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Online Maze Games
Mushbits Game

Plays: 732
Category: Puzzles Games
Unite bunnies and mushrooms in this bouncy puzzle game. Take full advantage of the isometric view and guide these colorful little bunnies to jump on bouncy tiles until they claim the same colored mushrooms. Just remember that these cute bunnies can move on tiles of the same color. Good luck solving all 30 bouncy stages!
LabyrInk 2 Game

Plays: 623
Category: Puzzles Games
Move the ball through the labyrinth and try to find all 3 parts of the key! Once you've collected these parts you can advance to the next maze. How long will it take you to finish each level?
Seven Mazes Game

Plays: 615
Category: Action Games
Seven mazes, seven floors, the sum is the key. This is a funny and challenging game that will test the quickness of your brains. You must get out of the maze in time, the sum of the numbers you select must equal the key to reveal the exit.
Dungeon Asssian Game

Plays: 573
Category: Shooting Games
Another Wolfenstein3D like FPS game. Find the keys to open the doors. Kill the Red Boss to go to next level.
Snake maze Game

Plays: 29448
Category: Puzzles Games
Puzzle game with simple graphics and increasingly tough mazes. 8 episodes, and 40 levels. beat them all, or make your own with the level editor.
The Hunt for Lost Treasure Game

Plays: 17311
Category: Adventure Games
You have recently heard that there is a lost treasure deep in the bottom of the coal mine! Everyone in the town is way to scared to go and look for it, but you are brave and decide to conquer your fears and looks for the gold! It is dark so you must carefully get through the coal mine and find the treasure!
Grid Line Game

Plays: 14498
Category: Puzzles Games
This is a puzzle game in which you control up to four colored squares which must be moved around a maze until all reach their goals. Try to get all the levels completed in the fastest time possible.

Plays: 13019
Category: Puzzles Games
A lonely Cube must go off into the wilderness to find Flowers
Labyrinth Game

Plays: 8666
Category: Puzzles Games
You must find the key first and then find the door to pass next level
8bitrocket Pumpkinman Game

Plays: 8010
Category: Action Games
Princess Pumpkin has been kidnapped by the evil Gordon Gruesome. He has hidden her 30 levels deep in his hideout. As Pumpkin Man, you must traverse all 30 mazes, collect all of the candy corn in each maze, and rescue the princess. Gordon has littered his mazes with blood thirsty bats, evil bananas, ghosts, and many other baddies. At your disposal are a host of power-ups. Collect the corn, use the power-ups, solve the puzzles in each maze and the princess will be yours once again.
Chivvy Chase Game

Plays: 8004
Category: Action Games
Help prisoner Chivvy to escape this deadly game show! Chivvy Chase is probably one of the most frustrating games ever but check out how often you'll hit the restart button before you're going to smash your keyboard ;)
Jack's Beach Blitz Game

Plays: 7967
Category: Action Games
Special Agent Jackson Orange, disguised as a beach ball, must blast his way through multiple levels to rescue his girl friend. This maze-based shooter is inspired by the games Gauntlet and Wizard of Wor. Upgrade your weapon, collect candy and treats to replenish your limited ammo. Use various keys, transporters, and other power-ups to escape your vacation alive.
ColorShift Game

Plays: 7641
Category: Puzzles Games
Arcade puzzle game with many game modes and customization.
acceleration maze Game

Plays: 6839
Category: Puzzles Games
A maze game based on acceleration instead of velocity. A leaderboard is included based on time played (only maze frames) Use arrows to accelerate, instructions in-game.
8bitrocket Mission Leprechaun Game

Plays: 5516
Category: Action Games
Gourdon Gruesome needs money. His untimely defeat at the hands of Pumpkin Man has left him broke and without minions to do his bidding. Help Gourdon finance his future evil deeds by rescuing Leprechauns who have been imprisoned in the potato field mazes. Gourdon must eat all of the clovers, and find all of the powers ups to complete each maze. Find keys to unlock the prison doors and use rainbow transporters to get inside enclosed areas. Watch out for rats and snakes, but be on the lookout for colored clovers, 4 leaf clovers, and mugs of ale. These will give you temporary powers to aide your quest.
Maze Of Darkness Game

Plays: 5149
Category: Adventure Games
Move the blue ball through the Maze Of Darkness, Avoid the red enemies, How fast can you complete all 15 levels???
Escape the Level 1 Game

Plays: 4167
Category: Puzzles Games
Try completing all levels of the levels.
Fish Finder Game

Plays: 4062
Category: Puzzles Games
Find the penguin's fish as fast as you can. Move through the iced maze.
Another damned noob maze game Game

Plays: 3890
Category: Puzzles Games
Use the mouse to navigate your way through the game world
Escape from Es-Mines Game

Plays: 3500
Category: Adventure Games
Help an alien prisoner escape from the Es-Mine prison, fly through maze like tunnels and avoid obstacles

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