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  Kid Chaos Ultra A Free Online Game
Cute Fish Escape A Free Online Game
Cute Fish Escape
Xtreme Sky Fighter A Free Online Game
Xtreme Sky Fighter
Catch The Butterfly A Free Online Game
Catch The Butterfly
Football Targets A Free Online Game
Football Targets
Chuckle A Free Online Game
Runningback Challenge A Free Online Game
Runningback Challenge

Online fire Games
Pumpkin Shooter Game

Plays: 1789
Category: Action Games
The Arrogant Pumpkins tells you that you will be unable to shoot them. Prove them wrong.
Elemental Balance Game

Plays: 1766
Category: Puzzles Games
Explode bombs to burn wood with fire and rust metal in water. The Fire, Sky, Water, and Earth worlds feature unique gameplay elements for a total of 48 addictive and challenging levels.
Catch the Gifts Game

Plays: 1756
Category: Adventure Games
Santa Claus is coming to town! Earn points by catching presents in the chimney with a time bonus for every 10 presents. Catch the Clocks for extra time - if you can get there fast enough! Beware! Snowmen freeze up the chimney and Coal sets fire to the presents! See how many points you score before Santa runs out of time and has to go back to the North Pole!
Fire Girl Dressup Game

Plays: 1755
Category: Customize Games
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Crank Call Game

Plays: 1747
Category: Shooting Games
Geoffrey gets a crank call . . . . from a part of his own body! Help Geoffrey to help himself. A humourous shooter. Bonuses for shooting infections, spores and multiple numbers of spores. Mouse to aim/fire. Auto-shoot option available.
Green Cloud Eco Action Hero Game

Plays: 1746
Category: Action Games
??? Green Cloud Eco-Action Hero ??? The World’s Newest Eco-Hero is Back in Running Action! Blast Your Way through the Eco-Enemies and Dangerous Obstacles in the New Exciting Game by Green Cloud Computer Services! Collect stars and Run Fast and Blast your Way to Destroying the Angry Sun! Action Packed Eco Adventure on a Quest to Destroy the Angry Sun! Run, Jump, Double Jump, Turn into Green Cloud and Blast you way through Eco Enemies and Dangerous Obstacles in this Electrifying Running and Shooting Game! KEY FEATURES: ? Super Creative Graphics! – Pre-Historic – Desert – Wasteland-Junkyard ? Big Blasting Gun with Green Eco Bullets! ? Collect Stars and Power-Ups – Health – Invincibility – Bomb Drop ? Watch out for Spikes - Blades -Fire Sticks - Toxic Barrels ? Super Fast Running Action! - Turn into Green Cloud! ? Destroy the Angry Sun Boss! Join the Green Cloud Games Movement 2013!
Dirty race Game

Plays: 1745
Category: Action Games
By participating in fast races you need to perform a task, get rid of troublemakers. The law is on your side, so you have to act tough. Any collision with a car or enemy fire causes a descent of the race. Additional bonuses repair the car. The game is the third level.
Aliens Shooting Game

Plays: 1734
Category: Action Games
Run for your life and shoot the aliens! Have fun in this nice shooter game. Find more games on !
Save the Summer Games! Game

Plays: 1730
Category: Action Games
A Summer Games Event (that can't be named because our pants might be sued off) has been canceled because of wildfires! Help the games start again by flying a helicopter and putting out fires.
Resistance Is Useless Game

Plays: 1727
Category: Action Games
Aliens are trying to conquer our innocent planet, and only one human can save us all - Bruno, a delivery boy!
Stop the Games Game

Plays: 1727
Category: Action Games
Stop the torchguys from lighting the traditional fire that comes with the games. Your mob of angry people will chase them all around the world. Use the indicator to aim and press the left mousebutton to throw your spears. Aim well and spear them all.
Mushroom Showdown Game

Plays: 1722
Category: Puzzles Games
Happy forest life is rudely disturbed when the poisonous mushrooms show up... Time for a showdown! Clear each level of poisonous mushrooms. Deliver your vengeance by throwing acorns to knock poisonous mushrooms in the fire or to make stuff drop on their heads.
Dora's Treasure Game

Plays: 1721
Category: Adventure Games
Help Dora collect all the strawberries and get the key to complete this dangerous adventure!
Eternal Blast Game

Plays: 1710
Category: Action Games
Stranded in space it is your mission to wipe out anything that's crossing your path. Prove yourself a hero and set the universe on fire in this fast paced action packed sci-fi shooter!
Siege Of Troy Game

Plays: 1706
Category: Strategy Games
Troy is under siege! Take arms and defend Troy with your life.
Kobra Team 1.2 Game

Plays: 1704
Category: Action Games
Get your team together and clear the path!
KILL BILL iard Game

Plays: 1698
Category: Action Games
You have come to billiard with your gun. Shoot at balls to put them all to the pockets
Tank Battle Game

Plays: 1698
Category: Action Games
Adjust your trajectory as you fire on the enemy tank and blow it away before it does the same to you .
Pixle Physics Game

Plays: 1697
Category: Action Games
You are presented with a challenge in which you must fire a ball from specific points on the game to knock blocks off the screen. You earn points for good blocks, and lose points for bad blocks! Work your way through the levels trying to complete the challenges which are set to earn extra points.
Dog Defense Game

Plays: 1694
Category: Action Games
Help Dog defend against the onslaught of critters, and help him defeat his shifty arch nemesis! Can you get survive?

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Tips: Explosion graphics animate until the end of their timeline and then disappear. A single frame explosion will disappear almost instantly and not look that great. Usually 20-40 frames for an explosion should work well.