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Online fire Games
Rofl Attack Game

Plays: 2563
Category: Action Games
Move Left: A Move Right: D Move Up: W Move Down: S Fire Missile Left: Q Fire Missile Right: E for detail see the game control
TAOFEWA - Ace of Fire - Hero Creator Game

Plays: 2561
Category: Customize Games
Create your very own manga hero with the TAOFEWA - Ace of Fire - Hero Creator. Customize one of the strongest creatures from the TAOFEWA manga universe - the best user of Fire abilities - the Ace of Fire. Mutate the Ace of Fire creature and give it brand new abilities, or simply give it new weapons to toy with!
Think Thing World - XiaoWu Training Field(EN) Game

Plays: 2561
Category: Action Games
Note: Press Enter to Start Game Think Thing World Series Game - Xiao Wu's Training Field Latest gmae in Think Thing World series, super cool fighting game Xiao Wu's Training Field has finally come! Four brand new stages, automatic save, you can choose stage freely after beat it. There are many items during the game that would help you. Such as launch fire ball or summoning Tiaotiao. A/S/D: Move, Crounch J: Attack K: Jump K+K: Double Jump Double Jump+J: Air Whirlwind Double Jump+S+J: Air Slashdown
TAOFEWA - Fire Skeleton - Chibi Coloring Game (Stance01) Game

Plays: 2560
Category: Customize Games
Color a chibi version of the TAOFEWA manga character - Fire Skeleton. Color the fire skeleton with the original colors to overlay or with a completely blank lineart color page.
Greemlins: Firemen Game

Plays: 2547
Category: Action Games
Firemen - is a fun and comical paddle based fire rescue Arkanoid mix with few arcade elements that put the player into the shoes of a firefighter gremlin brigade. The aim of the player is to save the set amount of their fellows from the burning building. Through the 20 levels (will be expanded in updates) player will fight with the increasing difficulty, encounter multiple (both positive and negative effect) bonuses and will be extra challenged to hit all of the stars from the level to get the highest positions in the ratings. Firemen is the first of the games in the planned series of the arcade games about the funny creatures Greemlins set to be released in near future.
Red 7 Game

Plays: 2545
Category: Action Games
A simple mouse avoider game that gets harder and harder... Try to beat 1200.
Bubbly Poppy Game

Plays: 2544
Category: Action Games
Big bubbles are annoying people. Take the cannon and shoot them. Shoot the bubbles collect the items Use the arrow keys to move the cannon. Use space bar to fire.
Holiday bustle Game

Plays: 2535
Category: Action Games
It is fun and simple holiday's adventure game. Winter came and the Santa in the holiday bustle lost all gifts. Find all Christmas gifts and Santa's sack . Along the way you may collect the stars that give you the extra points . Along the way will have to solve tricky puzzles . Collect all the gifts and as much as possible bonuses. The more bonuses you gather, the more life you will have. Good luck!
Villa Crossbar Challenge Game

Plays: 2532
Category: Shooting Games
As the name of game suggests the aim is to kick the football onto the crossbar of the goal as many times as possible in the allotted time. When the direction arrows are pointing in the direction you want to kick the ball press the 'SPACE BAR' on your keyboard to power up your shot and release it to fire the ball. Keep an eye on the wind strength and direction, and adjust your shot power and direction accordingly. Bonus points are awarded for hitting 'Aston Villa Stars of the Past' and the seagulls on the crossbar. Happy shooting and good luck!
3 Seconds Fight Game

Plays: 2530
Category: Action Games
Everything is done in 3 seconds. You are gunman. Kill bad guys & get a high score.
Mage Arena 2 Game

Plays: 2526
Category: Action Games
Use your fire-ball-shooting staff to defeat all waves of enemies in this retro arcade game!
Tank vs Agents Game

Plays: 2524
Category: Action Games
Destroy the agents that try and invade your military base, Make sure they don't get any of the militarys plans for war, Destroy the secret agents vehicles and watch out for oncoming fire!
Mushroom Cannon 3 Game

Plays: 2522
Category: Puzzles Games
Mushroom Cannon is back! Simply move mouse to adjust the angle and power of your cannon, then click to fire the mushroom.
Invanding Astro Blops Game

Plays: 2522
Category: Action Games
Protect the Bunnioids from the evil Astro-Blobs. Use your mouse to fire at the evil Astro-Blobs by clicking on them. Stop them before they abduct the Bunnioids.
Friendly Fire Game

Plays: 2522
Category: Action Games
A friendly gardener game that is all about buying weapon upgrades and killing cute animals. Destroy cuddly creatures with 21 different weapons, but make sure your very stylish hat and a nice moustache dont get dirty.
City Eraser Game

Plays: 2506
Category: Action Games
Blow the city with fire and feel the Kinghood in you. Play the game and get a feel of a King of the Jungle. Start Rocking Guyz!!
Armored Warriors:City Stories Game

Plays: 2501
Category: Action Games
Keyboard arrows to control movement. A and S to attack, kill a certain amount of monsters to clear the level. Be ware of the fire from the sky.
Fire Zone Game

Plays: 2497
Category: Action Games
Fire Zone a funny skill game, you have to save the zombie skydivers. Make sure that these zombies do not hit the fire. Each level will become more difficult, can you save these zombies?
Rotating Bubble Game

Plays: 2492
Category: Shooting Games
Do you like bubble games? This game is a little more difficult. Do you think you can win?
panda gun shop Game

Plays: 2492
Category: Action Games
This is a small bar, shabby little wooden door, very ordinary. but there are often some dealings, here sell what is it? Enter the store, in the secret place see the shopkeeper, originally this is illegal trafficking guns place, because the shopkeeper warm hospitality, price justice. so more ane more people come here to bu guns. all kinds of guns for the guests choose and buy. the shopkeeper was besieged with, so high salary hired an saaistant, that is you. Want to get high salary isn't easy, come here to buy guns customers aviolent temper, if delay time, customers but to wipe gun fire. and there is some jealous store business bad often came to make trouble. how can we let shop safe and a thriving business?

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