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Online Maze Games
Sola Rola Game

Plays: 20876
Category: Puzzles Games
Ball based rotating maze game.
The impossible maze Game

Plays: 20379
Category: Puzzles Games
This game gets harder and harder as you progress through levels, it can get very tricky...
Tilt Game

Plays: 19152
Category: Puzzles Games
A 3D puzzle game with amazing graphics.
After Glow Game

Plays: 19084
Category: Action Games
Trapped in an ancient alien space pilot training facility you must use your skills to maneuver your spacecraft out of each area without getting destroyed. The faster you are the better.
Desktop Tower Defense Game

Plays: 16932
Category: Strategy Games
A Tower Defense game where you have to create a maze out of your towers to defend against 49 levels of advancing creeps. Five different towers with five Upgrades each including distinctive elite towers.
Vector Runner (iPhone Edition) Game

Plays: 16400
Category: Driving Games
Vector Runner is a fully 3D racing/avoider game done in groovy retro vector style graphics. You must pilot your racer through a maze of obstacles at breakneck speeds while collecting powerups for highscores. This is a re-release of the original game to celebrate the launch of Vector Runner iPhone. This version has new achievements, performance improvements, and some common complaints fixed.
Marble Mania Game

Plays: 16074
Category: Puzzles Games
Marble Mania is a 3D game in which you must roll your way through crazy levels. Two game modes are available, "Maze" and "Race". Maze is a brain bending series of levels where you must find the exit and avoid dangerous traps. Race is a fast paced track spanning over three levels. In this mode, you are timed to get to the exit.
bigbrainwolf Game

Plays: 15681
Category: Puzzles Games
Help a Big Brain Wolf become the genie he`s always wanted to be in this Brain Teaser game! Forget huffing and puffing, this vegetarian wolf would much rather use his brain to get ahead and save the day. Listen to your genie mentor and solve tricky brain teasers to fulfill your destiny and get Mother Wolf out of jail! Explore a wacky fairy tale world filled to the brim with new twists on your favorite classic characters.
Twinballs Game

Plays: 14795
Category: Puzzles Games
Navigate a pair of balls that are linked together through a tricky maze.
Village TD Game

Plays: 14605
Category: Action Games
Build a maze to defend your village from 33 waves of attacking enemies. Check out additional tower defence games.
Lab Rat: Quest for Cheese Game

Plays: 14361
Category: Action Games
Help the rat find all forty two cheeses from around the world in this fun maze game.
Crop Circles 2 Game

Plays: 13610
Category: Strategy Games
The aliens are back to snack on farmer brains. This time they are filled with ACID BLOOD! Look out, the acid will harm your defenses. Strategically place the crop circles to make the maze. Then set up your defenses, and blast the aliens back to outer space!
Slow and Steady: A cursor game of patience Game

Plays: 13542
Category: Other Games
A cursor maze game. Try to complete it in the quickest time.
Spin the black circle Game

Plays: 13109
Category: Puzzles Games
Ball physics game, with a rotating maze. 26 exciting levels. Featuring Box2D physics engine. You must be registered in flahgamelicense to see it.
Jump N Bump 3D Game

Plays: 12908
Category: Action Games
Cool 3D version of the popular platform game Jump N Bump! Roll, jump and fly, collect stars and extras and try to reach the exit platforms. Use arrows, space and x or WASD and your mouse to control the ball.
The Maze Adventure Game

Plays: 12870
Category: Other Games
Reach the end of the maze by avoiding dangerous UFOs, mines and by exploding walls and unlocking doors.
Double Freecell Solitaire Game

Plays: 12703
Category: Cards Games
Handle the double gracefully to enjoy the doubled fun! Your goal in this game is to move the cards to the foundations by suit from A to K, then start from A again, until all cards are moved to the foundations. 2 decks of standard playing cards will be used, making a total of 104 cards. When the game starts, 4 of the Ace cards will be dealt to the foundations at the top right corner of the screen, while each of the 10 tableau piles will be dealt 10 face up cards. 6 empty reserve cells are located at the top left corner of the screen. Cards on the tableau piles are to be built down in alternating colors, for example, a 6 of hearts can be moved to the top of a 7 of spades or a 7 of clubs. Each time you can click and drag 1 card to another tableau pile, an empty reserve cell, or the foundations. Note that each of the reserve cells can only hold 1 card, while an empty tableau pile can only be occupied by a King. 500 points will be awarded for each card successfully moved to the foundation. If you are not satisfied with the current progress, you can click the Give Up button at the bottom of the screen to quit the current game. Careful planning and wise strategies are the keys to come out victorious from the mind-blowing maze of cards!
Pac Man Advanced Game

Plays: 12673
Category: Adventure Games
Use the arrow keys to control pac man to eat all the food in the maze. When you have eaten the red food, you can eat the ghosts as well. But before that, you have to escape from the them otherwise they will eat you!
Brick Block Game

Plays: 12631
Category: Puzzles Games
Maze with no walls, get your block to the end without coming off the screen!!!
Scary Maze Game 2 Game

Plays: 12464
Category: Puzzles Games
The new version of Scary Maze Game. If you can beat all five levels, you get to play a special bonus level.

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Tips: For things like scopes or hands which are either on or can go to the edge of the screen you should go to Player|Advanced and change the Bounds parameter to around 10 or so. This will give you a point based bounding box instead of a auto bounding box.