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  WW2 Invasion A Free Online Game
Kid Chaos R2 A Free Online Game
Kid Chaos R2
Xtreme killa A Free Online Game
Xtreme killa
Battle for Paris 2: The Recked Air Field A Free Online Game
Battle for Paris 2: The Recked Air Field
Mario Versus Bowser A Free Online Game
Mario Versus Bowser
Christmas Present Train A Free Online Game
Christmas Present Train
Galactic Warfare A Free Online Game
Galactic Warfare

Online fire Games
Blue Bird: Sky Destroyer Game

Plays: 5972
Category: Action Games
Find and destroy enemy's command center - big red helicopter.
Quickshot Elite Game

Plays: 5938
Category: Action Games
Shoot as many targets as you can. Special targets give special bonus.
Save the stickman Game

Plays: 5933
Category: Shooting Games
Press the mouse, draw a line with the pencil tool from the red dot at the feet of the stickman to the door of the house, and press the play button. Press RIGHT, LEFT, arrow keys to move the fighter. Click Space bar to fire the rockets. If the rocket hits the enemy you earn one point. If the enemy hits the stickman the health of the stickman reduces by 5%. If the health of the stickman becomes zero the game ends. Option: You can create two food courts by clicking the button below. If the stickman enters a food court you earn 100 points. The enemies can not hit the stickman when he in a food court. Click the restart button to resume the play. In this game there are as many levels as you can play.
Bush Fire Game

Plays: 5913
Category: Action Games
Douse twenty bush fires and go to next level. Move the mouse to move the helicopter. Press the mouse to release fire-extinguishing foam.
Pyromaniac Game

Plays: 5904
Category: Shooting Games
Pyromaniac Fly your jet plane across the earth and drop incendiary bombs anywhere on earth . The bombs are such that they set fire to both land and sea. Press the arrow keys to move your plane. Press the space bar to drop the bombs. If your plane is hit by bullets form the attacking UN plane your health gets reduced by 5%. If your health becomes zero or if UN plane hits your plane the game ends.
Quickshot Yellow Game

Plays: 5826
Category: Shooting Games
Shoot as many targets as you can and score as much as possible. Will you be the Quickshot Yellow Champion? More difficult than green.
Jungle Jump Game

Plays: 5812
Category: Adventure Games
Help the animals escape the forest fire! Bounce them across the river to the wilderness. You get another life every 500 points. Also watch out for the power-ups. Some are good, some are not. Collecting items may give you another life or points. Some collectables make the wood paddle bigger or smaller. Have fun!
Skylark Game

Plays: 5779
Category: Action Games
CD Burner Shooter 2 Game

Plays: 5758
Category: Action Games
In this game, shoot as many CDs as you can, and score the highest! Features 10 levels of pure action! Score 15000 or more for victory!
Alio's Army 2- Infantry Under Fire Game

Plays: 5745
Category: Action Games
The infantry is under fire! Take your four man team through 8 challenging levels to freedom!
War of the Clowns Game

Plays: 5729
Category: Action Games
What the hell is going on in the circus? All the clowns are running wild. Your task is to knock out those crazy clowns or they will drive us all nuts. Just pick up the items appearing somewhere in the arena and press Space bar to use it. Hurry up. Never stop running and have a lot of fun.
Gunner Vario Game

Plays: 5710
Category: Action Games
Vario is back, and this time he's climbed out of the cannon and got himself a gun! Bust caps at the waves of enemies that are attacking your base! Try your best not to let them hit you or it could cost you the game.
BedazzledFOG Game

Plays: 5680
Category: Puzzles Games
Match the jewels in this colourful puzzle game. Create combo's and make the gems cascade to reach the highscore. Match more gems together and create special gems which explode, fire lightning and more.
Wi-chick: The Revenge Of Whooly Game

Plays: 5678
Category: Action Games
Wi-Chick is back… Now it returns to home planet, and his universal enemy is attackins his homeland… well make him pay, take off your little chicken hands and take your powerful gun-hands, to fire it…
Fire-kills Game

Plays: 5657
Category: Puzzles Games
Fire in the home is a deadly killer & there are many ways you can prevent it. Like planning an escape route, making sure all your exits are clear, & avoiding any Backdraft-style heroics. Leave that to the pros.
Queen's Blade Cosplay Mi Nyx Game

Plays: 5645
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up game of Master of Flame, Nyx from Queen's Blade series. For some reason, she turn to chibi form. Mini version of Nyx, Mi-Nyx is here! Give her cute outfits. You can change her hair style and expression too. You can give some accesories to Nyx's living weapon, Funikura too.
Burney Game

Plays: 5640
Category: Action Games
Use Burney to burn it up, setting everything alight with only a minute to do it.
Quickshot Orange Game

Plays: 5603
Category: Shooting Games
Quickshot Orange - In this game, you aim and shoot at targets. Will you score best among all players?
Blubble Game

Plays: 5593
Category: Puzzles Games
Pop bubbles by matching 3 or more of the same colour.
Snowy Meltdown Game

Plays: 5554
Category: Action Games
Help the snowball collect as many presents as it can in collect mode or try help him survive for as long as possible in survival mode! You can also try to survive tons of fireballs in custom mode after you have unlocked all the achievements!

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