase your score and unlock new achievements.
Virtual Large Maze - Set 1012 Game

Plays: 1508
Category: Adventure Games
Try to beat this new 3D maze that contain many possible solutions to the exit.
Simple Color Maze - EP 3 Game

Plays: 1498
Category: Adventure Games
Escape this maze made of color metal panels.
... :D Game

Plays: 1483
Category: Action Games
Use your hand(s) and brain(s) to beat all 24 levels. Good luck and have fun!
Something Creepy Game

Plays: 1463
Category: Action Games
The aim of this game is to draw your own maze, make the creeps crawl across the maze, and kill the creeps in minimum time to win the game.
Cool Wire Maze - EP 1 Game

Plays: 1461
Category: Adventure Games
Escape this maze made of color metal wireframes.
Space Glide Game

Plays: 1456
Category: Action Games
Snikwah Interactive presents Space Glide! A challenging maze/puzzle hybrid! Travel through space by gliding throughout the galaxy while dodging space junk, asteroids, and laser orbs! Can you handle THE REAL TEST?!

Plays: 1455
Category: Action Games
Find your path in darkness levels using your sonar Upgrade your Submarine with missiles to fight back invisible enemies and be fast to unlock all levels

Plays: 1445
Category: Action Games
uide 4 helicopters through a maze of colorful obstacles simultaneously and get high scores. The helis only collide with blocks of their own color.

Plays: 1444
Category: Action Games
Roll the ball trough obstacles to the destination. Use arrow keys to control the ball. the game starts from extremely simple to extremely complicated.
Insane Maze Game

Plays: 1428
Category: BoardGame Games
15 levels maze game. Find the exit, avoiding bombs and traps, find hidden transporters without your time runs out
maze Game

Plays: 1428
Category: Adventure Games
A maze
Layer Maze 4 Game

Plays: 1426
Category: Puzzles Games
The fourth part of brain breaking 3D puzzle! Make your way through the maze to the exit of the level. Sphere coloring feature is added to this version. New 10 puzzling levels!
Sonic Dots Game

Plays: 1423
Category: Action Games
Collect the dots. Avoid Dr. Eggman clones which will be chasing after you. Eating a Green Emerald will make you big and strong for a few seconds.
Mystery IQ Test Game

Plays: 1422
Category: Adventure Games
You wake up in a mysterious place without a clue how you got there. Were you abducted, or are you stuck in a twisted mind game?
Simple Wire Maze - EP 1 Game

Plays: 1420
Category: Adventure Games
Escape this maze made of color metal wireframes.
TacoMazing Lvl 1-4 Game

Plays: 1419
Category: Action Games
Tacos! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat every taco on screen, and then hoard as many nacho chips as you can in the bonus round. Are you up to the challenge?
Big Organic Maze Game

Plays: 1410
Category: Puzzles Games
Escape this maze made of organic panel structures. The maze is 77 by 77 unit sized.
myMaze Game

Plays: 1396
Category: Puzzles Games
Use your brain, speed and some tactics to defeat the game!
Key Maze Game

Plays: 1389
Category: Other Games
A game where you navigate across the maze, find the key, then escape. Screen may turn white due to lag. Just Wait.

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