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Hit Flies Game

Plays: 2003
Category: Action Games
Mom has made a strawberry pie. Keep the flies off the pie. Kill as many flies as you can to save your delicious pie. Lets see who gets the pie, you or the fly!
Balloon Taker Game

Plays: 2002
Category: Action Games
click the balloons to take them out
Road Tower Defence Game

Plays: 2001
Category: Action Games
Put your towers near road to destroy enemies.
Fairytale Annihilation Game

Plays: 1999
Category: Action Games
About Fairytale Annihilation Bust up fairytale land with loads of guns and soldiers as you fix your helicopter and escape before you're one of them!
Invader Attack Survival Game

Plays: 1998
Category: Action Games
3D top view shooter with brutal action and music. You will die for sure, it's just a matter of how long you can survive the invading forces. To make this game even more interesting, I'm gonna tell you a little secret - there are zombies inside those spacecrafts. Yeah, that's right, everyone likes to kill zombies. arrow / cursor keys = movement CTRL key = fire In-Game: P = pause, Q = quit Collect green energy packages to repair hull, if you're damaged.
Whac a toni Game

Plays: 1998
Category: Casino Games
Whac a toni, fire the Toni's face, and win the games!
Nitroballz Game

Plays: 1997
Category: Action Games
Choose the power and direction you want to fire your ball, try and collect bonuses before putting your ball in the hole.
RockRockAttack Game

Plays: 1994
Category: Action Games
RockRockAttack is a game which you control the ship to clean the rock and the boss, more cleaning more score, taking fire!

Plays: 1994
Category: Action Games
Gigi got himself into serious trouble. He has to return home before sunset. Jump over the platforms and try to stay alive...if you can. Take the bonuses and avoids enemies. ARROWS to move UP to jump SPACE to fire Good luck! Tips and help: info (at) Another game by
Jurattack Game

Plays: 1994
Category: Action Games
Be a grumpy dinosaur and spew fire at dragons. Kill them and collect their eggs to recharge your inner strength. But be careful! If you run out of fire - you die!
Remove Everything Game

Plays: 1991
Category: Action Games
3D isometric action puzzle game with blocks. Blocks of different types are falling onto the moving lane and it's your job to make sure they never reach the end of the lanes and fall down. You got "block cannon" at your disposal. Move left or right with arrow keys, fire blocks with the SPACE key, try to make blocks of the same type collide to remove them. The indicators are on the left side. The larger circle (green) shows the block that will come out of block cannon next when you press fire (SPACE) and the smaller circle (yellow) shows the type of the block that will become next, giving you time to make strategic decisions. The game is intense action logic puzzle game with strategic moments, thinking in advance, etc.
Creepy Space Game

Plays: 1990
Category: Action Games
You have to survive in this creepy space! Use mouse to control the character, hold mouse button to fire to those creepy faces!
Fire Truck Parking Game

Plays: 1988
Category: Action Games
Park your fire truck as accurately as possible into the marked space. Do not hit other cars or obstacles, you must save the people as you can.
Bandmates Game

Plays: 1986
Category: BoardGame Games
Live out your band manager fantasy safely online! Hire and fire musicians, watch them grow as professionals, do your best to steer around the obstacles in the business. Bandmates is a managerial simulation with RPG elements set in the zany world of popular music.
Shooter Defense Game

Plays: 1970
Category: Action Games
Ever wondered what you get if you combine Shooter, TD and Physics games? Shooter Defense!!
RetroReflector Game

Plays: 1970
Category: Action Games
RetroReflector is a game where the enemies shoot at you and you destroy them with their shots. By using WASD or the arrow keys to control you ship,and the mouse to aim, catch enemy bullets before they hit the bottom of the screen and fire them back at them. There are 10 levels complete with an upgrade system in this top-down "reflector".
New York Ice Cream Game

Plays: 1968
Category: Other Games
Bring a part of New York in your homes, with a brand new ice cream cooking game. Place the pan on the fire, add milk, sugar, a little salt, vanilla, eggs, and other ingredients, use the kitchen tools to mix them together, let mixture cold down in the fridge and in a few hours your ice cream will be ready to be served.
Casino Russian roulette Game

Plays: 1968
Category: Action Games
The game Russian roulette involved six people. The rules are simple. Choose the total bet and start the game. The winner gets all the money.
Bee Empire Game

Plays: 1964
Category: Strategy Games
Your majestic empire has long enjoyed its peace and prosperity, with rich resources and well-constructed colonies spreading all over the realm. But your ambitious neighbor, the kingdom of hornets, is casting the greedy eyes on your homeland. Hordes of fierce soldiers are sent to invade your empire with only one goal: to seize and colonize the land. You need to save the day by growing your army and expelling the malicious intruders. When the game starts, larvae will slowly grow one by one at the bottom left corner of the screen. Above the larvae you can find a selection panel, which contains 3 types of bees for you to breed. The one at the top is the soldier which defends against the enemies; the one in the middle is the worker bee, which can increase the incoming amount of resources (honey, of course); and the one at the bottom of the panel is the drone, which breeds and increases the birth rate of the larvae. Each type of the bees requires a specific amount of resources to grow. you can click the corresponding icon on the panel to grow a bee. The current incoming rate of resources is shown at the top of the screen, while the birth rate of larvae is displayed on the bottom right. When a wave of hornets is coming, a timer will appear on the right of the screen, indicating the remaining seconds for your preparation. When the enemies arrive, they will start attacking the members of your empire. The members will be eliminated when they are under violent attacks, but you can continuously grow new members during the battle. If your soldiers are all defeated, the hornets will reach the beehive at the top left corner of the screen and attempt to destroy it, and if the hive is completely broken, you lose the game. If a wave of intruders is eliminated, the hornets will temporarily cease fire, but will soon come back with a larger and stronger legion. After 9 rounds of violent waves, the queen hornet will join the final battle, and you need to defeat her in order to declare victory. Eliminate the demons and return peace to your beloved empire!
SuperRobot Game

Plays: 1952
Category: Adventure Games
Press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, arrow keys to move the Robot. Press SPACE key to fire the bullets.

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Tips: For a scope shot game you can go to Gameplay and enable Ghost to remove player/enemy collisions. Use invincible if you don't want enemy fire to hit your scope either.