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Online Maze Games
The Epic Hard Maze Game

Plays: 5763
Category: Action Games
You play as a little red and blue ROB, that must get through the maze as quickly as possible by flicking the switches to open the paths to the exit. The Exit is marked in purple, The switches are marked in blue, and the player is red.
Ancient World Mahjong II - Egypt Game

Plays: 5743
Category: BoardGame Games
Ancient World Mahjong II - Egypt is a classic Mahjong game by Mahjong Kostenlos Spielen. The game has 6 layouts(pyramid, scarabey, mummy, ship, sun, maze) from Egypt. I hope you enjoy it. Read in-game instructions!
3D Maze Game

Plays: 5656
Category: BoardGame Games
Lead the blue dot thru the 3D maze to the red dot as fast as you can.
Dungeon Run Game

Plays: 5636
Category: Action Games
Dungeon Run is a fast-paced, abstract, puzzle-adventure. Go and find all 33 minute pick-ups in this game.
Mazed-it! Game

Plays: 5586
Category: Puzzles Games
Compleet all 14 mazez. Watch out for the moving objects and the red wall as they will return you to the beginning of the level
Power Vacuum Game

Plays: 5566
Category: Action Games
Lead the lost electrons to the their atom in this fast paced action game. You only have 60 seconds total to collect all 100 missing electrons from the different levels.
Gate Guardian TD Game

Plays: 5550
Category: Puzzles Games
In this tower defense game you must prevent the enemies from destroying your gate by strategically placing towers along the maze.
Animal TD Game

Plays: 5522
Category: Strategy Games
The aim of the game is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze, do this by building attacking towers on the grass around the maze. To get a high score keep as much of your gold in the bank as possible, at the end of each round you earn interest on the gold in the bank
Mazeroll Game

Plays: 5517
Category: Action Games
Drag the maze with your mouse to collect spheres and make Kira and Kimo meet again!
Genius Maze Game

Plays: 5502
Category: BoardGame Games
Use your mouse to control green square. Move it to light bulb, avoid any obstacle
The Cross Adventure Plus Game

Plays: 5482
Category: Adventure Games
The Cross Adventure Plus is the fusion and interaction of maze and adventure game, I like to call it a double maze. There is the "body" (blue ball) and "the Cross" (mouse pointer). The "body" will follow "the cross", you can read all instructions in the tutorial room of the game. There is a highscore system where you can submit your score. There are a lot of different rooms, each one with an unique way to pass through, some places that you can't go you will be able to go after getting an item. If you want quit and continue playing after a while you can save the game in each rooms. Try to beat other players that already set a highscore!
El Gusano Loco Game

Plays: 5481
Category: Puzzles Games
a little worm is trying to find his way through a tree , collecting fruits and avoiding danger .40 chalanging levels to finish ...
Carrot bunny Game

Plays: 5428
Category: Adventure Games
Bunny goes through maze eating carrots. Different levels of dificulty.
Rainbow Worm Game

Plays: 5404
Category: Puzzles Games
Control the rainbow worm through many different levels to try to beat the rest of the world on the leader board. A very tricky maze style game.
Overmustasch Game

Plays: 5390
Category: Adventure Games
The Coffee Story is a simple and short point and click adventure game you can play while the coffee runs through... Now go and take a little coffee break.
Nudge Game

Plays: 5366
Category: Puzzles Games
Nudge is a new, fun puzzler from Atomic Cicada!! Help guide Nudge and his Balloons through 40 fun and complex puzzle mazes. But be careful, the Balloons are fragile, the puzzle walls change with Nudge's every move, and there are Baddies lurking in the maze, waiting to hurt Nudge and Pop his precious Balloons!!
A Maze Race II (Facebook) Game

Plays: 5349
Category: Action Games
Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.
Avoider 2 Game

Plays: 5343
Category: Action Games
Avoider 2! Avoid the shapes and submit the highest score
Rock Rush: Classic 2 Game

Plays: 5343
Category: Action Games
Fresh off the code press from us at Retrocade is Rock Rush, our very own Flash version of the classic Boulder Dash! Dig through bug-infested caves dodging boulders, triggering magic walls, and collecting diamonds until you have enough to open the exit. But it doesn't stop there. Depending on which version of Rock Rush you play there may be even more challenging elements to figure out before those gems come within your grasp... CLASSIC II: Continuing from the first classic levelset, these boards are taken from Boulder Dash II, the official sequel to the original. Will you be able to help our hero grab all those shiny gems and escape without being crushed or exploded? Good luck!
Cursor Maze Game Game

Plays: 5314
Category: Puzzles Games
a fun game playable with just your cursor, travel through mazes avoiding the sides and make it to the end

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Tips: For things like scopes or hands which are either on or can go to the edge of the screen you should go to Player|Advanced and change the Bounds parameter to around 10 or so. This will give you a point based bounding box instead of a auto bounding box.